10 Best CRM Software in 2024

Discover the top 10 CRM software of 2024 tailored for various needs – startups, small businesses, sales, recruitment, and more.

Rory Sadler
October 6, 2023
March 13, 2024
Discover the top 10 CRM software of 2024 tailored for various needs – startups, small businesses, sales, recruitment, and more.
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Choosing the best CRM, or customer relationship manager, software is critical for nurturing leads and enhancing the customer journey and experience every step of the way.

Learning their needs, preferences, and behaviours won't just help you adapt your service to their requirements. It'll also help reduce customer churn (and there's no better advertising than a recommendation from a satisfied customer).

CRM tools help you manage this relationship across multiple channels – be it email marketing, lead generation, cold calls, and more. These services help you achieve a higher level of customer service, linking together departments and storing all your client information in a single database.

We've put in work to find the best CRM software for 2024 – ranking them in terms of benefits, pricing, and special features.

10 Best CRM Software in 2024

  1. HubSpot – Best for Growth
  2. Pipedrive – Best for Small Business
  3. Close CRM – Best for Sales Calls
  4. Salesforce – Best for Enterprises
  5. – Best for Freelancers
  6. Nutshell – Best for Sales Management
  7. Freshworks CRM – Best for AI Lead Scoring
  8. Salesmate – Best for Lead Management
  9. Keap – Best for Email Marketing
  10. Zoho CRM – Best for eCommerce

1. HubSpot – Best for Growth

HubSpot is the gold standard of CRM tools. As a hybrid package, it combines marketing and help desk capabilities into a single platform. One of the best features is the sales pipeline data that lets sales teams see their entire pipeline with key insights into individual performance, sales activity, and customer information.

Trumpet is 100% integrated with HubSpot and allows all the sales data you collect to be seamlessly shared across the platforms. That means you can use any of your data in HubSpot to populate your Pods.

Key Features:

  • Features a user-friendly layout with streamlined contact records and easy access to activities, deals, and related items.
  • Offers advanced sales tools via the Sales Hub add-on and robust marketing features, including lead generation, ad campaigns, and multichannel automation.
  • Enables automated email campaigns with Sales Sequences and integrates calendar scheduling, email tracking, and electronic quotes.
  • Houses an app marketplace with over 1,000 third-party apps, ensuring compatibility and easy integration, and connects with Trumpet's Pods (micro-sites).


HubSpot is at the more expensive end of the market. Plenty of free tools are available, and its Starter packages begin at £18/mo. However, its comprehensive Professional package starts at £1,404/mo.

2. Pipedrive – Best CRM for Small Business

Pipedrive, as the name implies, is all about the sales pipeline. Through its myriad of features, you can keep every step of your customer's journey organised – visualise the pipeline, set activity reminders, segment leads, and much more.

Best of all, for small businesses, Pipedrive is highly affordable. And you can increase your capabilities by using all the data you gather from Pipedrive in Trumpet. We'll convert this raw data into impressive Pods that garner you even more conversions. Genius!

Key Features:

  • Streamlined design with built-in email and call functionalities, including tracking and recording.
  • Add-ons like LeadBooster and Web Visitors for prospecting and real-time site visitor insights.
  • Sales Assistant for AI-driven daily priorities and an enhanced automation feature for event-triggered actions.
  • Customisable reporting tools, with a marketplace offering around 300 third-party integrations, including Trumpet.


Pipedrive offers a 14-day free trial of all of its plans. It includes 5 packages:

  1. Essential £14.90/mo
  2. Advanced £27.90/mo
  3. Professional £49.90/mo
  4. Power £64.90/mo
  5. Enterprise £79.90/mo

3. Close CRM – Best CRM for Sales Calls

Every sale is about the close. That's the idea behind this platform – Close is a simple but flexible CRM dedicated to your sales calls. That means clever features like Power Dialler, Predictive Dialler, and Call Coaching to help your team(s) speed through your lead lists.

