The 30 best Google Chrome extensions for sales reps in 2024

Free yourself from sales busy work with clever tools that make prospecting, researching, collecting data and entry a breeze.

Rory Sadler
January 23, 2023
March 20, 2024
Free yourself from sales busy work with clever tools that make prospecting, researching, collecting data and entry a breeze.
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Sales is filled with busy work and time-wasting chores. You can get bogged down for days in prospect finding, prospect research, data collecting, and data entry.

That’s not the most valuable use of your time. Fortunately, there are plenty of clever new and time-tested sales tools that are here to help.

Some of the most convenient ones are chrome extensions. Sales chrome extensions can help you find prospects, find ways to connect with them, write persuasive emails, improve your communication, close the deal, and so much more.

This is a list of 30 of the best ones (that can work on Google Chrome). We’ve organised them into the following nine categories, but you’ll find that many of them can fit into several segments.

  • CRM
  • Email
  • Lead Discovery
  • LinkedIn
  • Writing
  • Prospecting Technologies
  • Video Sales Tools
  • Collaboration
  • Sales Productivity

CRM Chrome Extensions

Are you in love with your CRM? Many salespeople are and the following three chrome extensions have legions of diehard fans. Their chrome extensions are productivity legends.


Streak | Streak CRM for Gmail Chrome Extension

Streak is a super popular CRM for Gmail sales tool. It’s a chrome extension that works right within business Gmail accounts.

It gives you three core features: a CRM, email tracking, and mail merging.

  • The CRM tracks contacts, contact information, and your correspondences with them. It also tells you the last time you – or anyone else on your team – emailed them, gives previews, and can be scheduled.
  • Email tracking notifies you when an email is opened, shows a list of them, and lets you mass mail by open status.
  • The mail merge lets you blast out personalised, tracked mass emails by pulling contact information from the CRM’s data. 

Streak is perfect for sales professionals who are obsessed with staying highly productive on email while keeping everything clean and organized. It can be used as an individual or as a team.

One of the best parts is that Streak starts for free!


Salesforce Lightning | Salesforce Chrome Extension

Salesforce is one of the world’s most popular CRMs. If you’re one of its over 150,000 customers, you can integrate it right into your email through a chrome extension. (That’s as long as you have a business-level Gmail account.)

The Salesforce chrome extension works with Gmail and Google calendar. It associates record information – like contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities, and cases – to emails. You can search through or browse information, write emails from templates, and manage tasks.

If you have a Salesforce Inbox license, you can schedule appointments, track emails, view custom records, and more.

HubSpot sales

HubSpot Sales | HubSpot Sales Chrome Extension

HubSpot users have a chrome extension as well. And this one is specifically for sales! The HubSpot Sales Chrome extension includes email tracking, a CRM, email templates, a meeting scheduler, and a mobile app.

If you want to pay a little extra, you’ll get an automated personal outreach feature.

Email assisting Chrome Extensions

The average knowledge worker spends 28% of their time reading and answering emails. Does that stat hold up for you?

Modern sales relies on email and most salespeople have to spend a lot of time in their inboxes. You want to make the most of that time.

That means slashing as much repetitive busywork as possible and making your outreach and responses far more effective. The following Chrome extensions can help you do just that.


Lavender | Lavender Chrome Extension

Lavender is a sales email assistant that’s still relatively new to the scene. It’s an AI-assisted sales tool to help you write more effective and impactful emails.

Lavender analyses and scores your emails then coaches you on how to get better.

Crystal knows

Crystal Knows | Crystal Chrome Extension

Crystal is all about discovering the personality of anyone you want to connect with. It gives you personality and behavioural insight, so you can customise how you reach out to them. 

Crystal uses the DISC personality framework which evaluates dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. It then tells you the best way to communicate with real-time advice for emails, calls, and meetings.

That kind of insight is gold for sales teams.


Klenty | Klenty Chrome Extension

Klenty is an email-focused sales engagement platform. It has a chrome extension that works with Gmail along with Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Freshsales.

The extension tracks email engagement (opens, clicks, and replies), creates personalised emails from a template (still in Gmail), sends scheduled emails, sends automated follow-up, reminds you to get emailing done, and tracks your email performance on a live feed.

Klenty is made to make sales work more fluid and productive. You can automate away much of the manual work like cold emailing and following up with people.

