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Peptalk: "Our Pods have a 75% open rate & are valued at €2.7M"

The Peptalk team has been using trumpet across sales, marketing, content, and CS to build sustainable processes across 4 teams as they scale into the US.

Rory Sadler
July 27, 2023
February 16, 2024
Peptalk: "Our Pods have a 75% open rate & are valued at €2.7M"
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Why trumpet?

To manage their sales cycle with a small team

Access great data and analytics

Easily customisable, user friendly platform

How are they blowing?

  • Sales - Customised proposals, follow-up, and pre/post meeting assets
  • CS - Onboarding, dedicated client space for comms and content
  • Marketing - Content, brand assets, media and press, tone and voice
  • Program - Content hubs and packages

“Trumpet isn’t just an amazing tool for our sales team, it helps our company deliver a bespoke user specific experience to our clients too.

Our CS, marketing and program teams use Trumpet to build custom content hubs for our clients’ that relate to their monthly team insights (gained through the PepTalk platform).”

Results (so far)?

Average Open Rate: 75%

Total Pods Value: €2.7M

Minutes viewing Pod in May: 131,719 🤯

Their sales cycle has become easier to manage and monitor. The Peptalk CS team has had a great response from their clients about the new onboarding process using Trumpet.

“Trumpet is a great tool for sales, marketing, content, and CS, that requires little to no training to get up and running. It’s helped our company build sustainable processes across 4 teams as we scale into the US. Trumpets customer service is top class and the team is always available to help you out if you’re stuck or have any questions”.

Haelee Reis, Content Marketing Manager

About Peptalk

PepTalk is a purpose-built Team Experience Platform (TXP) that enables teams to engage and perform at their best.

The platform is underpinned by behavioural psychology and combines continuous shared insight and action plans to create the unique environment for teams to thrive.

PepTalk creates the environment in which good teams can become great teams in the modern workplace.