Proposal and Quote Sharing Software

Collaborative proposals that get the deal done

Create super personalised and interactive proposals right inside Pods. Integrate with your favourite CRMs to auto-fill prospect data and personalise it.

Whip up Proposals and Quotes in minutes

Say goodbye to outdated email attachments; drop a proposal native into your Pod.

Craft stunning, engaging proposals and quotes effortlessly using our user-friendly builder.

Choose from a ready-made product library or start from scratch.

Make closing frictionless

Create auto-personalised proposals and quotes with a few clicks, saving hours in proposal creation.

Real-time chat with your prospect in the digital sales room for quick resolution of important questions and improving sales efficiency.

Delight prospects with tailored experiences

Customise your proposals and quotes with the prospect's company logo and branding, making each interaction unique to them.

Enjoy customisable formatting and add new product lines and pricing in one click from our product library.

Connect with your favourite CRM tools

Easily connect with top sales tools such as HubSpot and Salesforce with just one click.

Automatically populate Proposals and Quotes with information from your CRM; including contact names, company details and deal value, to streamline your workflow.

"Trumpet has been one of the tools that has helped make the UK market viably scalable for Employment Hero, which in turn has led to a £140m investment round and a £1bn valuation."

Ollie Russell

Head of Sales UK, Employment Hero

"Trumpet helps us fast-track our enterprise deals by discovering hidden stakeholders and managing buying committees better. Our Prospects love it because its such an easy buying experience, and everyone gets up to speed much quicker."

Rhys Brown

Account Executive, EMEA at Crossbeam

"Following on from the sales team's success, we rolled it out across our CS team. Handovers from Sales to CS live within trumpet, giving our customers a consistent source of truth for all things Otta, regardless of who their day-to-day contact is."

Stephanie Guerin

Sales Lead, Otta

“We’re confident that trumpet has been a massive indicator of our increase in conversions - our closed-won conversions have doubled! I know how much the team loves it too.”

Alexis Prades

Head of Sales, Payfit

“Trumpet really flips the script on selling keeping buyers engaged and helps us come to a collective decision quicker - I couldn't vouch for it more highly.”

Maxwell Oldham

Business Development Manager, Sifted

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Proposals & quotes features


Product Library

Upload all products and pricing to autofill the proposal with just a few clicks.


CRM sync

Auto-populate the proposal with customer and company data from your CRM


Intuitive experience

Build from scratch or pull together with preloaded data, products, and pricing.


Autofill addresses

Auto-upload all of your addresses to add company details quickly.


Custom branding

Tailor your document to each buyer with logos, colours, and branding.


Add discounts

Apply custom discounts and taxes, calculated for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is proposal and quote software?
Proposal and quote software is an awesome tool that helps businesses cut down on the hassle of their sales process. This software lets you easily create and manage professional sales documents, like proposals and quotes.

A proposal is all about showing the customer how you'll solve their problem, while a quote is all about giving them a price for a product or service within a certain timeframe. On top of that, trumpet’s proposal and quote sales tool works smoothly with popular CRM tools like Hubspot and Salesforce, so you'll always have the latest info to pull into your personalised and branded templates.
What features should I look for in a proposal and quoting software?
- Integration capabilities with CRM and other business applications, allow the document to be automatically filled with current information about your buyer and their company.

- Personalization tools to create customized and branded templates for each deal.

- Table building for quotes using pre-populated product libraries, making it easy to add pricing, plans, VAT, and discounts with just a few clicks.
Why should I use proposal and quote software?
Using digital proposal and quote software will enhance your business efficiency and create more opportunities. Instead of manually editing a proposal and quote in a Word document, saving it as a PDF, and attaching it to an email thread, this digital tool automates the process of creating proposals and quotes, saving you valuable time.

Plus, it helps you keep track of customer interactions and compare proposals. The software also gives you control over pricing structures and margins through lockdown pricing and pricing rules. It empowers you to create super impressive sales documents that can win business.
How much is trumpet’s proposal and quote tool?
The proposal and quote tool is free to use on the Starter plan with usage for up to 10 Pods. If you wish to build more proposals and quotes for your buyers, you'll need to upgrade to our Scale or Enterprise Plans.
Does trumpet Proposal and Quote software integrate with CRMs?
Yes! With just a few clicks, you can head to the CRM search box in the Proposal & Quote builder Simply type in the buyer's name, and all the necessary information will be automatically populated in the proposal. This includes the buyer's name, company name, and address.

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