80+ Sales Tools and Resources for SDRs in 2024 [A Comprehensive Guide]

Explore the definitive 2024 guide for sales development representatives (SDRs) featuring 80+ essential sales tools, resources, and insights to supercharge success.

Rory Sadler
October 3, 2023
March 13, 2024
Explore the definitive 2024 guide for sales development representatives (SDRs) featuring 80+ essential sales tools, resources, and insights to supercharge success.
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Sales development representatives (SDRs) are always on the lookout for new sales tools and resources to help their outreach, prospecting, and lead qualification. That could be a new CRM, podcast or blog post to gain the latest insights and techniques.

There are hundreds of sales tools available. The problem is finding them – thankfully, we've done the hard work for you. In this guide, you'll find over 80 tools, resources, and other helpful content to skyrocket your sales success.

Our top sales tools and resources:

  • The Ultimate SDR Toolkit
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Books
  • Video
  • Communities
  • Guides, eBooks, and Reports
  • Newsletters

The Ultimate SDR Toolkit



A leading cloud-based CRM platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for sales, service, marketing, and more, aiding businesses in managing customer interactions, analytics, and forecasting.

Startup- and small business-focused CRM with a special emphasis on sales. Close allows teams to manage their calls from a single platform, whether that's SMS, phone, Zoom, or more.


HubSpot is a top-level CRM that seamlessly connects data between teams and departments. Split into "hubs," like the Marketing Hub or Operations Hub, it's one of the most comprehensive platforms available.


Designed "by salespeople for salespeople," it should be a top tool in a sales development representative's arsenal. Built around the sales pipeline, it helps automate and customise the customer journey.


More than just a CRM, it's a customer support and engagement platform that centralises communication channels, offers customisable support solutions, and provides insights to improve customer experiences.

Zoho CRM

Part of the broader Zoho ecosystem, this online CRM platform delivers sales automation, analytics, and multichannel communication. Perfect for businesses operating at all levels.

Lead Qualification


Need to build a form fast? Typeform is an interactive form builder and survey tool with a strong emphasis on user engagement and aesthetics.


Capture customer information in our auto-personalised Pods using trumpetForms. From initial to final conversion, it's the only lead generation tool that's tailored to every customer.


This comprehensive inbound marketing, sales, and service platform also offers lead capture and qualification tools. Its Marketing Hub includes forms, live chat, and Trumpet integration.


Heavily growth-oriented, Pathmonk uses AI to transform your website into a "sales machine." Some of its impressive features are website personalisation based on user intent, top-level analytics, and intent-based retargeting campaigns.


A leading landing page builder that allows businesses to design, publish, and A/B test landing pages with their drag-and-drop platform. Also includes AI copywriting, popups and sticky bars, and hundreds of ready-to-go templates.

AI Copywriting

Unleash a creative storm with this AI muse, churning out everything from compelling ad copy to informative blog articles, all at the speed of thought.

Jasper is an advanced AI writing assistant that produces content masterpieces across numerous formats. It's the go-to sales tool for marketers, copywriters, and business professionals.

Hoppy Copy

Pen magnificent email marketing campaigns with this AI-powered tool. It's never been easier to create high-converting, multi-day email sequences.


Think of Lavender as the guardian angel of your inbox, sprinkling AI wisdom to refine your emails into crystal-clear messages wrapped in just the right tone.


Whatever your Ryting, this AI writing assistant has your back. Capable of creating product descriptions, story plots, SEO titles, YouTube descriptions, and much more.


Not just an AI but a digital bard, Writesonic plays the strings of language, conjuring up content that sings to its readers, whether on landing pages, ads, or blogs.


Ask it anything! ChatGPT spins conversational threads with an artful blend of human touch and machine precision – it's the most advanced generative AI in the world!

Meetings and Scheduling


No more missed meetings! Calendly is your digital concierge, allowing clients to book meetings with a calendar embedded in your website.

Chili Piper

Spice up your schedule – Chili Piper isn't just a lead qualifier. Its Instant Booker allows for one-click scheduling, adding the meeting to your calendar.

Outreach Automation

Supercharge your sales journey with, a platform that automates sequences, tracks engagement, and provides insights to refine your sales strategy.


Targeted email outreach made simple: Quickmail allows for segmented campaigns, ensuring your messages are tailored, timely, and engage the right audience.