Prospect and lead discovery sales Chrome Extensions

A fresh flow of qualified prospects is the lifeblood of any organization. And it’s the sales team’s responsibility to find these leads and make sure they’re right.

The following six extensions can make this core sales activity far more efficient.


Hunter | Hunter Chrome Extension 

Hunter is an email finder and verifier. You can search it by domains or people within a certain company. You can find a blog or other outlet’s article author and their email.

The chrome extension has four features:

  • A domain search that finds all the email addresses on a website you’re visiting
  • A searchable email finder
  • An author name and email finder for articles you’re reading
  • A list-building tool that will save names to a lead list or send them to other sales tools

It’s super convenient and a veritable cold outreach hero. | Email Finder by Chrome Extension is a tidy sales software suite that currently includes a CRM, email finder, technology stack checker, email verifier, and email drip campaign tool.

You can also get its email finder as a chrome extension. It has a website lead collector, an individual email finder for websites and social media profiles, a Google search email finder, and a LinkedIn smart email finder. 

The LinkedIn and Google features are the biggest advantages this sales chrome extension has over Hunter.

Find that lead

FindThatLead | FindThatLead Chrome Extension

FindThatLead is a B2B sales prospecting software for email, social media, search engines, and local businesses.

Its chrome extension finds and verifies emails on websites and LinkedIn. You can compile leads into a CSV list for easy exporting into your mailing program.


Swordfish | Swordfish Chrome Extension

Want to find names and numbers? Then get Swordfish’s sales chrome extension ASAP! Swordfish is for enterprise sales and recruitment teams.

It pulls cell phone numbers, business email addresses, and personal email addresses from social media profiles.

Sounds a little creepy, to be honest, but it’s still a standout sales tool that earns its place on this list.


Clearbit | Clearbit Connect – Supercharge Gmail Chrome Extension

Clearbit sells itself as a B2B data activation platform. That basically means it provides usable data that can be instantly applied across your sales tasks.

Its chrome extension is purely for Gmail users. Clearbit Connect is connected to a massive database. You can search for organisations and find a list of people within them or search the database for specific individuals. It lets you search companies by name, title, or role.

But that’s not all. This sales chrome extension shows useful, contextual information on the people you’re emailing with. It shares everything it knows about them from its database.

Apollo | Chrome Extension

Apollo is a sales intelligence and engagement platform offering a reliable, robust B2B database. The database consists of over 30 million global companies and over 220 million contacts.

The chrome extension can be used in Gmail, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and across the web. Its core function is as an email finder and open tracker. The email finder can be used on LinkedIn profiles and company websites to discover email addresses and phone numbers. The email tracker shows you when an email has been opened. 

It can also log Salesforce activity when you’re composing emails – but your inbox has to be linked first and you’ll need to set up the native Salesforce integration.

But it does way more than that. This sales chrome extension pulls from the database to give you the inside scoop on websites, corporations, and people.

It shows what technologies websites are using, looks at corporate news, checks their revenue and funding, and more. You can create contact lists and send those straight to your CRM.

Apollo claims to verify all of its information. If you get a prospect’s email address or phone number from its database, you should be good to go.

LinkedIn outreach Chrome Extensions

When you’re in B2B selling, there’s a very good chance that your targeted contact (or someone else at their organisation) has a presence on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has over 830 million members from over 58 million companies, most of whom are educated professionals. So, most sales teams do some form of outreach activities on this platform and some run serious campaigns through it.

However you like to use LinkedIn, we think these two LinkedIn sales chrome extensions should have you covered.


Dux-Soup | Dux-Soup Chrome Extension

Dux-Soup automates LinkedIn prospecting. It does this by automatically scanning and viewing LinkedIn profiles for you, sending automated personalised connection invitations, and automatically following up on connections with personalised drip campaigns.

Its chrome extension tracks the profiles you visit and lets you make notes. It will also auto-visit LinkedIn profiles from Google or LinkedIn searches.

This sales chrome extension is a major time saver for anyone who does a lot of prospecting via LinkedIn.


Leadjet | Leadjet Chrome Extension

Leadjet is a LinkedIn to CRM synchroniser that works with HubSpot, Salesforce, Salesloft, and Copper.

This chrome extension lets you create CRM contacts right from LinkedIn. You can bring over emails and phone numbers that it finds and synchronise your LinkedIn conversations.

