Top 7 sales influencers you should be following

Want to close deals like a pro? Follow these Top 7 sales influencers and learn from the best in the game!

Rory Sadler
August 16, 2023
March 20, 2024
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Want to close deals like a pro? Follow these Top 7 sales influencers and learn from the best in the game!

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The B2B sales landscape is evolving and digitising faster than ever. Competition is the most intense it’s ever been, harnessing sales data is pretty much compulsory now and standing out from the crowd is one of the only ways to survive as a salesperson.

Whilst the investment in sales software and sales enablement is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 20% between 2020 and 2027, new tools alone can’t improve sales performance and revenue. 

So why not learn from the best? The term influencer doesn’t just apply to Instagram or TikTok viral sensations, business influencers have helped LinkedIn to represent 16% of the market.

You might be thinking how is this possible, LinkedIn is just for recruiters and applying for jobs? It definitely used to be, but LinkedIn now features 90 million senior-level influencers and has had 9 billion content impressions, with 15 times more content impressions than job postings.

Guess which type of influencers are at the forefront of these impressive numbers? That’s right - Sales Influencers who are experts in their fields and are sharing regular, unique content based on their tried and tested methods.

So without further ado, the team at trumpet would like to share with you 7 of the best sales influencers to follow in 2022 (because if you aren't spending time learning from the best... who are you really learning from?)

  1. Will Allred - Sales Emails
  2. Alex Alleyne - Sales Excellence
  3. Daniel Disney - Social Selling
  4. Charlotte Johnson - SDR Content and Rising Star
  5. Cynthia Barnes - Champion for Women in Sales
  6. Aaron Evans - All Things Sales Enablement
  7. Alexine Mudawar - B2B SaaS Sales

Will Allred - Compelling Sales Emails

As co-founder of Lavendar, an email improvement tool that uses AI, Will is an expert when it comes to improving sales email open rates and increasing replies.

He is also all about being human when it comes to sales which is part of modern selling. Not only does he share useful tips and insights on a daily basis, but he also has an excellent cold email course with Pavilion, a newsletter about sales emails, a partnership with Sales Hacker and he even offers 1:1 email coaching. Will is our 2022 king of sales email copy. 

Website: Lavender

LinkedIn: 💜 Will (The Email Guy) Allred

Alex Alleyne - Sales Excellence

If you’re selling cloud software, then Alex is a must-follow, with experience working at Twilio, Amazon Web Services and now Lacework.

He’s been recognised as LinkedIn’s Top Voice in the Sales Leadership category two years in a row because of his daily content about building your own brand and boosting your commission with proven tricks.

On top of this, Alex offers a mentoring programme about best in class sales execution. Alex is a driven individual from whom we can all learn a lot. 


LinkedIn: Alex Alleyne

Daniel Disney - Social Selling

Social selling should be on your radar and part of your 2022 sales strategy.

Whether it is or isn’t, you should now go and follow Daniel Disney who is a two time LinkedIn and Social Selling author and international keynote speaker on the subject.

His regular content is both relatable and engaging, helping his 85,000 followers to stay ahead of their competition. Daniel is also the Founder of The Daily Sales, a sales blog reaching 10 million people every month through sales tips, sales training, sales humour and wider sales-related content.

Website: The Daily Sales

LinkedIn: Daniel Disney

Twitter - @TheDailySales

Instagram - thedailysales

Charlotte Johnson - SDR Content and Rising Star

Sales Development Representatives or SDRs are fast becoming one of the most sought after hires amongst B2B sales teams.

The reason why? This role takes true determination and innovative thinking to excel and continuously book meetings.

Charlotte Johnson, an SDR at SalesLoft, is fast becoming a well-respected voice for SDRs with 14,000 followers on LinkedIn alone. She’s rapidly grown thanks to her prospecting focussed content and the launch of her own podcast, The Inbox. Definitely a rising star in the world of modern selling.

LinkedIn: Charlotte Johnson

Spotify Podcast: The Inbox

Cynthia Barnes - Champion for Women in Sales

Cynthia is a LinkedIn Top Voice for not only sales, but she’s also a voice for all women in sales with over 28,000 followers on LinkedIn alone.

She has spent the past two decades studying the innate strengths of women in sales and what it takes for them to reach the top 1%.

She is the creator of THRIVE: Success Strategies for Women in Sales, the first and only women-centric sales training (delivered to more than 500 companies, including Toyota, Google, and Michelin). She is the author of Reach the Top 1%: A Strategic Game Plan for Warrior Women in Sales and the host of the podcast Unstoppable, with Cynthia Barnes.

Cynthia's insights and unique understanding of what it takes for female sales professionals to thrive, have made her a sought-after expert on women-centric sales training and coaching, appearing in over 250 major media outlets – including the Wall Street Journal and Business Insider.


LinkedIn: Cynthia Barnes

Apple Podcast: Unstoppable

National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP)

Aaron Evans - All things Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is a hot topic for 2022 and Aaron is very active in the space and a Top 20 Global Sales Enablement Influencer.

He delivers authentic and varied content through LinkedIn and Youtube, so there’s something for everyone.

Aaron is also the Co-Founder & Head of Training and Enablement at Flow State, a specialist B2B sales performance and transformation consultancy dedicated to helping leaders and teams win in the new era of B2B sales.

His holistic approach to sales performance specialises in creating lasting positive behavioural change in sellers and teams through services including:

1. Sales Coaching and Training Delivery

2. Guided Sales Process Design

3. Implementing Sales Methodologies and Practices

4. Prospecting Techniques & Technologies

5. Mentoring Heads of Sales

6. Designing & Delivering Sales Onboarding Programs

7. Sales Capability Assessments

Website: Flow State

Youtube: Aaron Evans Sales Training

LinkedIn: Aaron Evans

Alexine Mudawar - B2B SaaS Sales

Alexine started off selling door-to-door and has grown to become a LinkedIn Top Sales Voice for the B2B SaaS space with over 8 years of experience, as well as the Co-Founder of Women In Sales Club which has over 3,500 members. With expertise in outbound selling, pipeline generation, new territory development and networking.

Alexine’s content is worth following for pretty much anyone in sales as it’s so engaging and diverse. 

LinkedIn: Alexine Mudawar

Newsletter: Women In Sales Club


If you want to succeed in selling 2022 and beyond, then you must pay attention to what's happening on social channels now. Sales influencers are great resources for social selling insight and you'll find these reps are curating some of the best content available on the web today so don't miss out!

Who are you following already? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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