8 sales demo tools to stand out from the crowd

Unleash your sales team's superpowers with demo tools that make prospects say 'Wow!' and competitors say 'How?

Rory Sadler
January 11, 2023
March 20, 2024
Unleash your sales team's superpowers with demo tools that make prospects say 'Wow!' and competitors say 'How?
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Sales demos are one of the most effective methods of selling. They educate potential buyers faster and drive more high-quality conversions, qualified pipeline, and faster deal cycles.

Consumers are much more likely to buy from a company that allows them to try and interact with their products before making a purchase.

Sales demo software can be broken into two major types:

  1. Live Demo Software
  2. Personalised & Interactive Demo Software

This article provides descriptions and pricing for some of the best platforms of each software type to help busy sales professionals beef up their sales stack and drive more revenue.

Live demo software

Live demo software is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate a product/software. It helps sales professionals drive home the deal by providing interactive, real-time product demonstrations during a pitch.

As businesses increasingly turn to digital sales and marketing strategies, options for live demo software are at an all-time high. Here are four of the best Live Demo Software platforms out there:


Livestorm is the first video engagement platform to manage meetings, webinars, and virtual events from start to finish.

Unlike traditional webinar or video conferencing software, Livestorm provides teams with integrated tools to manage their video events from beginning to end. Get access to email templates and sequences, customizable registration pages, email delivery tracking, website widgets, built-in social sharing, and much more.

Using Livestorm, sales teams can choose from a host of features to engage participants, including: launch polls, answer questions, display emojis, share files, and much more.

Plus, Livestorm helps you make data-driven decisions thanks to its integrated dashboard. You can track registrations, attendance, and participant engagement. You can also integrate Livestorm with Salesforce or HubSpot CRM to leverage the data from your events.

Pricing starts at £59.00 per month with the option of a free trial.


Demodesk is the sales meeting platform that increases win rates by over 35% through coaching reps live and automating non-selling tasks.

Leading companies are using Demodesk to drive revenue, cut down on ramp time, increase quota attainment, and boost sales productivity.

Among its many features, Demodesk’s platform offers:

  • Custom booking pages and questions
  • Powerful lead routing and round robin team scheduling
  • Automated calendar invites and reminders
  • On-demand playbooks, battlecards, talk tracks
  • Virtual co-browsing screen, no downloads or distractions
  • Automated follow-up and CRM admin
  • Real-time shadowing and coaching
  • Virtual sales floor showing all live, upcoming meetings
  • Team-wide meeting analytics

According to data from customer case studies, Demodesk helped increase demos booked by 45%, increased conversions by 35%, and reduced ramp time by 52%.

Pricing starts at £20.00 per month with the option of a free 7-day trial.


Demostack helps businesses showcase their products with ease. With Demostack, cloning your product into a demo environment is as simple as copying and pasting your URL into the platform. No R&D needed.

Plus, you can easily edit charts and data in your demo to tell a story that resonates, all with a point and click. Showcase your product in the best light on every call, and help your buyers understand value faster.

Demostack has solutions for your entire sales operation, including demos for sales, marketing, customer success, partnerships, and L&D.

  • Demos for Sales. Make the live demo count and win more deals faster.
  • Demos for Marketing. Enable buyers to self-educate with guided demos.
  • Demos for Customer Success. Drive adoption with tailored demos that showcase what success looks like.
  • Demos for Partnerships. Let partners promote your product with on-the-rails demos.
  • Demos for L&D. Enable employees with a demo sandbox to get them ramped and ready.

For pricing, contact the vendor for a quote-based plan.


Salesroom sets you up to stand out, build trust, and close deals on the sales demo platform built for connecting authentically.

Sales teams benefit from Salesroom at every touchpoint of the sales process. The platform includes:

  • Seamless cues to keep you on track with your agenda and meeting objectives
  • Subtle prompts to notify you of repetition, interruptions, and discrepant air time for a smoother, smarter pitch
  • Live feedback features to tell you what your buyers are thinking so you can tailor to what they want to know in real time—getting you to the finish line in fewer meetings

A distinguishing feature of Salesroom is its rigorous security standards. Salesroom allows your business to sell securely with stringent systems protocols, end-to-end encryption, and ironclad data protection.

For pricing, contact the vendor for a quote-based plan.

Personalised and Interactive Demo Software

In today’s hyper-digitalised consumer market, customers expect a personalised online experience.

Personalised and interactive demo software empowers sales teams to create demos customised for each of their buyer personas.

Here are four of the best personalised demo software platforms available:


Walnut helps sales teams create tailored product demos for each use-case, streamline the sales demo process, and maintain high consistency and quality.

With Walnut, sales teams can access powerful insights that help them collect valuable data on demo usage, optimise team performance, and increase sales demo conversion.

Customer personalisation is made easy with Walnut. Use it to tailor your sales demos for each lead and let them try your product at any stage of the sales process.

Walnut also helps you generate stronger intent by sending your prospect personalised and interactive sales demos - even before the sales demo call. Save time and resources on demo creation and get your team to close more deals.

For pricing, contact the vendor for a quote-based plan.


Tourial helps you give your buyers the clarity and confidence they need to take action quicker—leading to more pipeline generation, higher close rates, and shorter sales cycles. Tourial’s product storytelling platform combines the familiarity of a presentation tool with the power of a robust interactive design platform.

Using Tourial, sales teams can target specific audiences with tailored stories. Allow prospects to select the Tourial that best fits their needs with a “choose your own adventure” approach. Give visitors control over their experience with the ability to build Tourials for any use case, pain point, or persona.

Plus, Tutorial helps you gain a deeper understanding of how prospects are interacting with your sales demos. With insights, you can uncover ways to optimise performance and ensure you're delivering visitor experiences that excite.

For pricing, contact the vendor for a quote-based plan.


Storylane enables sales teams to easily bring together product screens, guided tooltips, and videos to convert prospects into customers.

Using Storylane, businesses can create an engaging "try before you buy" experience with the platform’s Product Tour feature. The platform also provides valuable insights so you can learn how your prospects interact with your demo, allowing you to engage better with them.

Additionally, Storylane is a great tool to promote customer success. Use Storylane to create a library of interactive product walkthroughs to help your customers get started quickly.

For pricing, contact the vendor for a quote-based plan.


Reprise boasts itself as the only complete product experience platform for all teams where businesses can easily create no-code custom demos and tours.

Reprise’s impressive array of features includes:

  • Analyse & Optimise. Visualise what prospects see within your demos and product tours. Use that to improve performance and prospect experiences.
  • Customise Experiences. Tailor your product tours and demos to appropriately fit the use cases, personas, and verticals.
  • Product-Qualified Leads. Invite site visitors to experience your product and immediately understand its value - before ever speaking to a salesperson.

For pricing, contact the vendor for a quote-based plan.

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