It’s a pretty handy sales tool that can save you heaps of time.

Writing assisting Chrome Extension

There are a lot of smart writing tools out there. However, many of these cater to writers, bloggers, authors, and academics.

What sales professionals need is an all-around great extension that can help out with emails, chats, and other brief messages. There’s one that can do pretty much everything you need.


Grammarly | Grammarly Chrome Extension

Grammarly is the web’s favourite grammar and spellchecker. Its writing feedback also includes grammar, spelling, word use, punctuation, style, tone, and phrase suggestions.

When’s the last time you fired off an email with a typo in it? This chrome extension will make those embarrassing moments a thing of the past.

Install it in your browser and you’ll have a helpful writing assistant wherever you go. 

Technology prospecting and discovery Chrome Extensions

Want to build a list of prospects based on what technologies are currently in use? You have a couple of strong options to choose from.


BuiltWith | BuiltWith Chrome Extension

BuiltWith is the dominant technology profiler out there. It scans websites for somewhere close to 60,000 technologies.

Whether using the website or the chrome extension, BuiltWith makes it super convenient to check out a prospect’s technology stack.

The chrome extension works with a simple click and shows a full list of all technologies used by a website.


WhatRuns | WhatRuns Chrome Extension

WhatRuns is giving BuiltWith some strong competition. It’s another technology profiler that shows everything running a given website.

Unlike BuiltWith, you can search it by technology or keyword. This one is a pure profiler only. But that might be a good thing!

This free Chrome extension aims at being more lightweight than BuiltWith or other stack checkers.

Video sales Chrome Extensions

Video-based selling is incredibly hot right now and 87% of marketers who use it report it giving them a positive ROI.

Video marketing has always been effective. But the process of recording, editing, and uploading videos used to be super tedious. Not anymore.

The following sales tools are making it easier than ever to record and share videos that sell.


Loom | Loom Chrome Extension

Loom is a video recording and one-way messaging tool. It records screens and cameras simultaneously for easy sales demos and other applications.

The chrome extension is robust. It records your screen, camera, microphone, and internal audio then saves everything to the cloud. You also have the option of uploading Google Meet or Zoom videos.

Videos can be shared with a simple link or published to Google. Loom keeps things easy to manage and will notify you when videos are viewed, reacted to, or commented on.

This sales chrome extension is right for anyone who likes doing interactive or video-based sales.


Vidyard | Vidyard Chrome Extension

Vidyard is a video platform designed for virtual and remote sales and marketing teams.

The chrome extension is a screen recorder and video recording that also lets you add notes or draw on-screen while recording.

You can embed these videos on your website or publish them on YouTube.

Vidyard lets you track who is watching and for how long.


Potion | Potion Chrome Extension

Potion is all about the video email. It lets you record and send emails from Gmail or LinkedIn messenger.

But you don’t have to keep doing that for every single message! That’s because this ingenious sales software will auto-generate personalised videos for mass emailing.

You record a video once and Potion will do the rest.

Potion is free so there’s no reason not to include this sales tool in your stack.


Vidu | Vidu Chrome Extension

Vidu lets sales teams send personalised GIFs. You can create personalised GIFs of yourself or another video. Or you can create a personalised gif of your website, your logo, a gift card, or a message template.

Then, just insert the GIF into an email, LinkedIn, Intercom chat, or other conversation.

It’s a really fun sales tool for breaking the ice, sharing information with your prospect, and moving the cycle along while keeping things light.


Arcade | Arcade Chrome Extension

Arcade is a fun sales software that lets you build interactive snippets of your product. You can place the snippets on your website, blog, or social media.

You can do pretty much everything right from the chrome extension. It lets you take screenshots, record videos, and record clicks.

All you need to do after that is share the demos as links or embed them in tweets, blog posts, changelogs, or your website. Arcade comes with analytics on what customers are engaging with.

This sales tool is perfect for sales pros who are tired of giving the same old kind of product demonstration. It can also help you ramp up engagement, show off new features, and convert prospects faster without making them wait to schedule a personal demonstration.

Collaboration Chrome Extensions

We all have to collaborate to get work done now. Teams are remote, hybrid, distributed, and engaging their customers virtually. Even teams that aren’t working remotely still have to coordinate work across their devices.

Here are two Chrome extensions that can help with collaborative teamwork and selling.


