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2 biggest risk indicators for your sales opportunities

Rory Sadler
Last updated
July 19, 2023

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The 2 biggest red flags with deals in your pipeline 🚩🚩

1. Lack of relationships

2. Lack of engagement

Engagement = the effectiveness of sales activities

Great engagement > better sales velocity > more win rates >faster sales cycles

If buyers aren't picking up the phone, or responding to your emails... How do you increase engagement 👀

One link buyer journeys aka digital sales rooms or microsites:

- Make the journey more collaborative and keep it in one place

- Don't overcomplicate your comms... multiple email threads / embedded links/ attachments are not enjoyable for anyone

- When in doubt MAP it out. Give your buyers a clear outline of whats to come

- Start using video more. 68% of people would watch a 60 second video in full!