How Intent Data Can Help You Close More Deals

Discover how B2B intent data can be a game-changer in your sales strategy.

Rory Sadler
August 23, 2023
February 24, 2024
Discover how B2B intent data can be a game-changer in your sales strategy.
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Navigating the world of online sales can feel like trying to decode an alien language.

The absence of face-to-face interactions, the limited physical cues, and the multi-layered decision-making processes all add up to an opaque landscape. But don't worry - we got your back! Let's dive into the world of buyer intent data and unravel how it can ramp up your sales game.

1. The Evolving World of Online Sales

The traditional way of sales involving a single decision-maker holding the purse strings is a thing of the past. Now, multiple influencers and decision-makers are part of this process, especially when the stakes are high.

This makes tracking buyer engagement a Herculean task if you rely solely on emails. As sales proposals pass through different hands, your vision of relevant stakeholders becomes blurred.

Now, imagine the frustration of your sales team. Without the right tools, it's like shooting in the dark. Simply hoping that your email reaches the right person is not a strategy, it's a shot in the dark.

Many sales reps might insist on dealing only with top-tier decision-makers, but that's not how the modern workspace operates. There are multiple layers of research, due diligence, and approvals to go through before a purchase becomes relevant. And that's where buyer intent data comes into play.

2. Embracing Digital Transformation

The trick is to make the digital transformation work for you, not against you. By implementing tools that capture and communicate buyer intent data, sales leaders can empower their teams to sell more strategically, thus increasing their win rates.

3. The Power of Digital Sales Rooms

So, what's the solution to the email overload and lack of visibility? Enter Digital Sales Rooms. These are virtual spaces where sales proposals are generated, and all parties can be invited as individual users. This enables tracking of all activity from the initial share to the final e-signature.

Sounds exciting, right? Let's take a closer look at trumpet, a collaborative buyer enablement platform that brings B2B buyers and sellers together in a single digital location.

4. The trumpet Advantage

With trumpet, once an opportunity is opened, the sales rep can invite all relevant buyers to the deal room. From there, all communication is handled within this digital environment. This provides a clear view of all activity and interactions beyond the initial contact.

Remember the alien language of digital body language we mentioned earlier? Well, buyer intent data is your Rosetta Stone. It allows your sales team to recognize buyer engagement signals and move deals forward.

Real-time buyer engagement data helps you understand which stakeholders are involved and what actions they're taking.

5. Monitoring the Buying Cycle

As the deal progresses towards closure, sales reps can monitor contract redlining and e-signatures. Imagine having a tool where redline issues are addressed collaboratively in one place, instead of bouncing around in an endless email thread.

With such insights provided by a digital sales room, your sales reps can strategize better on when, how, and with whom to follow up.

6. The Impact: Shorter Sales Cycles, Higher Close Rates

Once your sales team adopts the DealRoom as their primary communication mode, the benefits are manifold - sales cycles shorten, close rates go up, and buyer-seller relationships improve. This understanding of the needs and wants of all parties involved is the secret ingredient for success in modern online sales.

7. The Rise of 'Digital Sales Room' as a Tech Category

The effectiveness of digital sales rooms has not gone unnoticed. G2, a leading business software and services review company, now recognizes "Digital Sales Room" as a tech stack category.

Our Pod signals have been recognized as a leader in this emerging area.

8. The Added Sales Intelligence

Our interactive DealRoom provides reps with real-time insights into buyer behavior. This added sales intelligence helps sales teams know who to contact, how to follow up, and whether the other party is fully engaged. It also provides automated reminders, notifications, and workflows to keep deals on track and close them quickly.

9. The Need for a Digital Sales Deal Room

Without a digital deal room, you're missing out on the crucial sales intelligence needed to support your revenue goals. Recognizing and acting on digital body language is the key.

10. Overcoming Sales Obstacles

So, are you ready to overcome sales obstacles and create one fluid sales motion? Find out how teams are using trumpet to close more deals faster.

There you have it - the secret sauce to boosting your sales. It's time to bid adieu to the alien language of online sales and embrace the power of buyer intent data. So, buckle up and get ready to sail smoothly through the waters of modern online sales.