Claap | Claap Chrome Extension

Claap is another asynchronous video tool designed for hybrid working teams. Here’s how it works:

  • You record a video of your camera and screen
  • You can annotate the video and share it with a link
  • Your teammates give feedback on it with time-stamped comments and annotations

This chrome extension is sure to save you time and energy. You won’t have to coordinate schedules or wait on other people’s availability to share simple updates, get reviews, or do other video-related tasks.


Guru | Guru Chrome Extension

Guru is a collaborative knowledge management solution. It’s perfect for sales teams that rely on a substantial internal wiki – especially if it needs to be accessed or updated regularly.

Guru is a full-fledged knowledge manager that can be used to collaboratively create, maintain, and use an internal knowledge library.

Its chrome extension lets you collect, create, share, access, update, and manage information as you’re working. Accessing information on the fly might be its best feature, at least for sales teams.

Sales productivity and acceleration Chrome Extensions

These chrome extensions are focused mainly on eliminating repetitive work, keeping you focused, and streamlining work.

Some work on their own and others improve your CRM or sales platform use.


Dooly | Dooly Chrome Extension

Dooly is a pipeline accelerating sales software. It’s designed to work with other sales software programs including Salesloft, Outreach, SFDC, and email.

It has four core functions:

  • Taking better notes that sync right to Salesforce
  • A centralised pipeline manager
  • Templates for sales calls
  • Sales playbooks for more consistent selling

The chrome extension lets you take notes and sync them into Salesforce. It works wherever you are on a browser.


Comtura | Comtura Chrome Extension

Comtura is a smart CRM management tool that combines data automation with meeting intelligence.

It automates away tasks like taking meeting notes or transferring contextual data by syncing what prospects say right into your CRM.

This sales chrome extension will listen to and analyse sales calls then push relevant information like stakeholders involved, the next steps, and more into Salesforce. | Chrome Extension

Otter is a smart transcription and note-taking tool. It makes live transcriptions from virtual, mobile, or in-person meetings and lectures.

Otter sets itself apart by using AI to understand the conversations it’s transcribing. It then makes real-time summaries and notes on what’s being discussed.

The chrome extension works with Google Meet. You get transcriptions and captions along with meeting notes links sent to your Google Calendar.

Otter is the perfect sales tool for anyone who likes transcribing or recapping their meetings.


Mesg | Mesg Chrome Extension

Mesg is a prospect researching sales tool that claims to do 25 minutes of manual work in 10 seconds. It intends to help you scale out your personalised outreach campaigns.

This sales chrome extension automatically researches your prospect and then uses that intelligence to help you write more effective, personalised emails.

Mesg looks into your prospect’s social media activity, podcast appearances, and corporate news. It quickly gathers information that’s deeply buried and would be hard for you to find.

Mesg’s extension works with Outreach, Salesloft, HubSpot, and Gmail.


Magical | Magical Chrome Extension

Magical is a text expander and autofill tool that can save you from typing the same thing over and over again. It can also be used to transport data from open tabs to Google Sheets. It uses pre-set or customised shortcuts to insert text snippets. The autofill feature lets you transfer data.

It’s a great sales tool that can be used in your CRM, LinkedIn, lead websites, customer outreach, messaging apps, email, and anywhere else.

This chrome extension is a time saver for sales teams that do a lot of messaging.


Workona | Workona’s Chrome Extensions: Tab Manager & Tab Suspender

Workona is a workspace platform that brings a team’s docs, tasks, notes, and resources together for better collaboration.

It’s focused on streamlining teamwork, bringing clarity to collaborative work, and helping professionals to be more productive.

Workona has a couple of unique chrome extensions: a tab manager and a tab suspender.

Tab suspender lets you suspend, but not close open tabs. You can stop tabs from slowing down your computer without losing any.

Tab manager is the main one. It lets you suspend, bookmark, search, sync, rearrange, save, and manage tabs. You can also use it to access apps being used in Workona workspaces.

If you or someone on your sales team tend to have infinite tabs open, check out these extensions. They aren’t direct sales tools, but they can certainly help you become more focused.

What’s next for your Chrome Extension sales stack?

That’s what we have as some of the best chrome extensions available for sales professionals and teams. These sales tools can take your work from slow, humdrum, and bogged down to slick and supercharged.

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