How to make the most of video in sales

Unlock the power of human connection and skyrocket your sales with the persuasive force of video storytelling.

Rory Sadler
January 16, 2023
March 20, 2024
Unlock the power of human connection and skyrocket your sales with the persuasive force of video storytelling.
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The use of video in sales has become a standard practice in the industry.

According to recent statistics, sales teams who use video in prospecting, relationship-building, and sales emails see at least 5x higher open rates and 8x higher open-to-reply rates. And according to consumer data, 70% of prospects use videos to help them make purchase decisions.

Video messaging is effective in sales because it humanises the sales process. It allows sales professionals to show empathy, cut through the noise of today's selling environment, and build trust with your prospects and customers.

Among the many benefits of video software, sales teams can use video tools to:

  • Improve outreach
  • Accelerate sales cycles
  • Optimise enablement
  • Streamline onboarding

If your sales team isn’t already using video in its sales operations, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here are 8 of the best sales video platforms for your team to consider:


trumpet is a place to create a personalised microsite in just a few minutes with no design skills needed.  Hit that record button and capture yourself and your screen with the brand-new Video Widget.

Absolutely perfect for:

  • Screen-recorded product demos
  • Pre- and post-meeting recaps
  • Personalised outreach
  • Making onboarding a breeze

All of this in just a few clicks. Sign up—it’s free! You can enjoy access to all Scale Plan features (including video widgets) for free in your first 20 pods.


Vidyard is a video tool built for virtual selling.

It provides an easy way for reps to record personal video messages or choose pre-existing video content, and send video emails from the tools they already use. From prospecting to proposals, Vidyard helps sales teams connect with more leads, qualify more opportunities, and close more deals.

Selling with Vidyard allows sales teams to:

  • Stand out to prospects with impactful and memorable video messages.
  • Show your personality to create a warm connection and build trust.
  • Prioritise and tailor follow-ups knowing who watched what.
  • Boost response rates, meetings booked, and close rates

Pricing starts at £12.00 per month with the option of a free 14-day trial.


Loom is the industry leader for video recording because of its ease of use and free plan.

It’s a great video tool for any sales team, and an absolute must-have for distributed teams. With Loom, sales professionals can more personally connect with people without having to do 75 different one-on-one calls, which is just impossible at scale.

Loom makes outreach easy. Simply hit record and send a video message to capture a prospect’s attention and build a personal connection right from the start. Plus, you can add a personal touch to your targeted outreach by recording your screen to guide your customer through a presentation, product, or website.

Loom is also great for streamlining your workflow and sales pipeline. You can link out to your calendar, pitch deck, or website from any Loom video by adding customizable CTAs. And you can see who watched your video, how long they watched, and monitor CTA performance.

Pricing starts at £7.00 per month with the option of a free 14-day trial.


BombBomb is a trusted partner in the video messaging space.

The company pioneered this technology 15 years ago and offers sales teams one of the most secure, reliable, and effective video messaging platforms around.

BombBomb has a track-record of improving sales performance. According to a survey of their customers, 81% generate more replies, 87% get more clicks, and 90% stay in touch more effectively using BombBomb.

The great thing about a BombBomb subscription is that it comes with user training so you can unlock the platform’s full potential. Your team will be onboarded with a process that produces confident, consistent, and effective use of video, including confidence on camera, and script templates.

Pricing starts at £30.00 per month with the option of a free 14-day trial.


Tolstoy’s simple, easy to use, interactive video platform steers viewers to the right content for them, allowing sales teams to drive engagement and action with video branching.

Tolstoy also helps sales teams understand their customers better through their video responses. Viewers respond to your Tolstoys with choices, text and video messages, contact information, and more. Each response is a way for you to deeply understand your market and tailor your messaging.

Plus, Tolstoy seamlessly integrates with your existing marketing tools and workflows. With thousands of integrations, your responses and analytics can be sent to your existing CRM, email marketing solution, and anywhere else you work.

Tolstoy is currently free and will be announcing premium plans in the future.


With Drift, sales teams can engage prospects and customers with quick, personalised videos and GIFs so you can start more conversations, shorten sales cycles, and engage more of the buying committee.

You can also engage your customers live while they watch. Start a conversation, respond to questions, or book a meeting while your recipients view your sales videos. You can even engage viewers and book meetings when you’re sleeping, with Drift Video Bot.

For pricing, contact the vendor for a quote-based plan.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a category leading platform for video messaging, preferred by customer-facing teams.
Using Hippo Video, sales teams can create video experiences that stick in just three easy steps:

  1. Record and personalise video messages and add interactive elements like links and forms.
  2. Send videos directly from Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn and other tools you use already.
  3. Track video opens, clicks to improve engagement and close sales.

Plus, Hippo Video helps sales teams create videos for sales, videos for marketing, and videos for customer success.

  • Videos for Sales. Use videos to create custom demos, make introductions to prospects and train reps.
  • Videos for Marketing. Use video marketing to turn viewers into leads.
  • Videos for Customer Success. Create (one-time) online support videos and screen captures

Pricing starts at £12.00 per month with the option of a free trial.


SendSpark is a leading sales video software that helps sales professionals drive more engagement, build human relationships, and increase email conversions.

SendSpark focuses on adding personalisation to your video messages. Capture your passion, warmth, and other nonverbal cues with video. You’re not just selling a product; you’re building a relationship!

According to customer surveys, SendSpark helped users increase engagement by 200%, increase email open rate by 90%, and increase revenue by 190%.

Pricing starts at £12.00 per month with the option of a free trial.

Need More Options?

Interested in exploring other video tools not listed above?

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