Digital Sales Room for Revenue Intelligence

Focus only on deals
that matter

Skip the guessing games and surface buyer intent and engagement to quickly identify if a deal is hot or not.

Make informed decisions and identify trends

Recieve instant alerts in Slack/Teams/Email for buyer actions in Pods.

Start writing more targeted follow-ups based on buyer interest insights.

Get real buyer intent data for engagement clarity.

Access detailed reports: views, duration, interactions, and shares of each digital sales room.

Engage more stakeholders and enrich deals with their data

Stay informed when a new stakeholder engages with your Pod.

Effortlessly gather their names, job positions, and LinkedIn profiles (no manual work needed).

Seamlessly integrate Pod engagement and contact info into your CRM.

Multithread like a pro and get visibility among stakeholders then monitor their actions.

Remove the need for guesswork

Monitor buyer's interests, identify opportunities, and dial into red flags.

Keep track of sales content engagement, from viewer identity, clicks, and duration.

Avoid happy ears and quickly assess deal potential with real insights.

Buyer insights = smarter follow-ups

Tailor follow-ups with Pod insights, steering clear of the usual 'just touching base' emails.

Share relevant sales content that propels you towards the finish line faster.

Stay informed throughout the onboarding process

Monitor customer onboarding engagement.

Keep tabs on which parts of your training material are being accessed.

Predict churn early on and take action faster.

Keep tabs on progress during the sales to customer success handover.

"Trumpet has been one of the tools that has helped make the UK market viably scalable for Employment Hero, which in turn has led to a £140m investment round and a £1bn valuation."

Ollie Russell

Head of Sales UK, Employment Hero

"Trumpet helps us fast-track our enterprise deals by discovering hidden stakeholders and managing buying committees better. Our Prospects love it because its such an easy buying experience, and everyone gets up to speed much quicker."

Rhys Brown

Account Executive, EMEA at Crossbeam

"Following on from the sales team's success, we rolled it out across our CS team. Handovers from Sales to CS live within trumpet, giving our customers a consistent source of truth for all things Otta, regardless of who their day-to-day contact is."

Stephanie Guerin

Sales Lead, Otta

“We’re confident that trumpet has been a massive indicator of our increase in conversions - our closed-won conversions have doubled! I know how much the team loves it too.”

Alexis Prades

Head of Sales, Payfit

“Trumpet really flips the script on selling keeping buyers engaged and helps us come to a collective decision quicker - I couldn't vouch for it more highly.”

Maxwell Oldham

Business Development Manager, Sifted

Join 8000+ users blowing their trumpet

Revenue Intelligence features


Analytics overview

Access a top-line overview of all your Pods


Enriched stakeholder data

Access enriched data on new Pod viewers (name, job role, LinkedIn URL)


 Widget insight

Get notified when a buyer or customer interacts with your sales content in real time.


Buyer Signals

Receive instant updates when a buyer interacts with your Pods, pages and Widgets, shared directly with your CRM.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sales intelligence?
Sales intelligence refers to the tools, software, and methods that gather, combine, analyse, and display sales information to assist businesses in making informed choices, understanding market trends, and enhancing sales effectiveness.

It offers valuable information on prospect behaviour, purchasing habits, preferences, and other factors, empowering sales teams to tailor their approach and successfully finalise deals.
What are trumpet buyer signals?
Trumpet buyer signals are indications of when and how often a potential customer engages with your Pod.
What types of buyer signals will I have access to?

Pod views

Pod comments and annotations

Clicked links

Shared Pods

Video and voice note plays

Updates to mutual action plans

Document downloads

Signed documents

Sellers can also access information such as:

Number of times an action was taken

Time spent on that action

What problems does sales intelligence solve?
Sales intelligence addresses several important issues. It simplifies the sales process by leveraging data-driven insights and removing the need for guesswork. It empowers sales teams to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, customise their sales pitches, and improve customer engagement.

Additionally, it helps in identifying potential leads, forecasting future sales trends, and prioritising tasks based on data. Most importantly, it enhances sales productivity and drives revenue growth.
How do trumpet analytics and signals help make informed decisions?
By utilising buyer signals and insights, sellers gain a comprehensive understanding of their deal, as well as detailed insights into the activities taking place within that deal.

These insights assist sellers in sending more focused and specific follow-ups, identifying buyer intentions at an early stage, and enhancing their multithreading strategy by accessing the contact information of new viewers of their content and more. This helps the seller expedite the deal and gain a better understanding of their buyers.

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