6 sales coaching tools to boost win rates

Ramp up your sales team's skills with these sales coaching tools...

Rory Sadler
December 12, 2022
February 24, 2024
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Ramp up your sales team's skills with these sales coaching tools...

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Did you know that companies that provide efficient sales coaching boost their win rates by about 28%, and companies with high-quality coaching gain 7% in annual revenue growth?

These statistics are based on programs that include video coaching and other technology, proving that the investment is well worth the outcomes. Coaching has a vital role when it comes to a company’s growth, and focusing technology initiatives on educating and skill-building will improve retention, optimise a team’s performance, and keep sellers up to date with the right information they need to perform their jobs well.

Why do we need sales coaching? 

  • Helps sales managers to enhance sales processes and training techniques for the team
  • Identifies team and individual strengths as well as areas to improve on
  • Inspires motivation and boosts engagement
  • Builds rapport and strengthens the relationship among team members
  • Helps sellers to develop necessary skills
  • Brings to light issues the sales team is facing so that solutions can be found

While implementing sales coaching can seem daunting, let’s not forget that you don’t have to start from scratch. There are all sorts of excellent technological tools that can help managers to become better coaches, and help organisations achieve measurable results!

Technology has paved the way for coaching convenience. It enhances the quality and the overall process of coaching. With all the sales coaching software on the internet, you may not be sure where to begin. Here are some great ones you should look into: 


Gong makes sales coaching easy and efficient. It applies revenue intelligence technology to help your sales team win more deals.

This software helps sales professionals maximise their sales productivity.

Because of its time-efficient features that enable coaches to be in ten places all at once, it becomes easier for them to oversee everything.

Gong’s data also provides insights on where to focus your training. Another excellent feature is that it makes sales communications visible and measurable, allowing sales coaches to determine whether the training is effective for their reps. 

  • Pricing ranges from £75 to £150 per user
  • Does not offer a free trial


Wonderwerk is a data-driven sales training software that helps users with onboarding, upskilling, and certifications. 

Wonderwerk provides users with a skill profile that can be used to identify their points for improvement and their revenue potential, generated with better sales training software. It analyses conversion rates to easily determine where the team is dropping deals. 

The templates provided by Wonderwerk make training even easier as it provides over fifty training programs, covering every stage of the sales process.

 Lastly, assessments are provided to make sure reps fully understand and are applying their new skills to real deals that are already in the pipeline. 

  • Priced per feature; contact Wonderwerk to request pricing information based on your needs
  • Does not offer a free trial 


Jiminny aims to create a high-performance culture for reps and sales coaches. It uses a conversation intelligence record that transcribes, records, and analyses customer communications.

This conversation intelligence technology uses a conversational AI that determines the patterns, trends, and actionable insights of transcripts.

By capturing all customer interactions, Jiminny saves reps 90 minutes each week. Sales coaches get complete visibility of all meetings. The best part is that it allows you to share wins with your team, providing them with successful models and motivating them.

  • Price range starts at £65 
  • Offers a free 14-day trial


Wingman is another coach training platform that optimises the use of a conversation intelligence platform to reveal insights into each sales interaction. It is available to sales reps while they are on a call, offering assistance in real-time as they are talking with customers. For example, Wingman will alert a seller who is talking for too long, potentially losing the interest of a customer. The software also records calls, reviews deals, and builds a repeatable sales formula.

Managers are warned about at-risk deals and sales reps that may need coaching.

Your call library is made available and fully searchable to make it easy to navigate and share. You can also easily share call URLs with prospects and see when they view the recordings, allowing you to reach out at the most opportune time! 

  • Price ranges from £45 - £85. 
  • Offers a free trial. 


SecondNature is another coaching software that recognizes the benefits of using conversational AI to upscale your sales coaching. It offers friendly learning tools like Jenny, an Al that acts as a chosen target prospect.

Reps can practice anytime they want with no judgement. All user performances are scored on the same baseline and helpful feedback is given. They can develop their skills based on style, clarity, and even talk ratio between the seller and the prospective buyer.

Jenny is available 24/7 - anywhere and anytime.

  • Price varies. Contact SecondNature for a quote.
  • Offers a free trial. 


Convin helps managers and reps learn about why and how they can turn around their losses. It offers seamless integration with processes and sales calls. The software transcribes conversations, analyses the data to provide insights, and delivers these insights to you.

One of the best things is that even hour-long conversations are readable in minutes since they are reduced to their most important parts.

Convin also reveals coaching opportunities as it determines areas where the team can improve early enough to avoid a loss.

You can also identify what the top sellers are doing to motivate and teach the whole team.

  • Price starts at £38 for a small team
  • Offers a 15-day free trial

We’ve rounded up some of the best options, but this is not an exhaustive list. Find more sales coaching tools and resources here

Don’t wait and miss out on the chance to improve your sales, build quality connections with reps, and enhance the team’s work experience. 

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