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How Privasee are closing deals using live chat in trumpet

Find out how Privasee are re-engaging buyers, collaborating and getting deals done inside digital sales rooms.

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March 22, 2024
March 25, 2024
Find out how Privasee are re-engaging buyers, collaborating and getting deals done inside digital sales rooms.
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Why trumpet?

  • Creating customised and professional-looking digital sales rooms and documents
  • Integrating personalised videos into each Pod
  • Providing buyers with multiple ways to consume relevant information
  • Connecting with buyers instantly over Live Chat

Who is using trumpet?

  • Sales Executives like James are using trumpet to chat with buyers in real-time 
  • Prospective Privasee buyers are using trumpet to access all the information they need in one place
  • Internal teams and buyers are using trumpet to see where they are in the buying journey

Since using trumpet, Privasee has...

  • Been able to connect with buyers in a more conversational way
  • Saved time in the sales process 
  • Presented often complex data to buyers in a straightforward manner

As a Founding Sales Executive at Privasee, James Ridge knows that a quick response time can be the difference between making or losing a sale. That's why he raves about the trumpet Live Chat feature, where he can connect with buyers in real-time whenever they have a question or concern. 

Speeding up conversations

Collaborate with buyers with live presence and chat features!

When buyers view the information or documents in their custom trumpet Pod, they have access to our Live Chat feature at all times. James reported that buyers often preferred to send questions or feedback through the trumpet chat rather than sitting down to write a formal email –"One feature in trumpet which I absolutely love having is the Live Support Box". This gave James the opportunity to chat with his buyers in a more casual way and respond much faster.

When a prospect has clicked on my proposal, I get the notification and jump straight into the document with them. I've closed deals through Live Chat alone!"

Speed can be crucial in sales – if a buyer doesn't feel like their needs are being addressed quickly, they can lose interest. So, Live Chat in trumpet is the perfect answer to this and provides an avenue for quick-fire questions and responses: the time it takes to draft a formal email and wait for a response slows down the sales process considerably.

The less formal conversations in Live Chat make buyer communications feel less stuffy and more like chatting casually with a friend. James noticed that buyers felt more comfortable with him, which led to increased confidence in him and higher conversions to sales.

Most impressively, James could also often close a sale through Live Chat alone! He noted that buyers felt they didn't need a full sales demonstration, as the proposals in trumpet were so clear and easy to understand, and he addressed their concerns in real time over chat.

Personalised and professional spaces

Build super personalised digital sales rooms... Check this one out

"The nicest thing about trumpet is the personalisation. You can add your own colours and theme, or match the company's branding – it just looks very professional."

Sending over basic, standard documents with pricing and quotes doesn't inspire much enthusiasm from prospective buyers. James was frustrated that most documents weren't interactive and were very bland or boring.

Through trumpet, James and his team were able to tailor digital sales rooms to each buyer and case. 

"Very few other digital sales rooms allow for that level of customisation. We were amazed how much personalisation trumpet offered – the Pods look incredibly professional, with less effort than you'd imagine. I've gotten compliments presenting internally, and to prospective buyers."

For James, using trumpet Pods became the easiest way to present a lot of data – including really granular and complex concepts, in a way that highlighted what's important. When sharing a lot of data, it's key to showcase exactly what you want buyers to pay attention to, and trumpet makes that easier than ever.

“In trumpet, you can turn the digital sales room into an extension of your prospect’s website, which gets us a lot of positive feedback.”

Multiple ways to share content

James mentioned that one of his favourite things about using the trumpet was integrating with other formats, especially video. Through trumpet, he was able to add personalised videos to each Pod, walking prospective buyers through the audit or sales process.

According to James, Loom video integration helped dramatically with sales; having the video at the top of each proposal in the Pod helps buyers digest the information.

“The beauty of a digital sales room is that you’re giving the buyer multiple avenues as to how they can consume what you’re presenting to them. Video is how people want to consume their information these days!”

In trumpet, users can easily add videos and written documents to the Pods. This allowed James to convey a lot of complex information in a streamlined way and share information in multiple formats. With customised Pods, all the data a buyer or teammate might need is easy to find, not stuck in long email threads where things can get lost.

“You can highlight key areas of your proposal in individual Pods, rather than letting it get lost in the shuffle with other less important information.”

Re-engaging buyers with Pods

“I've had buyers pick up proposals from months ago, and they come back around and go ‘Hey, just actually looking at this again. Do you mind picking a conversation back up?’

buyers know they've got this interactive document, with all of the information, and they can come back to it at any point.”

James was thrilled to notice that trumpet Pods would stay active over time, creating connections with buyers sometimes months after the initial sales conversation. In trumpet, prospective buyers can access and revisit information at any time – and often do! 

While a buyer is unlikely to go back and dig through an old email thread or find a link in an old conversation, trumpet keeps things active and centralised. Out of sight does mean out of mind, but trumpet can keep sales journeys going.

Connecting with buyers globally

When dealing with international buyers, James reported that the trumpet digital sales room was a massive help in staying connected and organised. Having a centralised Pod that anyone around the world can access at any time helped greatly with prospective buyers and internal team organisation.

“We work with a lot of global offices, so the fact that trumpet provides a digital document that can be sent around and accessed anywhere in the world is key for us.”

Using Mutual Action Plans via trumpet, James and his team increased accountability and transparency. By letting the customer see where they are in their buying journey and keeping track of the work that's already being completed in mutual action plans, buyers felt like they were seeing "proof of work." This fuelled greater connection and legitimacy and brought people from around the globe together to work in one easy-to-use Pod.

“It’s just handy in general to know if someone's opened a document. Knowing what they've clicked on, or how long they've spent reading that particular article using buyer signals, because that's what I'll then lead within my next sales call.”

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