Revamping customer success: Tools for your CS tech stack

5 tools to revamp your Customer Success tech stack in 2023 to streamline CX

Rory Sadler
June 22, 2023
February 24, 2024
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5 tools to revamp your Customer Success tech stack in 2023 to streamline CX

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Holy Technologies, Batman! Nowadays, companies are blessed to have access to many customer-service-based technologies that make the customer experience and the company's jobs more streamlined and better than ever before.

Finding the right one for you can seem like shooting fish in a barrel; only you're looking for a specific fish to do a very specific task, and that's where the job gets a little tricker.

We’re here to straighten out this barrel of fish for you, listing our favourite technologies and how they can help you help your customers thrive.

Customer service and communication - Intercom

Intercom is a complete customer service platform that AI powers. What makes this platform so great is that it creates a holistic customer experience through better communication and engagement, and personalised support.

The system is designed to lower costs by having more efficient support teams without losing the human touch and quality that customers are looking for. Intercom reviews rave about its user experience and the way it streamlines its customer service.

So what is it? Simply put Intercom is an AI-powered chatbot that doesn't feel like talking to a robot. It's a simplified way to give customers lightning-fast answers to their questions without having to have extra staff on-hand to do that.

These realistic chatbots have a real conversation with customers that answers their questions meaningfully, making them feel more heard and valued than ever before. When a human is necessary, the AI-powered inbox helps streamline and organise conversations to get to the heart of the issue faster, making customers feel heard while saving teams time.

Pricing: Intercom’s packages range from $74 a month for their starter package to their premium and pro packages that are hand tailored to your company's needs.

Customer relationship management- Hubspot

Hubspot is the CRM software of the future. This software for Customer Relationship Management has a variety of tools for everyone on the team, from beginning to end.

They boast real-world solutions for everyone, from sales leaders and salespeople to business owners and operations managers, covering every customer service team and marketer in the middle. It does away with manual updating and tracking to create a whole new way of viewing your sales pipeline. Reviews of Hubspot love the versatility and centralised marketing tools.

So what is it? Your sales pipeline is visualised. This cool platform gives you an easy way to see sales activity and access detailed reports on the action, productivity, and individual performance. These insights, and the ability to see team performance, let you spot growth opportunities. Complete with a reporting dashboard, company insights, and deal tracking, this platform gives you the ultimate in pipeline management.

Pricing: Hubspot offers free versions of its software for those individuals and small teams who want to give it a try. For larger groups and companies, they have a wide range of packages that are custom made for an even wider array of company models.

Streamline buyer enablement- trumpet

trumpet is a buyer enablement platform, from outreach to onboarding, adored the world over by customer success teams. If that seems like a stretch, you haven’t scrolled through trumpet reviews that can’t get enough of the powerful, easy-to-use tool that transforms sales processes.

trumpet’s aim is to help its customers deliver beautiful experiences through a single, streamlined link. This helps teams operate more efficiently and makes experiences brighter.

So what is it? In short, trumpet is a place to create a personalised microsite (also called Pod, for all you Pod People) in just a few minutes with absolutely no design skills. With Pods, you can elevate your buyer's journey with your own Digital Sales Room. These pods help walk your buyer from the beginning of their journey to the end, from outreach to onboarding. Pods can have all your buyer’s branding, colours, and imagery. You can make all the information your buyer needs available right at their fingertips, including customer success materials, educational content, and demos, complete with drag-and-drop Widgets and advanced integrations. All this in an attractive and easy-to-use setting that they can access autonomously.

Avoid silos and lengthy emails with centralised team collaboration and create mutual action plans to strategically assign tasks to buyers with specific due dates - all within one live link.

trumpet even keeps you in the loop with notifications about when your pod is opened or shared, including who’s peeking at your pod. This helps you make better business decisions through access to behavioural analytics and revenue intelligence.

Pricing: Starts from Free! trumpet has a free plan available for you to start creating better experiences quickly. For those who need a little more bang, there are also Pro options starting at £29 per user/month and the ever-popular scaled version that takes things to the next step for £60 per user/month. There are even more advanced and tailored plans that are priced according to your needs.


Sleekplan is an all-in-one feedback tool. It features feedback boards, roadmaps, and satisfaction surveys that make listening to and employing customer feedback easy.

It helps streamline the entire feedback process, from collecting feedback and idea generation to prioritising new features and announcing new updates. Reviews of Sleekplan call it the ultimate product feedback tool and adore how simple and centralised it is.

So what is it? Sleekplan is meant as a way to support and streamline the feedback process at its core. It makes it easy for customers to leave feedback that can then be collected, dissected, and categorised by the team.

The changelog feature is great because it keeps users informed about what’s changed and been updated, and the roadmap leaves nothing to the imagination as to where you’re headed. And after all that, you have an easy place to measure satisfaction, all within Sleekplan. It really does make your planning and changing sleeker than before.

Pricing: Sleekplan offers a free version that gives access to some of their features. For more power, they have starter, business, or enterprise plans that can be done monthly or annually, starting at $13/month.


Slack is a widely known platform nowadays, and in some circles, it has even become a verb (as in, "Send me a Slack about it"). It is a great connectivity and productivity platform. Slack reviews can't get enough of the easy ways to collaborate in real-time on various devices.

So what is it? Slack is a communication platform that enables you to send messages and files and allows you to chat with people in public and private channels. It’s essentially a communication hub, making reaching out and connecting simple and intuitive across a variety of devices (like tablets, computers, or phones). It makes for an easy place to host a video chat or a huddle, creating new avenues for flexible communication.

Pricing: Free! Slack offers free plans with access to some of their options. You can also go pro for $7.25/month. They also provide business and enterprise packages, adding to their platform's flexibility.

Win-win at customer experience

Great customer experience makes customers feel good, and it elevates companies to do more with less. This makes customer-oriented tech a win-win. With more ways to communicate with customers, empower them to onboard themselves, and communicate, this tech makes personalised easier.

At Trumpet, we believe in people and interpersonal connections. We’re doing our part to make business a little more personal than it used to be. For more ways to touch base with customers, visit our blog.

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