8 sales automation tools for remote teams in 2024

8 tools your remote team needs to crush it this quarter

Rory Sadler
May 8, 2023
March 13, 2024
8 tools your remote team needs to crush it this quarter
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As a salesperson, you have a lot to to get done to go from prospecting to deal closed.

These include understanding your prospect’s needs, designing a unique solution for them and pitching a product at the right time.

Unfortunately, carrying out all these tasks can be daunting... Especially throwing in the curveball of being a remotes sales team.

That’s where sales automation comes in.

Even though it was considered a luxury, sales automation software is the main focus in today’s selling points. It eliminates all the hurdles that managers go through, including frequent meetings, seminars and spending many, many hours commuting to and from prospects offices for the in person pitch.

What’s sales automation?

Sales automation is a way of using software such as artificial intelligence (AI) to mechanise manual and time-consuming tasks instead of relying on the human touch. Sales automation tools help managers and sales reps automate and streamline their daily sales tasks.

Here are the best automation tools for managers and sales teams by category:

Data automation


Cognism keeps everything easier and more efficient by automating the entire prospecting process. Cognism keeps everything short and snappy for each company, making it easy to connect with prospects. You can use premium contact, company, and event information, including firmographics, sales trigger events, intent data, and verified business emails.

You can also use technographics and phone-verified mobile numbers to connect with prospects. Some of the top features of Cognism include:

  • Diamond Data is phone-verified contact data that helps you identify the prospects and the accuracy of their contact details.
  • Diamonds on Demand help with the on-demand validation of mobile numbers.
  • It also features a large database of mobile numbers.
  • Cognism also has GDPR compliant strong database of global and EMEA products.

Apart from these spectacular features, the pricing of Cognism depends on your company’s needs. Once you book introductory calls, you’ll be able to negotiate and make payments according to your needs. Book now and begin enjoying this best automation tool.

CRM tools

When talking about sales tech, CRM software is the first tool that comes to the minds of managers and salespeople.

This tool stores essential information, such as potential customers’ contact details. It also identifies sales possibilities from generated leads, as well as helps sales reps stay updated with all the information they need to run their marketing campaigns seamlessly.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from this automation tool, as it provides a quick overview of the sales pipeline to sales managers. This is the primary software where most managers and sales reps spend their workday. Here are the top CRM software tools:


If you’re looking for market-leading CRM software that will give you real-time, visual insights into your sales, then HubSpot is for you.

HubSpot helps businesses track prospects, analyse all lead information in the same place, and create an outstanding customer experience with great scaling potential.

HubSpot has built-in Sales Hub, Marketing Hub and Operations Hub, which makes it a must-use tool for sales managers and B2B sales teams. These Hubs offer email templates, tracking, call recording, custom reporting, and dashboards.

HubSpot is ideal for teams with over a hundred sales professionals who’ll rely on its marketing software and make sales calls.


Salesforce is another CRM tool that can benefit businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking to create a personalised experience with your customers, this is the best automation tool to have.

With this tool, businesses can close more deals and achieve exponential growth more easily. Some of the top features of this tool include:

  • Providing instant access to huge customer databases, allowing sales reps to understand their target audience better.
  • Thanks to the salesforce’s opportunity management, sales teams can understand different stages of a business deal and potential customers in the B2B sales funnel.
  • The interactive business intelligence feature unlocks critical sales insights and demonstrates the same insights to the sales reps to enhance understanding of the user’s needs.

Sales enablement software

Sales enablement tools equip your team with the necessary training, education, and content to close more deals within a short time. It provides your team with critical sales resources, materials, technology, and databases that you can utilise and make leads seamlessly. These tools include:


This is a leading sales enablement platform that can help your sales team close deals faster in real-time cues during customer conversations. They also provide a sales team with sales automation and targeted coaching that helps the team compete in the market.

This also allows the sales reps to get a closer insight into potential customers’ needs and make suitable sales pitches. Some of the top features of this automation tool include the following:

  • It helps sales teams with interactive post-call analytics to identify the improvement areas for each sales conversation. Sales managers can use these insights to identify the top performers and ensure that other reps imitate the same to perform better and close more deals.
  • Salesken also has top-notch features such as call recording and note taking that help sales teams summarise calls quickly and take the best action in the early stages.
  • The real-time cues allow sales reps to understand better their customer needs which helps them create a personalised pitch and build rapport with potential users to ensure seamless leads.

Sales analytics tools

Every business needs to have clues on its future sales performance, and there are factors that determine the same. These factors include customer behavior and market trends.

This is where a sales analytics tool comes in. These tools provide 360-degree visibility to the sales managers on how their sales team is performing. These tools include:


Cold calling has continued driving significant revenue in the B2B sales setting despite receiving setbacks. Gong gives conversation intelligence to the sales team, allowing you to convert more of your pipeline into revenue. It gives sales managers a full context of how sales reps interact with customers. This may include;

  • The time sales reps spend on subjects such as pricing and competition
  • How the res react to opening lines
  • The top questions customers normally ask sales reps


Most businesses aim at improving their revenue. This automation tool uses its interactive dashboard to help the sales team stay updated about the entire sales process within one platform. The main goals of this tool include:

  • Enabling businesses to analyse CRM data and forecast sales patterns using AI-enabled sales forecasting.
  • It also helps businesses to gain clear visibility within their sales management system. This ensures uniformity for all stakeholders and allows them to make decisions uniformly.
  • This tool has a detailed and personalised sales coaching process, enabling the sales reps to determine steps and best practices. This, in turn, helps sales reps improve their selling process.

Email management tools

Cold emails are still very popular and more effective than other types of sales outreach types. Every sales rep needs to master the art of cold emailing to attract and engage quality leads.

However, sales reps are always busy with other additional tasks such as planning email campaigns, setting up email sequences, and creating reports.

This can make it overwhelming for reps to keep up with writing personalised emails. And that’s where email marketing tools come in. To take care of all the aspects, freeing up enough time for sales reps to focus on other important aspects. These tools include:


Mailchimp helps sales reps build and grow an audience by running successful email campaigns. Sales teams can use Mailchimp to auto-segment leads and segregate between high-intent and low-intent leads. Commanding over 13 million customers, MailChimp is one of the best B2B sales automation tools.

Mailchimp comes with top features, including:

  • Its compelling design and built-in drag-and-drop tool help sales reps and email marketers create clickable emails readily, which leads to higher engagement.
  • Mailchimp also has automated and predictive suggestions that target quality, enabling businesses to convert new leads and increase repeat customers.
  • The automated email sequence triggers the prospects in different stages and enables businesses to boost conversion.

Sales and marketing automation tools

Sales reps are always tasked with carrying out data entry tasks, including customer communications via calls, video calls, and emails. However, sales and marketing tools can save you a lot of time. There’s seamless integration with an in-built calling feature that syncs your emails and focuses on improving your productivity.

Here are some of the marketing automation tools you should consider:


This codeless automation tool allows you to automate work in over 4000 web apps. It allows you to automate anything quickly and eliminate all the repetitive tasks that might slow down your sales team. Some of its features include:

  • You can choose from over 4000 pre-made templates and build a Zap with just a few clicks.
  • You tweak a ready-made template or start from scratch.
  • You can also tailor automated solutions to the needs of your sales team by building multiple steps and workflow logic.

Remote working has now become the new normal. To survive this technological shift, B2B sales teams need tools that can efficiently and effectively help them throughout the sales process. These are just a few of the automation tools you should consider staying ahead of the competition in this new normal.

Sales managers and sales teams should focus on these tools to fulfil their requirements and achieve success and productivity in their workplace.