Video and Screen Recorder Software

Async personalisation and micro demos, at scale

Capture, share, and connect with ease. Put a personal spin on your outreach, spice up those post-demo recaps, and bring your onboarding process to life.

Accelerate your sales cycle

Send pre and post-meeting recaps through quick video messages.

Address customer queries and share updates with meaningful async videos.

Capture every detail of your deal in an easy-to-digest video message.

Guide buyers through video demos, pitches, and presentations.

Make post-demo follow-ups more personal

Grab your prospect's attention and make personal connections right off the bat.

Spice up post-demo summaries with personalised videos.

Sell or onboard when not in the room

Record unlimited videos of any length.

Record videos from your screen, webcam, or both.

Personalised videos and demos can be shared with all stakeholders within your Pod.

Keep all stakeholders up to date with simple video messages.

Track and measure engagement

Get notified right away through Slack, Teams, and your dashboard when your video gets viewed.

Stay updated on who has watched your video and how many times.

Streamline onboarding and team collaboration

Smooth account transitions between Sales and Customer Success teams.

Get customers onboarded faster with personalised training videos.

"Trumpet has been one of the tools that has helped make the UK market viably scalable for Employment Hero, which in turn has led to a £140m investment round and a £1bn valuation."

Ollie Russell

Head of Sales UK, Employment Hero

"Trumpet helps us fast-track our enterprise deals by discovering hidden stakeholders and managing buying committees better. Our Prospects love it because its such an easy buying experience, and everyone gets up to speed much quicker."

Rhys Brown

Account Executive, EMEA at Crossbeam

"Following on from the sales team's success, we rolled it out across our CS team. Handovers from Sales to CS live within trumpet, giving our customers a consistent source of truth for all things Otta, regardless of who their day-to-day contact is."

Stephanie Guerin

Sales Lead, Otta

“We’re confident that trumpet has been a massive indicator of our increase in conversions - our closed-won conversions have doubled! I know how much the team loves it too.”

Alexis Prades

Head of Sales, Payfit

“Trumpet really flips the script on selling keeping buyers engaged and helps us come to a collective decision quicker - I couldn't vouch for it more highly.”

Maxwell Oldham

Business Development Manager, Sifted

Join 8000+ users blowing their trumpet

Video & screen record features


Screen and camera recording

Choose from multiple recording options: camera bubble, screen share, or both.


Engagement insights

Instant notifications for video views and viewers.


Upload videos

Upload your own videos to share with buyers and customers.


Unlimited videos

No limit on the number or length of recordings per user.


Video export

Record, share and let buyers download your videos from the Pod.



Drop comments on videos with timestamped annotations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get started for free?
Yes, our video/screen recording Widget is available on the free Starter Plan. In this plan, you can create up to 10 Pods. If you want to record and share more videos, you'll need to upgrade to the Scale Plan.
How does video/screen recording benefit Account Executives?
Account Executives can record and share pre- and post-meeting recaps. They can also record demos with buyers to share in follow-ups, answer prospects' questions with a personal touch, and make the buyer journey more personalised.
What recording styles are available with this tool?
You have the option to capture videos from your screen, webcam, or both at the same time. This feature allows you to record your screen and audio on macOS, Windows, and Chrome.
Is there a limit on the number or duration of videos that I can record?
You can record an unlimited number of videos with no limit on their duration.
How does video/screen recording benefit Customer Success?
trumpet's video/screen recording widget is a powerful tool for customer success teams. It helps save time and build relationships by creating onboarding and how-to videos. The widget allows teams to send concise updates to executives, ensure client accountability with actionable follow-ups, and provide an effective platform for product training.
Can videos recorded in trumpet be downloaded?
You or your buyer can easily download shared videos as an MP4 with just one click.
How does video/screen recording work in trumpet?
It's pretty straightforward. In the edit Pod view, just drag and drop the 'Video/Screen Record' Widget into the Pod template. You have a few options to choose from:
- Camera only
- Screenshare only
- Camera & Screen
- Upload video

Once you've made your selection, simply click start to begin recording and stop when you're finished.

Get started with trumpet for free!

No credit card required.

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