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PayFit doubles conversion rate with trumpet

PayFit have seen as high as 69% open rate on active Pods. And an impressive a jump in their conversion rate from 21% to 40%!

Rory Sadler
February 20, 2023
February 16, 2024
PayFit doubles conversion rate with trumpet
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Why trumpet?

To get their AE’s the kind of visibility they felt they was missing

A more personalised touch and a competitive edge

To uncover valuable customer insights through the use of behavioural analytics

How are they blowing

Across their AE team to outreach prospects with more personalisation

AEs to nudge deals forward - updating Pods with relevant content to keep the buyer engaged

AEs to close the deals

"Our conversion rate jumped from 21% to 40% since using trumpet"

Results (so far)?

Conversion rate has DOUBLED from 21% to 40%

Up to 69% open rate on some active Pods (wow)

AE’s finding post-demo follow-ups much easier!

“We’re confident that trumpet has been a massive indicator of this increase in conversions - I know how much the team loves it!” – Alexis Prades, Head of Sales

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