Our mission is clear

Create better buyer journeys

The story of trumpet

In 2021 Nick and Andrew, exited founders from DesignMyNight (2019), caught up with Rory (Sales Lead EMEA at Hotjar) over a coffee. This casual catch up ended with the three of us agreeing that sales processes are old-school and due an upgrade. Having left buzzed (not just because of the coffee) on the vision, we went away and formulated plans for the future trumpet. We spoke to over 200 salespeople and customer service experts and 100 buyers, to further refine the idea and then got building. 8 months later we had a brand (toot toot) and an MVP ready to take to the world. The rest is...

Backed by the best
Our Team

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Kristin Watson
Head of RH
Darius Miliak
Anna Hinh
Back-end Engineer
Maria Rosales
Head of Marketing
John Talbot
Product Designer
Samia Reynolds
Graphic Designer
Brooklyn Simmons
Ann Johnson
Front-end engineer
Luisa Mariotti
Office Manager
Our Values

These aren't empty phrases to us. We put all our team and customer decisions through the filter of our values to ensure we keep on track.

Ambitious in pursuit of growth

Always hungry to learn. Driven to be better every day. Never settling for mediocre. We embrace change, stay accountable and are energised by pushing ourselves to achieve our full potential.

User obsessed

We never assume what our customers want or need but instead, collaborate with them, to blow trumpet’s message louder, and together achieve greater value from our product.

Trust, respect and care for each other

We believe that no one is ever too busy to support each other and that we should always be helpful, inclusive and selfless in the way we work. Diversity is celebrated as we respect and appreciate what makes us all different.

Brilliantly bold

We are daring, fearless and innovative. We think big. Time spent deliberating could be time spent iterating and we’re all about learning by doing, and continuous improvements at trumpet.

Feedback focused

We all make mistakes and all have room to grow, both as individuals and professionals. That’s why at trumpet we embrace vulnerability and promote giving one another radically candid feedback and ask the same of our users, to us.

Data-driven decisions

Data is central to our strategy. We use data to learn and build trumpet the right way. We also use data to inspire our customers to stand out from the crowd.