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Introducing trumpet Scale

We’re excited to announce our new trumpet Scale Plan. 4 Major Widgets and 3 huge integrations.

Rory Sadler
June 16, 2023
February 24, 2024
We’re excited to announce our new trumpet Scale Plan. 4 Major Widgets and 3 huge integrations.
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Today, we are super excited to announce our new trumpet Scale Plan, which includes amazing new features to help you close more deals quicker and save you money from buying additional tools.

"This is a huge moment for our team and a key milestone in trumpet's journey so far! We're thrilled to be launching not one but four features and three integrations we know will have a big impact on our customers, and their buyers experience.

These features combine all of your favourite sales tools, from eSignature to video/screen recording that many of you use on a daily basis throughout each step in your sales cycle - now available as part of the trumpet Scale plan, without ever having to leave your Pod. End-to-end, all under one roof!

We're so proud to be launching our biggest release to date, and feel especially thankful for the feedback and support of our early adopters who played an important role in shaping our product, and pushing us to build the best!" - Rory Sadler, CEO.

We have 4 new major Widgets launching in the coming few weeks:

trumpetSign (esignature)

You'll be able to manage, collaborate on and get agreements signed in a Pod, with trumpetSign. Just upload your document to the Pod and allow your buyer to comment, annotate and sign the doc.

Video/Screen Recording

Hit that record button and capture yourself and your screen with our brand new Video Widget. Share screen recorded product demos, pre and post-meeting recaps, personalised outreach and make onboarding a breeze… in just a few clicks.

Proposals & Quotes (coming soon)

A much requested feature… Now you’ll be able to drag and drop this new Widget into your Pod and build personalised proposals and quotes, in minutes.

It gets even cooler… You can get them signed using trumpetSign or DocuSign, all without ever leaving your Pod! 🖋️

Form Builder (coming soon)

Want to get quick insights from your buyers? Use our new Forms Widget to build and share forms and surveys!

Show off what you do in Pods while also qualifying leads, sending over pre-demo call Q&A's, or getting all your onboarding questions answered easily.

Plus deep integrations with the best:

DocuSign & PandaDoc

The long awaited integrations: For those of you who are DocuSign and PandaDoc fans, this ones for you!

Securely share, review and sign agreements right from your trumpet Pod 🚀 (This is a native, deep integration to ensure the integrity and security of all your documents).


Power your Pods with Gong via Salesforce and Hubspot!

With this deep integration, you can merge Pod insights with your Gong account to capture all your interactions, and make smarter decisions in your buyer journey. Plus, you'll be able to check out your Pods activity right from your Gong deals.

When we say “One link buyer journey” we really mean business!

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