Oh, and we don't like to blow our trumpet – but we also integrate seamlessly with Close. So, you can translate your sales calls into the digital world. That's right! Build auto-personalised microsites populated with all your Close CRM data.

Key Features:

  • Built-in phone, texting, and email directly from the app, with advanced call features.
  • Treats leads as companies, streamlining the association of multiple contacts under one lead.
  • Automated lead prioritisation using criteria like call status and recent interactions, supported by tools like the Power Dialler.
  • Seamless integrations with popular tools enable tasks like auto-adding users or sending notifications across platforms. It's also a part of Trumpet's CRM integrations.


Starts at $49/mo for Startup, $299/mo for Professional, and $699/mo for Enterprise.

4. Salesforce – Best for Enterprises

Salesforce is one of the biggest names in CRMs. There's a reason why – it's at the forefront of innovation. New AI features, powerful data management tools, and in-depth customer management insights combine to create a sales-generating machine.

Trumpet is proud to integrate Salesforce's data into our microsites. Let Salesforce collect all your data while we translate that into a personalised customer experience and watch as the sales roll in.

Key Features:

  • Salesforce's Flow Builder offers tailored process management automation, enabling actions like auto-sending follow-up emails based on specific conditions.
  • Define user access at the field level, ensuring data integrity and security. Also, integrate helpful custom text to guide and remind users of best practices.
  • Convenient tools to customise page layouts, analyse page performance, and visualise data flow with the Schema Builder, providing clarity on the interrelation of different objects.
  • Access to hundreds of third-party apps with detailed compatibility checks and robust reporting capabilities, from pre-built reports on deals and activities to insights into user engagement like the "Login Wall of Shame."


Salesforce's Sales Cloud comes with four pricing options:

  1. Starter £20/mo
  2. Professional £64/mo
  3. Enterprise £132/mo
  4. Unlimited £264/mo

5. – Best CRM for Freelancers promises a "new way of working." How? Simple – centralise all work, processes, tools, and files into one place. Then, effortlessly organise, systemise, and delegate a single platform. Thanks to their customisable dashboards, you'll also get to see top-level overviews of your organisation.

You'll never dread Mondays again.

Key Features:

  • Use project templates as a foundation and customise them with tools like priority star systems and various display options, including maps and calendar views.
  • Assign tasks seamlessly to team members, utilise advanced messaging and file-sharing features, and access a holistic "Timeline" view for project oversight.
  • Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of third-party platforms, including Mailchimp and Shopify, ensuring complements your existing tech stack.
  • A vibrant, easy-to-navigate design across both desktop and mobile platforms, with core features readily accessible, enhancing productivity on the go.


Unlike other platforms, you'll pay per seat. There's a free option and three payment options: Basic £7 seat/mo, Standard £9 seat/mo, and Pro £17 seat/mo. There's also an enterprise option – contact them to learn more.

6. Nutshell – Best CRM for Sales Management

Forget spreading your workload over multiple specialised platforms – Nutshell does it all. Sales automation, reporting & analytics, email marketing, team collabs, and more – just some of the platform's impressive features.

For sales management, you can customise your pipelines, automate time-wasting tasks, and communicate effortlessly between teams.

Key Features:

  • Tailor pipelines with confidence percentages, deal-stage specificities, and automated actions. Get real-time alerts on team activities, including new leads, mentions, and tasks.
  • Efficiently distribute and organise leads based on geography, industry, market, or sources, ensuring streamlined assignments for reps based on their specific territories.
  • Automate the addition of relevant LinkedIn profiles, job details, and other social accounts when adding a contact. Nutshell also facilitates easy task scheduling and offers unlimited data storage.
  • Access both stock and custom reports for in-depth sales insights, utilise drip email campaigns for specific audiences and monitor user engagement, including website visits and source tracking.


