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Unlock Faster Deal Workflows with the HubSpot + trumpet Partnership

Announcing our two way partnership with HubSpot. Make workflows even more efficient and get super quick Pod insights into what your buyers are up to without leaving HubSpot.

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November 20, 2023
February 24, 2024
Announcing our two way partnership with HubSpot. Make workflows even more efficient and get super quick Pod insights into what your buyers are up to without leaving HubSpot.
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The future of sales is changing, we are moving towards a buyer-centric model: It's crystal clear that digital sales rooms are becoming a must-have tool in the sales arsenal.

Not only do they provide a collaborative, interactive hub for showcasing your products and services, but they also give you a chance to engage meaningfully with new prospects and buyers.

A two-way data integration with CRM data, however, is the game-changer.

Your sales content can be instantly personalised with data the CRM already holds and cuts the amount of time to create that digital sales room, in half.

That's why we've partnered with HubSpot, building a bridge between your trumpet Pods and one of your favourite CRM platforms.

This dynamic two-way integration with HubSpot will help you to build completely personalised trumpet Pods from Deals, Companies or Contacts, enrich Proposals & Quotes with contact data and keep your CRM updated with automatic syncing of all buyer activity and new contacts.

"We love to see how trumpet is streamlining the sales process. Engaged buyers make for happy sellers; so if you juggle multiple stakeholders, send tailored content, and aren't feeding engagement data into HubSpot CRM you're wasting time and losing deals." Russell Bradley-Cook, App Partner Manager EMEA, Hubspot

The new integration between trumpet and HubSpot allows you to:

  • Embed and share your HubSpot meeting calendars in Pods
  • Auto-populate Pods with CRM data, for instant personalisation
  • Send buyer activity and engagement data back to your HubSpot deals
  • Create swift proposals and quotes using HubSpot deal information
  • Have contacts, that have engaged with your Pod auto-added and auto-enriched in your HubSpot deal

“What happens when you combine a top tier CRM with a best in class digital sales room? You get happier customers and more successful sellers! This partnership gives trumpet and HubSpot customers a personalised and fully integrated experience that makes their workflows quicker and much more enjoyable,” explains Sam Cockburn, Director of Engineering at trumpet.
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Make workflows even more efficient as you whip up Pods in no time

From cold outreach to onboarding and beyond, creating sales content and presentations that are customised and meaningful takes up a significant amount of time. According to a recent report, sales representatives only spend about 30% of their time actually selling!

We’re here to change that.

The trumpet and HubSpot integration lets you build completely personalised digital sales rooms ,"Pods", by auto-populating your templates with HubSpot deal, company, and contact information in trumpet.

With just a single click, you can easily get your buyer's name, their company name, and their branding/logo. Then, watch as the dynamic fields are personalised so you can share a Pod that's tailor-made for the company and that contact.

Also, you can sync a new Pod to an existing HubSpot deal. Simply by typing the deal name into your CRM search bar. So now, whenever an activity takes place in your Pod, it’s directly shared with your deal dashboard.

This way, you can save time and concentrate on selling!

Get super quick insights into what your buyers are up to without leaving HubSpot

As a seller, you spend so much time jumping around between different tools and dashboards to chat, collaborate, and understand what buyers want.

But no sales tool should exist in a vacuum.

Enter our two way integration with HubSpot.

So, imagine you shoot an email to a potential customer in HubSpot with a post-demo follow-up Pod. Instead of going back to your trumpet account to see how the Pod is doing (views, comments, and all that jazz), we'll send that info straight to your HubSpot deals dashboard.

This feature will help you send more timely and accurate follow-ups based on real-time buyer signals and will provide you with a clear indication of your buyers' level of interest and engagement in the deal.

Get Pod signals in HubSpot updating you on:

  • Pod views
  • New comments
  • Document downloads
  • Mutual action plan updates
  • Link clicks
  • Documents signed

You can also effortlessly launch and edit the relevant Pods in your deals from our brand new embedded Pod overview. Get the latest info like the total number of Pod views, when the Pod was last viewed, and by which buyer.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually uploading new contacts

Fact: Sales admin sucks. Manually adding new contacts to your deals is a time consuming task. This integration bypasses that manual faff and auto-enriches your deals with new contacts who enter and engage with your Pods.

Let’s say your champion Jack shares your Pod with a new internal stakeholder ‘Jill’. Jill enters her email to access the Pod, and trumpet enriches your CRM and that associated deal with her full name, company, email and job role. Then any interactions Jill has with your Pod are added into the deals activity.

How does it work?

To link your trumpet and HubSpot accounts, just go to the integrations tab in the sidebar of your trumpet dashboard, click connect, and log into your HubSpot account. And voila! Your accounts are linked and good to go.

The buyer journey has just been supercharged

A note from our CEO Rory Sadler:

“This is a super exciting development, where two platforms are joining forces to make sellers' workflows faster and buyer journeys easier to navigate.

At trumpet, we see integrations as a cornerstone of our long term vision. By creating connections that go both ways with the absolute best B2B tools, we help sellers eliminate the time-consuming manual work that usually comes with a complicated tech stack.”

Embrace the future of B2B sales with trumpet and HubSpot.

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