Younger B2B Buyers: How to sell to Gen-Z in 2024

Learn effective strategies and insights on how to adapt to sell to this new generation!

Rory Sadler
November 6, 2023
February 24, 2024
Learn effective strategies and insights on how to adapt to sell to this new generation!
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In the ever-evolving landscape of B2B sales, understanding your audience is key. And guess who's rapidly becoming the central player? You got it right, Gen Z.

So, let's dive into the world of these younger B2B buyers, understand their behavior and preferences, and learn how to win them over.

Gen Z and Millennial B2B Buyers

The Power Shift in B2B Buying

The B2B buying landscape is experiencing a shift in power, with a whopping 64% of today's business buyers born after 1980, according to Forrester's survey.

These digital natives are reshaping the buyer journey, bringing about significant implications for vendors.

The Younger B2B Buyers: Who Are They?

These younger B2B buyers, are comfortable seeking information online and independently before interacting with a vendor.

The digital realm is their playground - they're thorough, with more touchpoints on their path to purchase (like reading websites, or having a chat with salespersons) compared to their older counterparts.

How Do Gen Z Buyers Source Information?

Younger B2B buyers are more likely to seek information from sources not controlled by vendors, such as tech websites and industry forums.

So, vendors, it's time to amp up your influencer marketing game to align with your buyer's journey.

If your buyers are on tech websites, try providing syndicated content there, or if they frequent certain forums, make sure to be part of those conversations!

What are Gen Z Buyer Expectations?

These younger buyers do have some expectations from the B2B buying process.

They want to see that you understand them and can meet their unique needs. So, what might these be? Let's take a peek.

The Demand for Digital and Self-Serve Channels

Given their digital prowess, these younger B2B buyers are more likely to use self-serve transaction channels than older ones.

They're pushing vendors towards self-serve options, including external marketplaces, app stores, vendor websites, and even existing products.

So, vendors, it's time to level up your digital game!

The Need for Quality Vendor Interaction

Don't be fooled into thinking that these younger buyers don't value human interaction in the buying process.

They do, but they seek it out later in the process. And they're critical of the quality of these interactions too.

So, vendors, make sure to provide a better experience, plan your buyer journeys carefully, and ensure that your sellers can make meaningful connections with these buyers.

The B2B Buyer in 2024: A Glimpse into the Future

With the rapid changes in buyer behavior, it's crucial to look ahead and anticipate what the future might hold. So, let's hop into our time machine and zoom into 2024.

The Rise of Self-Guided Digital Channels

According to Forrester, more than a third of millennial and Gen Z business buyers will make purchases through self-guided digital channels in two years.

That's a massive shift, vendors, so make sure your digital strategy is up to the mark!

The Increasing Importance of Third-Party Resources

Younger buyers are active information seekers, and they find third-party resources more impactful than vendor resources.

So, vendors, it's time to rethink your content strategy and consider leveraging third-party platforms like G2 that add an extra layer of customer validation to your product, or leverage platforms like Reddit and Quora and Linkedin to share information about your company, product and area of expertise.

How to Sell to Gen Z: Winning Strategies

Now that we've understood these younger B2B buyers, let's look at some winning strategies to sell to them. Ready? Let's roll!

Understand Their Unique Needs

Understanding the unique needs and preferences of these younger buyers is crucial. Remember, they're not just younger versions of older buyers.

They're a unique group with their own expectations from the buying process. So, vendors, it's time to listen, learn, and adapt.

Optimize Your Digital Presence

Given their preference for digital and self-serve channels, optimizing your digital presence is a must.

So, ensure your website is user-friendly, your content is engaging, and your self-serve options are easy to use.

Provide a Better Buying Experience

Remember, these younger buyers are critical of the quality of vendor interactions. So, ensure that you're providing a better buying experience.

One way to improve the gen z B2B buying experience is through digital sales rooms! Also known as virtual deal rooms or sales microsites, these online platforms offer the kind of convenience and flexibility that the gen z buyer will enjoy. Why?

Gen Z has been shaped by a world full of tech, so it's no surprise they love being able to research, compare, and get their hands on products or services at their own speed, all online.

Digital sales rooms like trumpet fit this bill perfectly, providing a smooth, no-fuss experience that really suits their digital-first approach.

Platform like trumpet use smart analytics and personalised content, so Gen Z buyers can get information, product suggestions, and pricing that's been specially tailored for them. Plus, with real-time communication and collaboration tools, they can chat with sales reps and get help whenever they need it.

Helping sales people and their gen z buyers build meaningful connections through carefully planned journeys that anticipates their needs.

Wrapping Up: The Future is Here

We're living in exciting times, where the B2B buying landscape is rapidly changing, fueled by the rise of younger buyers.

By understanding and adapting to their unique needs and preferences, vendors can not only navigate these changes but also thrive. So, gear up, vendors, the future is here, and it's digital, self-serve, and customer-centric!

Remember, the key to winning over these younger B2B buyers is to understand them and meet them where they are.

And with these insights and strategies, you're well on your way to doing just that. Here's to winning over the B2B buyers of the future!