Essential tools and software for effective buyer enablement

Discover the leading tools and software that enhance buyer enablement in your sales process.

Rory Sadler
March 5, 2024
March 14, 2024
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Discover the leading tools and software that enhance buyer enablement in your sales process.

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Choosing the right customer enablement tools is critical to getting the most from this sales strategy. Get it right, and you can accelerate the sales process, driving revenue and growth. 

Consider these six factors when making your pick:

  1. Seamless Integration: Your tool must integrate flawlessly with your CRM, email, and content systems. This ensures data moves smoothly, enabling better tracking and efficiency without the hassle of manual inputs.
  2. User-Friendly Design: The tool should be intuitive, easy to navigate, and require minimal training. High adoption rates come from a great user experience, making it a breeze for your team to utilise and for your buyers to engage with.
  3. Customisable and Scalable: It should fit like a glove with your sales process and be able to grow as you do. The tool needs to adapt to your evolving business needs, allowing for customisation and scaling without losing performance.
  4. Content Management Made Easy: Quick access and sharing of sales materials (videos, demos, case studies) are key. The right tool allows your sales team to effortlessly find and distribute the most relevant, compelling content to engage buyers.
  5. Actionable Analytics: Dive deep into how buyers interact with your content and sales team. Tools with robust analytics help refine your strategy, showing what content performs best and where to tweak your sales process.

10 Top Buyer Enablement Tools

Buyer enablement software serves a variety of different purposes, often working together to enhance a prospect’s experience. Some of the top platforms include:


Tailors the sales experience with personalised digital sales rooms, enhancing buyer engagement through custom content and collaboration tools.

trumpet buyer enablement features:

✔️Tailors the buying experience, making it more relevant and engaging for each buyer, fostering a sense of ownership and clarity

✔️Streamlines the decision-making process by providing easy-to-use tools for signing agreements and generating proposals, reducing turnaround times

✔️Offers a personal touch by allowing sales teams to create and share videos, which can help explain complex products or services more clearly

✔️Aligns buyer and seller goals and timelines in Mutual Action Plans, ensuring everyone is on the same page, which can significantly de-risk the buying process

✔️Utilises data and buyer insights to understand and predict buyer needs and behaviours, enabling sales teams to act more strategically and effectively


Loom is an all-in-one video recording tool that enhances enterprise sales communication and customer connection with AI-powered features.

Loom buyer enablement features:

✔️Personalise videos with your logo, fostering brand recognition.

✔️Drives specific viewer actions, enhancing buyer engagement.

✔️Ensures content is accessed only by intended viewers, protecting sensitive information.

✔️Automates personalized email messages, supporting diverse customer outreach by translating content into over 50 languages.

✔️Accelerates the sales cycle by keeping teams and customers aligned and engaged through video communication.


DocuSign is a global leader in electronic signatures, making it easy for buyers to sign shared contacts and documents - without PDF ping pong in emails.

Docusign buyer enablement features:

✔️Automatically creates personalised agreements, reducing manual effort and errors

✔️Ensures compatibility with nearly any document type for seamless processing

✔️Simplifies sending documents to multiple recipients simultaneously

✔️Integrate with digital sales rooms 

✔️Accessible on the go, anywhere in the world


Storylane is a cutting-edge buyer enablement platform offering personalised, interactive product demos to enhance buyer enablement and sales efficiency.

Storylane buyer enablement features:

✔️Automatically customise demos using CRM data for a tailored experience.

✔️Easy creation of demos without coding knowledge, streamlining the demo process.

✔️Ensures brand and product messages are uniform across all demos.

✔️Tracks how prospects interact with demos for informed follow-up strategies.

✔️Educates sales reps with custom demos for different buyer personas, improving communication.


Typeform revolutionizes data collection with engaging, conversational forms, enhancing interaction between businesses and their audiences.

Typeform buyer enablement features:

✔️Create easy to answer questionnaires and surveys

✔️VideoAsk and AI-powered forms for dynamic interaction

✔️Access to over 3,000 templates for quick setup

✔️Connects with Slack, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and more for streamlined workflows

✔️Facilitates informed decisions through easy access to content, assessment tools, and comparison guides


Calendly is a powerful scheduling tool that simplifies meeting coordination, optimizing time management and enhancing productivity.

Calendly buyer enablement features:

✔️Automated Scheduling to eliminate back-and-forth emails by allowing buyers to book meetings directly, aligning with your availability.

