55 sales influencers you must follow

Get inspired with insights from the 55 most influential sales gurus in the game!

Rory Sadler
January 29, 2024
February 24, 2024
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The top B2B sales performers, leaders, consultants, advisors, and coaches are sharing their advancement secrets, insights, strategies, resources, and playbooks across social media. And that’s as good as gold in a profession as fast-moving as sales.

So, where can you find them? Just about everywhere. Sales influencers are active on podcast platforms, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and even TikTok. But LinkedIn reigns supreme.

LinkedIn is home to over 830 million members, with the majority being educated, ambitious professionals who feel safe participating on the platform.

It’s the place to go for personal branding, networking, and positioning yourself for career growth. And this makes it the perfect place for keeping tabs on peers, competitors, and thought leaders.

Apparently, even Washington D.C.’s policymakers use LinkedIn to understand what’s going on in the business world. And if it’s good enough for Washington D.C., it’s good enough for us.

The following 55 sales influencers can all be found on LinkedIn. It’s the best place to see their career trajectory and what they’ve done lately. After that, check out their personal platforms and/or guest appearances.

Mike Schultz

Mike Schultz is President of RAIN Group, Director of the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research, a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, prolific writer, and a leading global sales thought leader.

Are you familiar with RAIN Group? It’s an award-winning sales training and consulting company. Through it, Mike’s provided sales training to organizations like Toyota, Monitor-Deloitte, Harvard Business School, Oracle, Fidelity Investments, and Navigant Consulting.

You can get some of those insights for free by keeping up with Mike on:

Samantha McKenna

Samantha McKenna is an award-winning sales leader, trainer, consultant, speaker, and LinkedIn brand ambassador.

Look to Sam for executive guidance on how to navigate the modern sales cycle with poise, good manners, and emotional intelligence. She covers the sales cycle, digital selling, social selling, SDR strategies, recruiting, executive branding, messaging, emails, content writing, and of course LinkedIn.

Sam primarily offers services through workshops, consulting, coaching, courses, and speaking engagements. You can get snippets of insight on her Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Keep up with Sam on:

Tim Savage

Tim Savage is SVP at TypingDNA and has a track record of developing successful sales initiatives and leading high-performing sales teams.

He primarily provides insights on his LinkedIn. You can get a look into his personal life by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

You can find Tim here:

Alexis Scott

Alexis Scott is the Manager of Employer Hiring Partnerships at Aspireship – a SaaS sales reskilling and job placement platform.

She’s a professional matchmaker, connector, and talent acquisition leader and has made LinkedIn’s Top 100 Sales Star list a whopping 4 times.

You can find Alexis on LinkedIn and check out conversations she’s had with other influencers.

Find Alexis here:

Mike Gallardo

Mike Gallardo is Sales Director, SMB at Deel – a payroll and compliance SaaS firm. His expertise is in sales for early-stage hyper-growth start-ups.

Mike’s LinkedIn activity stream is gold. It’s filled with posts, shares, and likes that are usually actionable and often memeable.

Keep up with him on:

Jordan Henderson

Interested in RevOps? Jordan Henderson is your guy. He’s a former lawyer who switched careers into sales enablement, operations, and development, then revenue operations.

Jordan is’s former Director of Revenue Operations and currently working in the same role at Riverside Micro-Cap.

Find Jordan here:

Armand Farrokh

Armand Farrokh is VP of Sales at Pave – a compensation-focused SaaS company. Armand is an SDR leader of the year who now creates tactical sales content through the 30 Minutes to President’s Club. You can get his content through podcasts, live webinars, or a newsletter.

Find Armand here:

Nick Cegelski

Nick is an Account Executive at Time by Ping. He’s also Armand’s co-host for the 30 Minutes to President Club.

Keep up with Nick here:

Richard Harris

Richard Harris is an award-winning SaaS and inside sales leader, trainer, and advisor. He’s a 5x AA-ISP top sales leader and the Salesforce Sales Leader to follow for 2021 and 2022.

His work revolves around negotiation strategies, selling questions, and sales development. You might want to look into his N.E.A.T. selling framework: need, economic impact, access to authority, and timeline.

