The Game-Changing Features of Digital Sales Rooms

Dive into the world of Digital Sales Rooms with Trumpet and explore their game-changing features.

Rory Sadler
January 18, 2024
March 14, 2024
Dive into the world of Digital Sales Rooms with Trumpet and explore their game-changing features.
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Welcome to the world of digital transformation - a world where technology is not just an accessory, but the core driver of business processes.

One such innovative technology is the 'digital sales room', a digital sales room where sales teams can connect with potential buyers and close deals efficiently.

What Exactly is a Digital Sales Room?

A digital sales room is an online platform designed to streamline the sales process in a virtual environment. It provides an integrated space where sales teams can store, share and manage documents, communicate with buyers, and track the progress of deals.

The beauty of a digital sales room lies in its ability to bring every aspect of the sales process under one roof, eliminating the need for multiple tools and platforms.

But it's not just about convenience. A digital sales room is a powerful tool that can significantly boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team.

With features like eSignature, video/screen recording, mutual action plans, and CRM integrations, a digital sales room can make your sales process faster, smoother, and more successful. But to truly understand the power of a digital sales room, we need to delve into its key features.

What are the Key Features of a Digital Sales Room

The functionality of a digital sales room is underpinned by a range of features designed to enhance the sales process. Let's dive in.

The Power of Personalisation in Digital Sales Rooms

The digital landscape is saturated with generic sales pitches and one-size-fits-all solutions. However, get personal in one click with trumpet to harness the power of personalisation. It's about creating an environment where the buyer feels seen, understood, and valued. 

Discover an example of a personalised digital sales room here. 

Main Benefits of Personalised Digital Sales Rooms

  • Enhanced Buyer Engagement: Personalised digital sales rooms captivate buyers by speaking directly to their specific interests and business requirements. This individualised approach can lead to deeper engagement and a stronger connection with your brand.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: When buyers see their own branding and logo, or when the sales content is directly relevant to their situation, it can lead to a greater sense of trust and a higher likelihood of conversion.
  • Streamlined Sales Process: With the ability to sync with your CRM, sales teams can quickly populate digital sales rooms with pertinent buyer information and branding, leading to a more efficient sales process and a seamless buyer journey.
  • Brand Consistency: The digital sales room acts as an extension of your website, ensuring that every aspect stays true to your brand. From the fonts and colour palettes to the custom domains, maintaining a consistent brand image across all platforms instils professionalism and recognition.
  • Improved Buyer Experience: A sleek, modern interface with intuitive navigation and customizable layouts makes the buyer's journey not just a sales process, but a delightful experience. The use of drag-and-drop Widgets and integrations further personalises and simplifies the interaction.
  • Efficiency and Agility: The use of ready-made customisable templates allows for the rapid creation of digital sales rooms, thereby enabling sales teams to respond swiftly to market changes and buyer needs. This agility can be a significant competitive advantage.

Trumpet Personalisation Features

  • Custom domains: Add a personal touch to your trumpet URL.
  • Brand kit: Upload your logos, colour palettes, and fonts everyone on the team can use.
  • Templates: Get started with 30+ free, ready-made templates.
  • Drag and drop tools: A user-friendly Pod editor. No design skills are required.
  • Custom variables: Add buyer, company, team names and more with dynamic fields.
  • CRM sync: Connect with Salesforce, Hubspot and others to fill Pods with custom data.

Get deals signed with eSignature in Digital Sales Rooms

In the realm of modern sales, digital sales rooms have emerged as a cornerstone for streamlining the entire sales process.

At the heart of digital spaces like trumpet is the e-signature tool, a quicker way to get deals closed in one collaborative space.

The e-signature tool in trumpet ‘trumpetSign’, or the integrations DocuSign and PandaDoc drive efficiency during the signing process and enhance the user experience.

