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Get vital customer insights in minutes

Want to get quick insights from your buyers and customers? Whether it's signups, lead qualification, pre-discovery call details or onboarding, get it done in your Pod.

Capture and qualify new prospects

Collect and vet inbound sales leads with ease.

Discover if a new opportunity is hot or not from day one.

Add your digital sales room to landing pages, share on social media or put them in email campaigns.

Personalise your sales calls and follow-ups

Collect important information pre/post discovery calls to tailor your messaging.

Send personalised pre-onboarding surveys to all stakeholders.

Make data collection interactive and more conversational.

Onboarding without the email ping-pong

Simplify onboarding questions with less back-and-forth.

Share onboarding surveys to get a clear picture of your new customers.

Learn more about your customers and their expectations.

Use forms to customise training and resources in your digital sales room.

Personalise your account management

Send out user experience surveys to help shape your future product roadmap.

Check out how your customers feel about their purchase and overall experience with customer satisfaction surveys.

"Trumpet has been one of the tools that has helped make the UK market viably scalable for Employment Hero, which in turn has led to a £140m investment round and a £1bn valuation."

Ollie Russell

Head of Sales UK, Employment Hero

"Trumpet helps us fast-track our enterprise deals by discovering hidden stakeholders and managing buying committees better. Our Prospects love it because its such an easy buying experience, and everyone gets up to speed much quicker."

Rhys Brown

Account Executive, EMEA at Crossbeam

"Following on from the sales team's success, we rolled it out across our CS team. Handovers from Sales to CS live within trumpet, giving our customers a consistent source of truth for all things Otta, regardless of who their day-to-day contact is."

Stephanie Guerin

Sales Lead, Otta

“We’re confident that trumpet has been a massive indicator of our increase in conversions - our closed-won conversions have doubled! I know how much the team loves it too.”

Alexis Prades

Head of Sales, Payfit

“Trumpet really flips the script on selling keeping buyers engaged and helps us come to a collective decision quicker - I couldn't vouch for it more highly.”

Maxwell Oldham

Business Development Manager, Sifted

Join 8000+ users blowing their trumpet

Forms & surveys features


Custom branding

Make your form stand out with unique fonts and colours.


Intuitive builder

Using our no-code form builder, create dynamic forms without any hassle.


Instant notifications

Get notified the moment someone completes your form.


10 field types

Create interactive forms with 10 question types that generate engaging responses.


Export data

Download all your data as a spreadsheet for further analysis.


Multi-page forms

Simplified forms that let buyers fill out one question at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do trumpet Forms work?
It's very easy. Go to our Form builder in the dashboard, create a form by choosing from different question types, and customise the form with your branding and fonts. In the Pod editor, simply drag and drop the 'Forms' Widget into the digital sales room or “Pod” and choose your pre-built form.
How do trumpet Forms benefit Account Executives?
Trumpet Forms make things easier for Account Executives by simplifying the process of collecting data during the sales cycle. They allow you to create custom, interactive forms that grab the attention of potential prospects and collect the information you need more efficiently. This leads to more accurate lead qualification, a better understanding of customer needs, and a sales approach that feels more personalised. Plus, all the data is collected right within your trumpet digital sales room, making it easy to track and write a more tailored follow-up.
What types of questions can I ask in trumpet Forms and surveys?
You can include the following types of questions in your Forms and Survey builder:
- Name
- Date
- Email
- Multiple choice questions
- Number-based questions
- Text-based questions
- Yes/no questions

Respondents also have the option to upload files into forms and attach links/URLs.
What can I use trumpet Forms for?
You can use Trumpet Forms for lead generation, customer feedback, pre/post discovery calls, document or asset collection, customer onboarding, and much more – without leaving your digital sales room. They're especially handy for any situation where you need to collect information from users in a structured way. With their customisable design and versatile functionality, Trumpet Forms can be adapted to meet the specific needs of any sales or customer service-related activity, making them a super valuable tool for businesses looking to up their engagement and data collection processes.
How do trumpet Forms benefit Customer Success?
Customer Success teams can use Trumpet Forms to level up the customer onboarding experience, collect feedback, and run surveys. The forms are designed to be super user-friendly and interactive, which can lead to more people responding and providing valuable insights. This information can help Customer Success teams personalise services, tackle problems in advance, and build even stronger customer relationships, all of which ultimately leads to making customers happier and more likely to stick around.
What plans are trumpet Forms available on?
The trumpet Forms and Surveys tool is available on the Scale and Enterprise plans for unlimited usage. If you want to test the tool for free, it is available on our free Starter plan for usage in up to 20 Pods. Explore our pricing plans.
Is it possible to use trumpet Forms for free?
Yes, you can try the Forms and Surveys builder for free on the Starter plan, with usage limited to 20 Pods. If you want to create and send more Forms and Surveys, you will need to upgrade to our Scale or Enterprise Plans. Explore our pricing plans.

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