You can find this through his online training programs, consulting services, or podcasts.

Find Richard here:

Florin Tatulea

Florin Tatulea is Director of Sales Development at Plato – a mentorship platform for teams. He’s an SDR and BDR leader who also provides career coaching services.

You can find Florin here:

Kyle Coleman

Kyle Coleman is the VP of Growth and Enablement at Clari – a revenue operations platform. He gives sales advice that’s centred around sales leadership and revenue growth. Kyle writes some great articles on LinkedIn and collaborates with other influencers.

You can find Kyle here:

Tom Slocum

Tom Slocum is an executive coach and corporate trainer for sales development reps and account executives. He’s currently the community manager of RevGenius, a social networking site for revenue professionals. Tom also founded RevLeague – a training program designed to jumpstart or improve a tech sales career.

Tom’s very active across a few social media platforms and has curated some of his best content in his Linktree. 

Ding Zheng

Ding Zheng aka the Sales Rapper runs a creative agency tailored to B2B brands. He focuses on creating highly-memorable marketing content.

He also shares sales thoughts on TikTok and Twitter.

Keep up with Ding here:

Marcus A. Chan

Marcus is a sales coach working to help professionals put an additional six-figures onto their income. He struggled and hustled his way from being a total sales failure to thriving as a sales professional, coach, and mentor. He now has his own consulting group and is active on social media.

Find Marcus here:

Hilary Headlee

Hilary Headlee is Zoom’s Head of Global Sales Operations and Enablement. Her thought leadership is centred around supporting individual sales professionals, along with building sales operations and enablement teams.

She writes LinkedIn articles and joins the occasional podcast.

Find Hilary here:

Bryan Elsesser

Bryan Elsesser is SaaStr’s VP of Sales. He’s a sales strategist and leader who shares insights and tips on high-velocity sales and sales development. You can find him across SaaStr media and Twitter is the best place to keep track of him.

Find Bryan here:

Jason Lemkin

Jason is the founder of SaaStr and co-founder of Adobe Sign. Did you know that SaaStr started out on Quora? That’s right, social media launched the whole thing and Jason is still active across a few platforms.

He shares regular updates on SaaStr investments, venture capital insights, executive advice, sales tips, and what to look forwards to at upcoming SaaStr conferences.

Tiffani Bova

Tiffani Bova is Salesforce’s Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist. That’s a pretty big title that reflects an expansive mind with a strategic bent. She’s also a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, speaker, and business strategist.

Tap into her knowledge through her mailing list, blog, social media accounts, and podcast appearances.

Find Tiffani here:

Max Altschuler

Max Altschuler is the founder and CEO of Sales Hacker and the Vice President of Marketing at Outreach. He’s an author and thought leader who has been published in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, MIT Review, Nasdaq, Inc., and more.

Max was named one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices of 2018 for Sales and he’s still one to follow.

Find Max here:

Eddy Bahnam

Eddy Bahnam aka the Hyperactive Salesman is a sales coach, consultant, strategist, and account executive at TypingDNA.

Find him on LinkedIn and on an assortment of sales podcasts.

Amy Volas

Amy Volas is the founder and CEO of Avenue Talent Partners. She recruits executive sales leaders for SaaS start-ups and has been named a LinkedIn Top Sales Voice.

Amy has personally closed over $100 million in revenue, acts as an early-stage strategic advisor, and regularly puts winning sales teams together.

Find Amy here:

Belal Batrawy

Belal Batrawy is a start-up advisor and GTM expert who’s currently at GTM Buddy as their Head of GTM.

Belal has ranked on a ton of lists. He’s a Salesforce Top Sales Influencer, Crunchbase Leader to Follow, SalesLoft REVstar, AngelList A-lister, Slintel Top 15 Leaders to Follow, Built In Top 20 Sellers to Follow, and Top1 FM LinkedIn Sales Star.

He’s active throughout the sales world with videos and other content popping up regularly. You can also check out his LinkedIn articles and newsletter.