Break through the noise with Lemlist – it not only allows you to engage customers across multiple channels, but it also helps identify your leads and their contact details by browsing LinkedIn.


With its automated follow-ups and cold email campaigns, Woodpecker ensures you stay top-of-mind, maintaining consistent communication while avoiding spam traps.


A lead generation tool that allows you to find business emails and build a list of leads; GetProspect seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn, enhancing your outreach strategy.


This CRM not only manages your leads but also automates outreach, nurturing prospects through the sales funnel to ensure you close more deals.


As the first AI-powered revenue workflow platform, SalesLoft harmonises your communication tools, analytics, and integrations into a unified strategy, driving genuine customer relationships.

Tailored for sales teams, streamlines multichannel communication, ensuring that outreach, whether via email or LinkedIn, is coordinated and effective. Generate emails at the click of a button with its AI tools and kickstart your customer interactions.


Emphasising simplicity, Mailshake provides tools for cold email outreach and follow-up, complete with templates, tracking, and performance analytics.

Email Scraping

Launch an impressive email campaign with's toolkit. You can identify prospective clients, create drip campaigns, and even use AI to generate conversion starters.


Built on a vast B2B database, Zoominfo doesn't just provide contact details; it offers enriched insights about companies and their personnel, equipping your outreach strategies with a wealth of context.


Not just any web scraping tool, Octoparse is a gateway to unlocking data from various web sources, making the conversion of websites into structured datasets both seamless and straightforward.

Designed to enhance your LinkedIn experience, focuses on extracting business emails directly from profiles, turning LinkedIn into a richer lead-generation platform.

Beyond just finding email addresses linked to domains, also boasts a robust verification system, ensuring your outreach always lands in the right inbox.


As an expansive digital directory, Rocketreach offers not only emails but also phone numbers, expanding the horizon of your outreach and networking opportunities.


While its core is CRM, Overloop's added value comes from its lead generation features, creating a bridge between first contact and nurturing conversations, all in one platform.

Linkedin Sales Navigator

An upgrade to the standard LinkedIn experience, Sales Navigator amplifies your lead search with advanced filters, offers personalised lead recommendations, and enhances your ability to connect and engage with potential clients.


The Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling with Brian G. Burns

Join Brian G. Burns for a no-nonsense dive into B2B selling. He covers everything from cold calling to sales leadership, delivering insights earned over 25 years in the industry.

Hey Salespeople with Jeremey Donovan

Listen to some of the leading lights in the sales industry as they sit down for an in-depth conversation with Jenna Sacks. You'll get actionable advice, practical tips, and a fascinating interview.

The Sales Development Podcast with David Dulany

Delving into topics like technology marketing, sales development, and sales and revenue operations, this podcast is perfect for those hoping to level up their strategies and tactics.

The SDR Chronicles with Morgan J. Ingram

Hosted by Morgan J. Ingram, a former Director of Execution and Evolution at JBarrows Sales Training, he focuses on motivation, tactics, and skills that are essential for your sales journey.

Sales Secrets with Brandon Bornancin

How can you smash your quota? This podcast has the answers, as Brandon Bornancin interviews top sales professionals from some of the world's leading companies.

Next Generation Rockstars with Amanda Hammett

How do you attract, engage, and retain the next generation of talent? If Millennials or Gen X confuse you, Amanda Hammett is ready to reveal their secrets.

Redefining Outbound with Cognism

Redefining Outboard is a podcast brought to you by Cognism. Hosted by Jonathon Ilett and David Bentham, it explores why and how B2B buying behaviour has changed in recent years.


Jill Konrath's Blog

Jill Konrath is an author, speaker, and expert in sales, being named the #1 business-to-business sales expert on LinkedIn. Here, she reveals her advice, insights, and experiences.

Andy Paul's Blog

Learn from the host of 'The Win Rate Podcast: The Science and Art of Great Selling,' Andy Paul, as he breaks down the key facts of selling.

The Score More Sales Blog by Lori Richardson

From cold calling to sales prospecting, Lori Richardson covers all the major techniques and pain points in selling with clarity and experience.

GTMnow (SalesHacker)

Get the top insights from go-to-market leaders from the world's best software companies at the GTMnow blog.

Close Blog

Rely on Close for your CRM? Now, you can gain expert advice from their weekly blog posts, guides, and tutorials.

Cognism Connect Blog

Cognism is a favourite blog here at Trumpet – they cover hot topics like sales pipelines, cold calling, and finding a CEO's phone number.

