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Boost your sales game with these essential bookmark-worthy sales blogs!

Rory Sadler
July 26, 2023
February 24, 2024
Boost your sales game with these essential bookmark-worthy sales blogs!
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Do you want to up your sales game and stay on top of the latest sales trends? You've landed on the right page!

Dive into the world of sales expertise and elevate your sales skills by following these top-notch sales blogs.

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1. Sales Hacker

sales-hacker sales blog

Sales Hacker is a hub for the latest sales tips and strategies. Here you'll find a wealth of content from industry experts, including podcasts, webinars, online courses, sales training, and more. They cover a wide range of topics and offer content in various formats.

2. Sales Gravy

sales-gravy sales blog

Sales Gravy, run by Jeb Blount, a sales acceleration specialist and bestselling author, is a must-read for all sales pros. The blog is packed with free articles, videos, podcasts, and tips from top sales experts.

3. SalesFolk

salesfolk sales blog

If you're aiming to sharpen your sales email skills, look no further than SalesFolk. This blog offers a wealth of cold email examples, suggestions, and fresh ideas. They even have a "Hall of Shame" section where they share the worst prospecting emails.

4. InsideSales

inside sales best sales blogs HP

The blog is a great resource for all sales roles. They share how-to's, essays, and articles on all things sales and marketing, including reviews of SaaS tools that can enhance sales performance, and tips on sales automation.

5. CloserIQ


CloserIQ's blog features sales strategies straight from the trenches, shared by their network of over 30,000 sales leaders. As a sales recruitment firm, they provide content focused on hiring top sales talent and sales operations.

6. OpenView Venture Partners


OpenView Venture Partners invests in and builds sales teams for early-stage software companies. On their blog, they share insights and actionable advice for sales professionals on topics like sales team metrics, selling to enterprise customers, product-led growth, and sales prospecting.

7. Predictable Revenue


Award-winning author Aaron Ross teaches companies how to multiply their sales on the Predictable Revenue blog. Recent topics include cultivating confidence, ideas for sales incentives, skills development reps need, and sales funnel tips.

8. Jill Konrath's Sales Blog


Jill Konrath is a sales thought leader who continuously shares the latest sales strategies. Learn how to accelerate your sales and win more business as Jill combines her experiences and tips like a pro.

9. LinkedIn Sales Solution Blog


LinkedIn's Sales Solution blog is a great resource for sales reps and managers. They cover a range of B2B sales strategies, including researching prospects, finding better discovery questions, and sales enablement.

10. Anthony Iannarino's Sales Blog


Anthony Iannarino, author of The Sales Blog, shares straightforward and practical sales tips. His writing style is easily digestible and applicable to real-world sales scenarios.

11. HubSpot Sales Blog

sales blog example

HubSpot, best known as a CRM and marketing tool, shares practical sales advice on their blog. Their content is especially useful for those looking to better align sales and marketing.

Continuous learning is the key to sales success

The field of sales is ever-evolving, and continuous learning is crucial to stay ahead. Whether you're a sales manager aiming for higher revenue or a sales rep striving to surpass next quarter's sales goals, these top sales blogs will equip you with new skills, improved sales conversation techniques, and strategies to increase your close rates.

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