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How an Oyster AE increased her win rate by 130% in just 3 months

Discover how Oyster Account Executive Brittni Ralston used trumpet to take her win rate from 13% to 30% in just one quarter.

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March 27, 2024
July 16, 2024
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Discover how Oyster Account Executive Brittni Ralston used trumpet to take her win rate from 13% to 30% in just one quarter.

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Why trumpet?

  • Creating and organising the overall sales process
  • Being able to access buyer information in one convenient location
  • Providing accountability internally and with buyers to check off tasks and keep the ball rolling
  • Seeing in real-time which documents the buyers are interacting with

Who is using trumpet?

  • Account Executives are using trumpet to organise and streamline their sales process
  • Prospective Oyster buyers are using trumpet to access all the info regarding their deal
  • Internal Oyster teammates are using trumpet to store and share relevant documents and buyer information

Since using trumpet, Brittni at Oyster has:

  • Follow-up email response rate increased from 33% to 43% in just one quarter
  • Increased sales win rate by 130% in just 3 months
  • Reduced unnecessary back-and-forth email threads that waste time
  • Organised collaboration and document sharing across internal teams

Oyster is a global employment solution with a fully distributed team based across 60+ countries on a mission to create a more equal world by making it possible for companies everywhere to hire people anywhere. 

We sat down with Brittni Ralston an Account Executive at Oyster to discuss her sales journey from missing out on a big sale in Q2 and experiencing a win rate of 13% in Q3, to re-connecting with that same deal this year and more than doubling her win rate in the process using trumpet’s digital sales room.

Organising a sales process with ease

While Brittni always had a good rapport with her prospective buyers, as a new AE, she hadn't perfected her sales process yet, and was still in the process of building a winning strategy. 

However, when her team at Oyster started using trumpet, Brittni's close rate jumped to 30% in Q4; that's double the conversion rate in just one quarter! 

Trumpet has helped Brittni and her fellow account executives at Oyster keep a finger on the pulse of buyer intent and deal engagement. By offering another level of outreach with their buyers and providing an easy-to-use space for communication, trumpet integrated in their sales process making deals quicker and easier to navigate.

"At the beginning, some people had their reservations about adopting a digital sales room…now, everyone has changed their tune! They’re saying trumpet has changed our processes for the better."

Brittni reported that after implementing trumpet at Oyster, her follow-up email response rate went from 33% to 43%, which doesn't even include those who responded directly using trumpet’s live chat feature. She found many buyers actually preferred to communicate via trumpet rather than email. And speaking of email…

"When you're sending resources back and forth through email, things can get lost in the shuffle. But with trumpet everything is easy to find in one place – no more 'where is that?' or 'can you send it again?' trumpet saves us so much time!"

Consolidating sales content in one place

Brittni also noticed that her customer's finance and legal teams were starting to communicate through trumpet live chat, which reduced unnecessary email threads. By aggregating all relevant project information in one convenient location within trumpet, there was increased transparency between all internal teams.

“I’ve gotten so many compliments throughout the sales process, from buyers and other teammates internally. Communicating in the trumpet Pod is so much easier than email!”

Keeping track of everything in one place saves everyone time, so there's total clarity for buyers. In trumpet, Brittni's team quickly found resources for specific projects and buyers – it can take hours to track down a buyer's branding, colours, and logos, but in trumpet, everything is centralised and easy to find. This streamlined the sales process and led to sales being closed far quicker.

“It’s an incredible resource bank, you’re not scrolling through long email threads to find a PDF that’s somehow disappeared.”

Oyster started using trumpet to store decks and PDFs in the buyer Pod, consolidating all media formats. They added trumpet Widgets to embed websites, record and share videos, screen record meetings, and chat with coworkers in a faster and less formal way.

“You can have a much friendlier conversation in the trumpet digital sales room, asking questions and getting a response is so much faster and less formal.”

Creating accountability with mutual action plans

It wasn't just internal communication at Oyster that improved using trumpet – prospective buyers also embraced the platform. Brittni started booking meetings and follow-up appointments through trumpet, creating tailored Pods for each buyer where she could add FAQs, pricing, proposal info, and track items and discounts offered. 

“My prospective buyers love using the Mutual Action Plan – they like being able to check off tasks and it keeps everyone accountable for moving forward in the process.”

Through trumpet, Brittni and her team could add interactive checklists that added accountability for users and prospective buyers. This kept the ball rolling during the sales process at every step of the way. She even found it helpful for cold calls and outreach: when someone asked for more info via email, Brittni could send a custom digital sales room and all the relevant documents.

"We've been able to really speed up the process of closing deals and sales with buyers because there's less back and forth over email. I wish more people understood the ease of digital sales rooms."

Growing deals using buyer insights

After adding materials to a trumpet Pod, Brittni could see where her buyers spent their time. Through trumpet, she could view which documents each buyer was looking at and sharing. This gave her a unique insight into what was important to them, who else on the buyer's team was involved in the sale and being sent to the trumpet Pod, and where pain points within the sale might be. 

"Staying on top of buyers is way easier when you get notified via trumpet that they're looking into the info on the Pod. I can see who they're sharing the Pod with, which helped me grow my deals. I'm adding contacts left and right because I can see who is actually looking at my documents."

For example, while working with a buyer, Brittni noticed they were frequently looking at contracts, which gave her a reason to follow up with a clear CTA based on that insight.

Using buyer insights gave her a deeper understanding of each individual buyer and decision-maker in the team which helped her communicate with them on a more personal level, pushing sales through much faster. 

Leveraging buyer insights in trumpet also assisted her in re-engaging deals that had gone cold or were much older - observing their activity in the digital sales room after months of silence provided her with valuable talking points for re-engagement.

"Prospective buyers are really loving trumpet, even some older people who can be resistant to change and new tech. It makes it easier for them to find all the info, and it's personalised so they can see themselves in it."

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