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How hiring platform Haystack reduce their sales cycle by 40% on enterprise deals

We helped the Haystack team become more agile and efficient in closing deals with shorter timeframes.

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April 18, 2023
July 16, 2024
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We helped the Haystack team become more agile and efficient in closing deals with shorter timeframes.

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Why trumpet?

  • Simplify the buyer journey by putting all sales content in one place
  • Allowing sales to personalise our sales content without needing to bother marketing/design teams
  • Monitoring the buyer journey through analytics to reach out at the right moment, without being intrusive

Who is using trumpet?

  • SDR's and BDM's use trumpet for proposals, putting everything on one trackable link
  • More consistency across the whole sales team from outreach to post-call and demo follow-ups to closing and proposals
  • Head of Partnerships & Business Development using trumpet to showcase demo recordings
"Trumpet helped us shorten our time to close by 40% on enterprise deals!"

Since using trumpet, Haystack has...

  • Shortened time to close by 40% on enterprise deals
  • Team is more agile and focused on relevant deals through better buyer visibility
  • Deals are now larger and close faster, creating customised proposals with robust data and statistics has improved significantly
  • A one link buyer journey has simplified the sales cycle closing enterprise-level deals faster
“On an enterprise deal with multiple stakeholders involved, security settings at their end wouldn't allow me to share my screen to finish off a demo - trumpet allowed me to finish off a demo without them watching and then host it in a Pod to send over after. Not only did trumpet save the day on this occasion it's helped us shorten our time to close by 40% when working on enterprise deals.
Our deal sizes have grown, time to close them has shortened and the ability to create bespoke proposals with lots of data and stats underpinning is simple (meaning internally we've become more agile). Make your own, and prospects’, lives easier and everyone wins”.

David Roddy, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development

About Haystack

Haystack is the go-to data insights and careers marketplace, connecting developers, designers and data scientists with innovative tech employers.

They’re rethinking what it means to be discovered, allowing forward-thinking hiring managers to find, engage and hire amazing tech talent.

They give techies the tools to uncover, explore and discover the tech landscape with full anonymity - showcasing opportunities that match their interests, values and tech stack.

Haystack is where techies discover opportunities.

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