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Get deals signed in one collaborative space

Say goodbye to the hassle of getting proposals and contracts signed separately. Everything can be done right inside your digital sales room.

Send, sign, and manage all contracts in one digital sales room

Drag and drop the e-signature tool into any Pod.

Easily upload, send, and eSign PDFs, DocX, and other files right within your Pod.

Share documents with everyone involved, in real-time. Keep everyone in the loop.

Make things smoother by creating an electronic signing sequence.

Sync with your tech stack

Stay up to date by receiving messages in your Slack or Teams channel whenever a document is signed.

Get notified through trumpet buying signals in your Hubspot, Salesforce or other CRM.

Get deals closed quicker with speedy signing

Speed up deal turnaround time for faster revenue generation.

Give customers a superior buying experience from start to finish.

Answer any questions from your prospect directly in your Pod and update the document accordingly.

Secure, reliable, automated e-signature

Keep track of your document status at all times.

Handle all your signed/pending-signed documents in your trumpet document folder.

Effortlessly create the contract by simply dragging and dropping placeholders, and easily add recipients with just a few clicks.

"Trumpet has been one of the tools that has helped make the UK market viably scalable for Employment Hero, which in turn has led to a £140m investment round and a £1bn valuation."

Ollie Russell

Head of Sales UK, Employment Hero

"Trumpet helps us fast-track our enterprise deals by discovering hidden stakeholders and managing buying committees better. Our Prospects love it because its such an easy buying experience, and everyone gets up to speed much quicker."

Rhys Brown

Account Executive, EMEA at Crossbeam

"Following on from the sales team's success, we rolled it out across our CS team. Handovers from Sales to CS live within trumpet, giving our customers a consistent source of truth for all things Otta, regardless of who their day-to-day contact is."

Stephanie Guerin

Sales Lead, Otta

“We’re confident that trumpet has been a massive indicator of our increase in conversions - our closed-won conversions have doubled! I know how much the team loves it too.”

Alexis Prades

Head of Sales, Payfit

“Trumpet really flips the script on selling keeping buyers engaged and helps us come to a collective decision quicker - I couldn't vouch for it more highly.”

Maxwell Oldham

Business Development Manager, Sifted

Join 8000+ users blowing their trumpet

e-Signature features


Safe and secure

A secure environment to get important documents signed.


Legally binding

Audit trails offer a record of document access, review, and signing.


Faster than email

Send sign and manage documents in one spot, in a few clicks.


Bulk send

Assign signing fields to different recipients and share with multiple contacts.


Instant notifications

Get notified the moment someone signs your document.


Create signature

Buyers can choose to draw their signature or use a text-based signature generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electronic signature?
An electronic signature is a digital representation of a person's signature used in electronic documents instead of a handwritten or 'wet' signature. Its purpose is to simplify the signing process, speed up business transactions, increase productivity, and improve collaboration.
What kinds of documents can you sign electronically?
You can electronically sign most types of business agreements. This includes sales contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), real estate agreements, purchase orders, vendor agreements, hiring contracts, and many others.
What document formats does trumpetSign eSignature tool support?
With trumpetSign eSignature, you can upload documents in formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF or other common formats. Just drag and drop the document into your content library and open it up in the trumpetSign Widget.
Is trumpetSign e-Signature tool free?
The trumpetSign eSign tool is free to use on the Starter plan with usage for up to 10 Pods. If you wish to send more documents, you'll need to upgrade to our Scale or Enterprise Plans.
On what plans can you use trumpet e-signature?
trumpetSign e-signature is available on the free Starter Plan and can be used for up to 20 Pods. It is also available on our paid Scale and Enterprise Plans.
How do people sign documents using the trumpetSign eSignature tool?
It's completely free for recipients to sign your document. They will receive an email stating that they have been sent a document to sign. Once they click the link, they will be guided through a quick and easy signing process.
What integrations does trumpetSign work with?
trumpetSign e-Signature works seamlessly with and sends notifications to Slack and Microsoft Teams. So, you'll get instant updates whenever a customer signs a document. Plus, trumpetSign integrates smoothly with your CRM, giving you valuable buyer signals in your deals when your documents are signed.

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