Follow Belal here:

Ashley Zagst

Ashley Zagst is an account executive at Chili Piper – an inbound lead conversion and scheduling app for sales teams. She’s also a founding member of RevGenius and SDR Nation. Ashley talks about sales, inbound marketing, and sales development.

The best place to follow Ashley is on Twitter and LinkedIn, but she also takes part in podcasts and YouTube conversations.

Find Ashley here:

Charlotte Johnson

Charlotte Johnson is an Account Executive at Salesloft with a solid background in sales development. She’s also the founder of the Inbox podcast where she chats with sales leaders and executives on a range of topics.

Look to Charlotte for conversations around sales, prospecting, booking meetings, engagement, and how to stand out.

Find Charlotte here:

Jared Robin

Jared Robin is the co-Founder of RevGenius and your go-to guy for everything to do with sales, marketing, and RevOps. 

His Twitter stream is full of succinct life advice and sales tips. You can find talk about sales development, enablement, prospecting, and more.

Find Jared here:

Raffael Fernandes

Raffael is the Founder and Director of Flow State, a sales enablement firm for fast-growing businesses and their sales teams.

He’s a RevGenius and Sales Enablement Society member who enjoys talking about modern selling, sales enablement, and sales leadership.

Find Raffael here:

Aaron Evans

Aaron Evans is Flow State’s Head of Training and Enablement. He’s also been voted a Top 20 Global Sales Enablement Influencer.

Aaron’s background is in sales enablement, coaching, and training, and he’s sharing that knowledge on his YouTube channel. It’s pure gold for anyone interested in learning high-level sales, deal closing, negotiation, and career skills.

Keep up with Aaron on:

Steffaney Zohrabyan

Steffaney Zohrabyan is Cisco’s Sales Enablement and Digital Adoption Leader. She’s ranked as an SEC Ones to Watch for 2022 and SE Pro Women Making an Impact for 2022.

Steffaney’s an outcome driver who has led technology enablement programs for LendingClub, T-Mobile for Business, Cisco, and Liveops.

If you’re interested in tactical, strategic digital adoption or technology enablement, check out what she has to share through her Digital Adopter Series which can be found on YouTube or its website.

Find Steffaney here:

Jason Bay

Jason Bay is the Chief Prospecting Officer at Blissful Prospecting where he helps B2B sales teams and individual reps fill their pipelines with qualified prospects. He’s friendly, open, and all about outbound sales.

Want to learn how to land big meetings with major prospects? Check out Jason’s Blissful Prospecting Podcast.

Michael Hanson

Michael Hanson is the Founder and CEO of Growth Genie, which he started after realizing that many sales representatives are unable to successfully engage prospects, keep them warm, develop the relationship, and close the deal.

It’s difficult enough to capture a quality prospect’s attention and interest. And it only gets tougher after that. A lot can go wrong in any one of the interactions held throughout the pipeline.

That’s where Michael steps in. He teaches B2B sales teams how to have better sales conversations that get a prospect to close.

Michael’s LinkedIn articles are a great resource for anyone having conversations with prospects and leads. Recent standouts include “How I Won a Customer on Email 7 in a Sequence” and “How to Better Understand Objections.”

Find Michael here:

Jan Benedikt Mundorf

Jan Benedikt Mundorf is an Account Executive at Pleo. He’s all about SaaS outreach and meaningful sales development.

You can find Jan chatting about SDR, BDR, and all things SaaS selling.

Find Jan here:

Chris Ritson

Chris Ritson is the co-Founder and COO of, a SaaS sales education platform. He trains sales development reps and teams for B2B selling.

Watch to stay up to date with the latest in SaaS skill upleveling. 

Find Chris here:

Virginia Coates

Virginia Coates is an Account Executive at Vidyard who can be found talking about sales, prospecting, mental fitness, networking, and more.

Look to her for handy cheat sheets and practical tips on accelerating your sales.

Mattia Schaper

Mattia Schaper is a sales development representative at Salesloft and the founder of SDRs of Germany.

