This is the future of sales...

Buyer behaviour is changing


of a buyer's time is spent without you


of B2B buyers want a seller free experience


agree purchases have become too complex


will walk away due to a bad buying experience

Buyer enablement is the


of all future interactions between suppliers and buyers happen in digital channels

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3 in 5

Sellers say they're now exploring buyer-centric tech

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13 %

Of sellers are increasing their win rate

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Money raised

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Customer satisfaction


Build a single source of truth for your buyers

Create centralised workspaces for each buyer and deal.

A live, flexible and updateable environment for all resources.

Streamline communication between teams and stakeholders.

Collaborate in real-time, eliminating lengthy email trails.

Provide a completely personalised experience for buyers

Wow buyers with beautiful, personalised spaces or “Pods” created in seconds.

One-click custom branding with just their URL.

Automatically fill the Pod with your buyer’s CRM data.

Create standardised team templates with unique personalisable elements (70+ drag-and-drop Widgets).

Bring everyone together with Mutual Action Plans

Build mutual success plans together with your buyers.

Establish accountability on both sides to maintain momentum.

Assign tasks to your buyers and set due dates to help your champion sell internally.

Attach documents to next steps (proposals, contracts or assets to review).

Sell when you’re not in the room

Get your deal room, personalised content and proposal exposed to all stakeholders.

Give decision-makers immediate context when they get involved.

Identify new stakeholders, and track everyone’s involvement.

Help your champions sell-up and get internal sign-off.

Make informed decisions with buyer signals

Get notifications when buyers take action on your Pod.

Send more targeted follow-ups after a buyer takes action.

Understand buyer engagement levels to identify genuine buyer intent.

Access detailed activity, including user views, session duration, Widget interactions, shares, and more.

Join 8000+ users blowing their trumpet

Digital sales room features


Custom URL

Create a URL unique to your Pod and company name



Let buyers sign on the dotted line inside Pods.



Enjoy 40+ integrations with tools in your tech stack.


Insights & Signals

Understand your prospect's buying intent and engagement.


Proposals & Quotes

Share detailed documents then get them signed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital sales room?
A Digital Sales Room, also known as a virtual deal room or sales microsite is a virtual space designed to facilitate and enhance the sales process.

It provides an interactive platform where sales reps can engage with prospects and customers, present product demos, and share relevant information in real time, ensuring a more personalised and efficient sales experience.
What is the benefit of a digital sales room?
The benefit of a Digital Sales Room is its ability to provide a more interactive, personalised, and engaging sales process. It allows sales reps to:

✔️ Present products or services in a more dynamic way
✔️ Facilitate real-time interaction
✔️ Deliver hyper-personalised content in one click
✔️ Work collaboratively with the buyer
✔️ Reach more stakeholders
✔️ Get granular deal insights on buyer behaviours
✔️ Help to shorten the sales cycle

Plus, it can be accessed from anywhere, making it a convenient tool for remote sales teams.
Can I integrate my CRM with trumpet Pods?
Yes, you can integrate your CRM with trumpet Pods. We have a two-way integration with Hubspot, where information is shared seamlessly between the two platforms. We also integrate with Salesforce, CloseCRM and Pipedrive.

A digital sales room and CRM integration allows for seamless information flow such as buyer signals and Pod activity, better lead management, and more efficient tracking of sales progress.
How do Sales Development Representatives use trumpet?
Sales Development Representatives use trumpet to identify and qualify potential customers. They can use the platform to present initial sales pitches, engage with prospects, and track their interactions, helping them to generate more qualified leads for the sales team.
How are Digital sales rooms different from PDFs and decks?
Digital Sales Rooms differ from PDFs and decks in that they offer a more interactive and dynamic sales experience. While PDFs and decks are static, Digital Sales Rooms allow for:

✔️ Real-time interaction
✔️ Personalised demos and resources
✔️ Immediate responses to customer queries
✔️ Access to buyer insights (Pod views, time spent viewing, link clicks, downloads and more) broken down by each Pod viewer

This makes the sales process more engaging and efficient, improving customer experience and boosting sales performance.
Who are digital sales rooms for?
Digital Sales Rooms are designed for sales professionals, marketing teams, and businesses that want to streamline their sales process, engage better with their prospects, and improve their sales performance. They are particularly beneficial for businesses involved in B2B sales.

For a breakdown of who uses trumpet, check out our use cases:
-Account Executives
-Customer Success
-Chief Revenue Officer
-Account Management
Can I use a digital sales room for onboarding?
Digital Sales Rooms can be extraordinarily effective for customer onboarding. They provide an interactive platform where you can share key information, resources, and tools that new customers need to successfully use your product or service.

You can also track their engagement, ensuring they have accessed and understood the necessary information. This not only enhances your customer's experience but also helps to reduce the time spent on the onboarding process.
How do account executives use trumpet?
Account executives use trumpet to manage their sales pipeline, engage with prospects, and close deals more effectively. It allows them to present product demos, share relevant information, and interact with customers in real time, improving their sales performance and efficiency.
How does Customer Success use trumpet?
Customer Success teams use trumpet to ensure customers are getting the most value from the products or services. They can use the platform to provide customer training, support, and manage customer relationships effectively, ensuring high customer satisfaction and retention.
What types of sales cycles can trumpet be used for?
trumpet can be used for various types of sales cycles, including complex B2B sales, and direct B2C sales, across SMB, Mid-Market and Enterprise. Its flexibility and functionality make it a useful tool for any sales process that benefits from real-time interaction, product demonstrations, and personalised sales pitches.

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