Gong Revenue Intelligence Blog

Want to learn more about cold emails and sales discovery? Gong's got you covered with their in-depth articles and posts.

Linkedin Sales Solutions

Learn from the leading professional social media network – LinkedIn publishes high-quality guides into B2B sales strategies, modern selling, current trends, and much more.

HubSpot Sales Blog

From elevator pitches to motivational quotes, HubSpot's sales blog is one of the best-written and most up-to-date around.


Crush Your First 100 Days as an SDR

About to start as a sales development representative? Don't begin day 1 until you've read this post.

Mastering LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Confused by LinkedIn's sales navigator – join Trumpets' Roy Sadley as he breaks down this top sales tool.

25 Cold Outreach Tips To Help Skyrocket Your Leads

Cold outreach works! But only if you do it right – learn from the 25 top tips to master your outreach and boost your conversion rate.


The Sales Development Playbook by Trish Bertuzzi

Trish Bertuzzi's 'The Sales Development Playbook' (2016) is a blueprint for B2B growth, covering strategies from hiring to leadership based on three decades of expertise.

Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount

Jeb Blount's 'Fanatical Prospecting' (2015) offers a transformative guide on vital sales prospecting, underscoring its importance with innovative techniques across various channels, from social selling to cold calling, aiming to bolster sales productivity and overcome common sales challenges.

Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler

In 'Predictable Revenue' (2011), Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler share's game-changing outbound sales strategy that netted $100 million, highlighting lead generation without cold calls and guiding businesses to consistent sales success.

GAP Selling by Keenan

Keenan's 'Gap Selling' redefines sales, emphasising the buyer's journey and turning salespeople into impactful problem-solvers, leading to higher win rates and increased revenue.

Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer

Not got time for a long tome – in Jeffrey Gitomer's 'Little Red Book of Selling,' you'll get a potent dose of selling advice. Short, sweet, and to the point, it's a book every salesperson should read.


Victoria TurkHow to Write an Email

In a classic TedX talk, Victoria Turk reveals why everyone writes emails wrong. From the subject line to the sign-off, she goes through the correct approach line by line.

Cognism Cold Calling Workshop

Join the Cognism team for a series of training videos that cover everything you could ever want to know about cold calling.

Victor Antonio – Sales Techniques on Selling and Influence

Victor Antonio is a master of influence and persuasion. Here, he teaches a TedX audience top sales techniques for selling and influence.


Inside Sales Experts

A community dedicated to the nuances of inside sales, where experts share strategies, tools, and success stories.

SDR Nation

A global network for Sales Development Representatives, emphasising career development, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

B2B Sales Tips, Techniques and Discussion

Reddit's spaces for B2B sales, blending practical advice with in-depth techniques and industry dialogues.

r/Sales Sales Development

Reddit's niche corner for those passionate about sales development, featuring Q&As, advice, and the latest industry news.

SDRs Of London

Gathering space for London's Sales Development Representatives, spotlighting localised training, meet-ups, and UK-centric sales insights.

Sales and Selling

Reddit's go-to subreddit for all things sales. A comprehensive platform that dives deep into all facets of sales, catering to both greenhorns and industry stalwarts.

SDR Revolution

Championing the evolution of the SDR role, this community fosters innovative techniques, challenges conventional wisdom, and drives the future of sales development.

Guides, eBooks, & Reports

SDR Handbook

Created by Operatix, this free eBook delivers expert insights, practical tactics, and advice from the company that's onboarded and trained over 1,000 SDRs globally.

Prospecting and Objection Handling

This easy-to-use guide is a one-stop-shop of templates, strategies, and best practices for salespeople looking to close deals – from HubSpot, Calendly, and Gong.


Delve into the mathematics of selling with Cognism. It covers the tracking of metrics, how to beat your monthly targets, and how to harness reliable data to improve your sales performance.

Salesforce: State of Sales Report

Discover the latest trends from one of the biggest companies in sales. Learn about what sales tools teams use to close deals and how to find efficiencies to fuel success.

Hubspot: 2024 Sales Trends Report

HubSpot's 2024 report covers the top B2B and B2C trends, including sales metrics to track, top challenges facing sales teams, and top for building a solid sales team culture.


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Gong Newsletter – The Edge

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The Close Sale Brief

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SalesFolk Newsletter

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