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How Speak On Podcasts increased their win rate by 2.5x using trumpet

Discover how Patrick Venn, Account Executive at Speak on Podcast increased conversion rates by 2.5 X with trumpet.

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February 14, 2024
March 19, 2024
Discover how Patrick Venn, Account Executive at Speak on Podcast increased conversion rates by 2.5 X with trumpet.
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“We’ve increased our conversation rates by 2.5 x since using trumpet. It's a no brainer – one of the best decisions that we've ever made for our business.”

Tune in to learn how Patrick Venn, Account Manager at Speak on Podcasts, doubled his conversion rates and made his workflows more effective with trumpet. Or check out the success story below.

Why trumpet?

  • To stand out from competitors and make a great first impression.
  • To gain better visibility on buying signals that cant be seen through email or PDF
  • To improve conversion rates.

Who is using trumpet?

Patrick Venn, the sole Account Executive at Speak on Podcasts uses trumpet full cycle from post discover proposals through to onboarding.

Since using trumpet, Speak on Podcasts has…

  • Improved conversion rate from 7% to 19%.
  • More than 75% open rate on all trumpet Pods.
  • Made workflows simpler and more efficient saving hours of time per week.

Favourite Widgets and Integrations

Speak on Podcasts is a leading podcast booking agency which has locked in more than 1,600 interviews for B2B founders & executives seeking to increase brand awareness, establish thought leadership, and reach their target audiences by speaking on relevant podcasts as guests.

Patrick Venn, Account Manager at Speak on Podcasts shares how he more than doubled his conversion rates after adopting trumpet has his primary tool to collaborate with buyers.

“By integrating trumpet into our sales process, we were looking to achieve three main things.”

  1. Improve conversion rates
  2. Stand out from the crowd and make a memorable first impression
  3. Get more visibility on buyer intent signals

“We've improved our conversion rate from 7% to 19%, it’s made my job so much easier, so much more efficient and saved me so many hours per week.

“We've also had more than a 75% open rate on all of our trumpets.”


A full cycle experience

“I started using trumpet for proposals after discovery calls” said Patrick.

Trumpet is a living digital space where buyers and sellers can work together from post-demo call all the way through to onboarding and beyond.

After seeing the success Patrick had engaging buyers in trumpet digital sales rooms, their onboarding teams ears perked up.

“We found it so successful that our onboarding team now uses it when we sign up a new customer!”

Fast tracking follow-ups post-call

Turning around post-call follow ups that are engaging, easy to digest and most importantly stand out from competitors was an important box to tick for Patrick.

“Our customers really have the same three to five requests, usually after calls, and trumpet Templates allow us to quickly answer those questions or concerns, and make a great first impression”.

One of our customers favourite features is the ability to whip up highly personalised Pods…Fast. Patrick explains “One thing I really like is being able to save and duplicate certain Widgets or Pages.” Speak on

Podcasts have experienced these time saving benefits first hand. “trumpet has made my workflows simpler and more efficient, saving hours of time per week.”

Deal prioritisation powered by buyer signals

Before trumpet, Speak on Podcasts didn’t have a specific tool to monitor buyer interaction with sales content, which would help them prioritise high intent over low intent leads.

“It was so hard to get buyer signals through email, follow-ups or PDF’s”

Since adopting trumpet Patrick has been able to hyper focus on the ‘right’ leads, powered by buyer signals - keeping him up to date through Slack notifications on how a prospect is engaging with his digital sales rooms.

“with trumpet I now have better visibility on buying signals, which has allows me to spend so much more time on particular leads. I can now view who's opening things, who's sharing things. The ROI on trumpet has been absolutely insane.”

It’s safe to say he’s elevated his selling experience!

“Trumpet has honestly been an absolute game changer for our business. I mean, it's improved our conversion rates by almost 2.5 x.”

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