She’s passionate about sales and working to evangelize the profession throughout Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Find Mattia here:

Malvina EL-Sayegh

Malvina EL-Sayegh is the Director of Sales Enablement at Reachdesk. She’s also a 2022 winner of Women Making an Impact in Enablement and was voted SEC’s One to Watch for 2022 Sales Enablement.

We have to agree that Malvina is one to watch. She talks about the human mind and how to make sales by forming real, genuine connections. Malvina has a great podcast breaking down the sales skills needed for a thriving career.

Connect with Malvina here:

Elie Daverio

Elie Daverio is the EMEA BDR Manager at Quinyx. His area of specialty is in creative effective onboarding and training programs.

He shares some of those insights through LinkedIn. His article, “Onboarding in a remote world” is particularly relevant for distributed or remote sales teams.

Find Elie here:

Tom Boston

Tom Boston is Salesloft’s Brand Awareness Manager and SDRs of London’s Community Host. He’s all about the social media #saleslove.

Check out Tom’s TikTok videos, Twitter snippets, LinkedIn articles, and weekly newsletter. His profiles are great for everything related to social sales skills and sales engagement.

Find Tom here:

Thibaut Souyris

Thibaut Souyris is the Founder and CEO of SalesLabs, Founder of the Selling Advantage Community, VP International at M3 Learning, and Co-House of the B2B Sales Podcast.

He trains and coaches tech sales teams through SalesLabs and spends his time helping salespeople strike out on their own as solopreneurs.

Want to discover a simple framework for dismantling objections? Listen to one of his latest podcast episodes.

Want to access templates and resources that brought in a €10,000 consulting gig? Thibaut’s got some freely available on his Substack.

You can find Thibaut here:

Will Aitken

Will Aitken is a Sales Feed Sales Evangelist who’s all about social selling and video marketing. He’s a Top 100 LinkedIn Sales Star who’s great to look for when it comes to anything to do with sales, especially when you need a bit of a laugh or a mood boost.

Check Will out here:

Scott Leese

Scott Leese is a 6-times sales leader, 3-times founder, 3-times author, angel investor, sales consultant, and strategic advisor who dishes out tactical recruitment, sales, and operational guidance through Scott Leese Consulting.

You can get a taste of some of those insights through his social media accounts.

Follow Scott here:

Hannah Ajikawo

Hannah Ajikawo is a sales enablement pro, speaker, coach, and motivator who was voted LinkedIn’s Top Voice in Sales for 2021.

Hanna’s dedicated to creating the future of sales. Check her social media profiles out when you want a bit of a lift.

Find Hannah here:

Sarah Brazier

Sarah Brazier is an Account Executive at Gong who can be found guest starring on an array of sales-related podcasts and videos.

She talks about cold calling, prospecting, objection handling, LinkedIn strategies, getting promoted, and more.

Find Sarah here:

Cynthia Barnes

Cynthia Barnes is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and sales influencer who focuses on championing women in sales.

Need to bounce back from a disappointment or find ways to close the wage gap? Look to Cynthia.

Find her here:

Catie Ivey

Catie Ivey is VP of Sales at, a Top 100 Global Sales Leader, a LinkedIn Top Sales Voices 2020, a tech enthusiast, and a dedicated advocate for women in technology. She’s on a mission to elevate the sales profession especially when it comes to leadership and inclusion.

Catie has awesome energy and openly shares her experiences and lessons learned along her professional sales journey. She’s a great source for anything related to B2B sales and career advancement.

Find Catie here:

Alexine Mudawar

Alexine Mudawar is an Account Executive at LogicGate, a LinkedIn Top Sales Voice, a Chicago 50 on Fire, and C0-Founder of the Women in Sales Club.

She’s a B2B SaaS sales rockstar dedicated to sharing success advice for anyone who wants it. Tap into some of her mentorship advice through her podcasts or the Women in Sales Club.

Find Alexine here:

Gabrielle Blackwell

Gabrielle Blackwell is SDR Leader at Airtable and Co-Founder of the Women in Sales Club.

Gabrielle talks about cold calling, sales enablement, sales development, leadership, women in sales, vulnerability, career paths, and more. You can find her guest-starring on podcasts and YouTube Videos.