Nutshell charges by the user. Prices start at:

  1. Foundation $19 user/mo
  2. Pro $49 user/mo
  3. Power AI $59 user/mo
  4. Enterprise $79 user/mo

7. Freshworks CRM – Best for AI Lead Scoring

Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales) is a powerful CRM. Its most impressive feature is also one of its most recent – AI-powered contact scoring. You can prioritise and personalise customer engagement through AI-generated customer insights. You'll get smart recommendations to optimise your sales strategy using this info. It's the definition of work smart, not hard.

Key Features:

  • 360-degree view of customer information through the highlight cards, customer activity timeline, and details section.
  • Integrate all your communication channels into a single platform, including email, chat campaigns, phone, messenger, SMS integration, and Zoom.
  • Automate your sales productivity with innovative workflows, day- or behaviour-based sales sequences, and IntelliAssign (a lead scoring/distribution system).
  • Harness AI analytics to score contacts, predict deals, forecast sales, and decide on the best course of action. Freshworks is one of the best CRMs for AI integration.


Freshsales has four payment levels:

  1. Free £0
  2. Growth £15 user/mo
  3. Pro £35 user/mo
  4. Enterprise £66 user/mo

8. Salesmate – Best for Lead Management

Get ready to grow with Salesmate. Trust its email marketing and SMS tools to reach more prospects. Create in-depth sales pipelines and use its account management software to track contacts and win more deals. Oh, and you'll get rich data insights from all your interactions to further optimise your teams.

Key Features:

  • Send targeted emails, texts, and calls using automated and personalised sequences, complete with bulk interaction tools and customised templates.
  • Navigate a visual sales pipeline, monitor contacts and deals, and capture every sales interaction, from emails to call recordings.
  • Eliminate manual tasks with sales automation, utilise standardised playbooks, and harness activity automation for more efficient rep performance.
  • Access a robust report library, monitor team performance, and use custom dashboards and forecasting tools for strategic growth.


Begin with Salesmate from $15 user/mo. Other packages include Growth $30 user/mo, Boost $50 user/mo, or Enterprise – contact the sales team for a custom offer.

9. Keap – Best for Email Marketing

Keap is heavily focused on small businesses. But its headline tool is its email marketing. You'll collect new leads, set your triggers, and let the automated system send messages at the right time. You define the "then" and watch as your conversion rates rise.

And every step of the way, the system 'Keaps' your information safe – logging everything for further optimisation.

Key Features:

  • Keap offers a streamlined approach to gathering and organising leads, ensuring a consistent sales process.
  • Reduce manual tasks with Keap's tailored automation, maintaining authentic engagement while boosting efficiency.
  • Leverage curated templates to create compelling emails and texts, targeting segmented lists for optimal response.
  • Keap Business Line ensures a clear distinction between professional and personal communications, all accessible from your smartphone.


Keap things simple: there are only two plans – Pro $199/mo for 1,500 contacts and 2 users or Max $289/mo for 2,500 contacts and 3 users.

10. Zoho CRM – Best for eCommerce

Close deals and manage customer relationships across multiple channels with Zoho CRM Plus. Like many new platforms, Zoho has a helpful AI assistant: Zia. It guides your team by analysing your data, advising on the best time to contact customers, identifying sentiments, and creating rich data insights through business dashboards. Welcome to the future!

Key Features:

  • Zoho CRM Plus amalgamates sales, marketing, social, projects, and various other channels, bolstered by cost-effective add-on suites like Finance and Custom Apps.
  • An unparalleled customisation tool that permits users to craft their CRM interface, allowing drag-and-drop features, module-based designs, and team-specific visibility settings.
  • Offers a holistic view of every contact by merging all interactions, ranging from sales and emails to campaigns and site visits, fostering data-driven decision-making.
  • A distinct lead-focused module paired with a comprehensive campaign creation tool that encompasses email, social, text, and eCommerce integrations, supported by intuitive automation and robust reporting capabilities.


The future isn't cheap – you'll pay £55 user/mo. No complex payment plans. Just a straightforward flat fee.