✔️Automatically adjusts for different time zones, ensuring global customers can easily schedule meetings.

✔️Offers tailored meeting setups to cater specifically to buyer needs, enhancing the buying experience.

✔️Syncs with your calendar to prevent double bookings, keeping schedules streamlined.

✔️Provides reminders and follow-ups, ensuring both parties are prepared for meetings, thus improving buyer engagement.


Sleekplan is an all-in-one feedback tool that streamlines user engagement through voting boards, roadmaps, changelogs, and satisfaction surveys.

Sleekplan buyer enablement features:

✔️Allows collection and discussion of user feedback, fostering community engagement.

✔️Keeps users up-to-date with product developments, enhancing transparency and trust.

✔️Shares progress and upcoming features, helping users see future value.

✔️Measures user satisfaction, providing insights for improvement and retention strategies.

✔️Syncs with favourite tools for seamless workflow, encouraging more feedback and engagement.


Intercom is a customer communication platform offering solutions like AI chatbots, help desk, and proactive support to enhance customer service.

Intercom buyer enablement features:

✔️Centralizes tickets and support for efficiency.

✔️Reduces support volume, increasing team productivity.

✔️Automates messages for preemptive customer assistance.

✔️Provides self-serve support through knowledge base articles.

✔️Facilitates self-service by integrating external data.


HubSpot is a comprehensive CRM platform offering marketing, sales, and service software to empower businesses at every growth stage.

Hubspot buyer enablement features:

✔️Centralises customer information for seamless team access, enhancing personalised buyer interactions.

✔️Automates marketing efforts, attracting more leads and enabling targeted content delivery.

✔️Streamlines sales processes with tools like email tracking and scheduling, boosting efficiency.

✔️Offers tools for improved customer service, fostering lasting relationships.

✔️Enables the creation and management of marketing and sales materials, ensuring consistent, valuable content for buyers.

Gong leverages AI to analyse sales interactions, offering insights to improve sales strategies and enhance buyer-seller engagement.

Gong buyer enablement features:

✔️Analyses sales calls, emails, and meetings to provide actionable feedback.

✔️Captures crucial details to aid sales, moving beyond opinions to reality-based strategies.

✔️Encourages building relationships with multiple stakeholders, increasing deal momentum.

✔️Offers various content types like explainer videos and case studies for effective buyer education.

✔️Improves sales skills by providing insights on effective communication strategies with buyers.

Integrating Buyer Enablement Tools

Incorporating tools like digital sales rooms (DSRs) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems into our sales approach means we need to think differently about how we sell. 

Right now, a significant number of salespeople (58%) find it tougher to sell virtually than in person, and 74% believe their role has shifted more towards advising rather than just selling.

The solution is to make the buying process smoother by centralising it in a digital sales room, while leveraging CRM systems and other technologies to gain deeper insights into what the buyer is thinking.

Digital sales rooms provide a customised shopping experience in a secure, brand-specific environment. 

Here, sales teams can share important content, proposals, and contracts with potential customers, encouraging a teamwork-based atmosphere that allows for ongoing communication. This not only speeds up the sales process but also lessens the frustration often felt by sellers.

The combination of CRM systems and digital sales rooms ensures a smooth flow of information and guides sales teams through this new way of selling. The goal is clear: leverage data-driven tools to track the buyer's journey and use DSRs to educate potential buyers, ultimately leading them towards making a purchase.

Benefits of Using Specialised Software

Gone are the days of juggling confusing Excel spreadsheets and never-ending email threads. Now, businesses can smooth out their transactions and sharpen their decision-making with just a handful of tools that not only work well together but also share data, saving heaps of time and boosting efficiency across the board.

Here's what else you stand to gain:

✔️Efficiency and Productivity: Forget about the monotonous tasks like order processing and data entry. Specialised software automates these chores, slashing time spent and minimising mistakes.

✔️Better Decisions: Imagine having all the product info you need, alongside personalised suggestions and top-notch comparison features right at your fingertips. This software doesn't just make life easier; it equips you to make smarter choices.

✔️Smart Strategies: With analytics tools in the mix, you get a deep dive into what your buyers love and how they behave, helping you tailor your offerings more sharply. This intel not only bridges the gap between sales and marketing but also fine-tunes how you target and allocate resources.

✔️Saving Money and Staying Ahead: Automating buying processes cuts down on manual work, which means you're saving money. Plus, offering a smooth, secure buying experience sets you apart from the competition, giving you a leg up in the market.

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