Find Gabrielle here:

Andy Paul

Andy Paul is a B2B sales expert, keynote speaker, hit podcast host, and the best-selling author of “Zero-Time Selling” and “Amp Up Your Sales”.

He’s most well-known for being the creator of “Sales Enablement with Andy Paul” which was originally known as “Accelerate Your Sales.”

You’re familiar with, right? Well, Andy’s podcast was acquired by them back in 2020. It’s still incredibly popular, getting thousands of plays each week.

It’s a great place for high-level sales insights.

Find Andy here:

Nikki Ivey

Nikki Ivey is a B2B revenue growth leader, Sales Culture Subject Matter Expert, and the Growth Development Leader at Cultured Perspective.

She also co-founded the social community SDRDefenders, which was acquired by Pavilion – a private membership club for professionals.

Keep up with Nikki for conversations around B2B sales, diversity, and inclusion. She guest stars on some great podcasts and YouTube videos, like this masterclass on leveraging personal branding for sales success.

Find Nikki here:

Niraj Kapur

Niraj Kapur is a sales coach, LinkedIn trainer, author, and speaker who was ranked as a LinkedIn Top Voice in Sales for 2021.

He’s a friendly voice with a reputation for delivering great coaching ROI. Niraj is active across a few platforms, so it’s easy to stay up to date with him.

Here’s where to find him:

Maria Bross

Maria Bross is the Director of Sales Development at She’s also a 3-time LinkedIn Top 100 Sales winner with a well-deserved reputation as an outbound sales leader.

Maria is on a self-confessed mission to end SDR call reluctance. You can find her chatting about outbound sales and sales enablement across social media.

Find Maria here:

Ashleigh Early

Ashleigh Early aka the Other Sales Coach is a coach, cheerleader, and champion for sales professionals and teams.

She hosts conversations on sustainable, skill-based growth and development that’s scientific and mindful of human nature. You can also find Ashleigh championing a sales culture that provides equal opportunities and respectful working environments.

Find Ashleigh here:

Kevin Dorsey

Kevin “KD” Dorsey is the Practice Lead of Sales Leadership at Winning by Design and former VP of Inside Sales at Patient Pop.

He’s ranked on numerous sales award lists, including LinkedIn Top Sales Voices, LinkedIn Sales Star, SalesLoft Rev Star, Salesforce Top Sales Influencers to Follow, Pavilion Lecturer of the Year, The Modern Sale Top 100 Global Sales Leaders, Crunchbase Top Sales Leaders You Should Know, InsideSales Top 10 Sales Leader, and more.

Let’s just say, KD is a go-to sales leadership coach and SaaS sales consultant. Check him out if you’re interested in playbooks, processes, and systems for sales success.

Kevin can be found here:

Will Allred

Will Allred is the Co-Founder of Lavender – an AI email assistant designed to help us all write better sales emails, faster.

He’s all about the sales email. Tap into him if you want to know correct sales email etiquette and how to write effective cold emails.

Find Will here:

Benjamin Dennehy

Benjamin Dennehy aka the UK’s Most Hated Sales Trainer is a blunt, straight-to-the-point sales coach and corporate trainer working to purge the mediocrity out of the average salesperson.

Don’t let his moniker scare you. Benjamin is a great coach and has a keen eye into human nature and sales dynamics that many people miss.

Check out his YouTube videos to see what he’s about, then join his Substack.

Find Benjamin here:

Daniel Disney

Daniel Disney is the Founder of The Daily Sales, a LinkedIn trainer, an international keynote speaker, and the best-selling author of two LinkedIn sales books.

He’s all about social selling and selling via LinkedIn. Want to know how to switch from cold calls to social outreach? Daniel’s the one to look to. He teaches everything from building appropriate social profiles to learning the ins and outs of different platforms.

Find Daniel here:

That’s All for Now

Know of anyone we missed? The sales world is so vast, diverse, and fast-moving, that it’s pretty much impossible to keep up with things on your own.

So let us know who is on your radar. We’ll check them out and spotlight them in future updates.

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