Main Benefits of an E-Signature Tool

  • Hassle-Free Deal Closure: The user-friendly nature of e-signatures allows for a hassle-free signing process. Everything from sales proposals to orders and contracts can be executed without the need to exit the trumpet digital sales room.
  • Integrated Tech Stack: trumpet syncs seamlessly with your current tech stack. Whether it's receiving notifications in Slack or Teams or managing buying signals in CRM systems like Hubspot or Salesforce, it keeps you updated every time a document is viewed or signed.
  • Simplifying the Contract Process: Traditional methods of signing contracts often involve a cumbersome process of printing, signing, scanning or sending documents back and forth via email. This not only delays the sales cycle but also introduces the risk of errors and misplacement. The trumpet e-signature tool eliminates these issues, allowing for a seamless, all-in-one contract process within the digital sales room.
  • Enhancing Security and Reliability: Security is paramount in any contract process. E-signature tools are designed with robust security measures to ensure that every contract is legally binding and secure. This automated, reliable system provides peace of mind for both the seller and the buyer.
  • Streamlining Collaboration: The ability to drag and drop the e-signature tool into any Pod in trumpet and share documents in real time keeps every stakeholder in the loop. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone involved can manage, send, and sign contracts without ever leaving their digital sales room.

Trumpet E-Signature Features

  • Safe and secure: A secure environment to get important documents signed.
  • Legally binding: Audit trails offer a record of document access, review, and signing.
  • Faster than email: Send sign and manage documents in one spot, in a few clicks.
  • Bulk send: Assign signing fields to different recipients and share with multiple contacts.
  • Instant notifications: Get notified the moment someone signs your document.
  • Create signature: Buyers can choose to draw their signature or use a text-based signature generator.

Video/Screen Recording in Digital Sales Rooms

In today's digital age, communication is not just about text and voice. Visual communication, especially in the form of video/screen recording, has become an essential part of communicating with buyers.

In a digital sales room, video/screen recording plays a vital role in facilitating effective communication and collaboration.

Main Benefits of a Video/Screen Recording Tool

  • Personalized Communication: Sales reps can use webcam and screen recording tools to personalise their outreach efforts, making the sales process more human. This includes capturing and sharing content with a personal touch and connecting beyond text, as prospects are more likely to engage with a personalised video message.
  • Accelerating the Sales Cycle: Video/screen recording tools can accelerate the sales cycle by providing efficient recaps, addressing queries asynchronously, and guiding buyers visually through demos, pitches, and presentations.
  • Enhanced Post-Demo Engagement: Deliver more engaging sales follow-ups by providing attention-grabbing summaries and facilitating personal connections, which help maintain prospect interest and build trust.
  • Tracking Engagement for Better Insights: Understanding prospect engagement is crucial, tools like trumpet offer advanced tracking such as instant notifications for video views and engagement metrics to learn viewer behaviour and interest levels, aiding in improved follow-up strategies.
  • Streamlining Onboarding and Collaboration: Video/screen recording tools aid in team collaboration by ensuring smooth account transitions between Sales and Customer Success teams and reducing onboarding time for new customers or team members through personalised training videos.

Trumpet Video/Screen Recording Features

  • Screen and camera recording: Choose from multiple recording options: camera bubble, screen share, or both.
  • Engagement insights: Instant notifications for video views and viewers.
  • Upload videos: Upload your own videos to share with buyers and customers.
  • Unlimited videos: No limit on the number or length of recordings per users.
  • Video export: Record, share and let buyers download your videos from the Pod.
  • Annotations: Drop comments on videos with timestamped annotations.

Building Forms and Surveys in Digital Sales Rooms

Traditionally, salespeople would resort to back-and-forth emails to get their questions answered, which slows down the sales cycle and results in a lot of manual logging of collected information. 

Today, with form-building tools available in the virtual environment of a digital sales room, salespeople can significantly enhance the sales process and get the answers they need quickly and in one place.

Whether it's signups, lead qualification, pre-discovery call details, document uploading, onboarding, or anything else, utilising forms in digital sales rooms can help store all important information in one online space.

Main Benefits of a Form Building Tool

  • Capture and Qualify Leads Efficiently: By incorporating a form builder directly in your digital sales room, you can quickly gather valuable insights from your potential customers. These tools enable a seamless way to collect information, which is critical for determining whether a lead is worth pursuing right from the start.
  • Tailored Sales Interactions: Before and after discovery calls, personalised forms help collect essential information that enables sales teams to customise their approach for each prospect. This personal touch can make all the difference in converting leads to sales.
  • Enhanced Onboarding Experience: By using forms to gather detailed information about new customers, businesses can speed up the onboarding process. This lessens the need for constant email back and forth and makes customer expectations a lot clearer, allowing for a more efficient and customer-friendly onboarding journey.
  • Insight-Driven Product Evolution: Regular user experience surveys are invaluable for shaping the future of your product. Understanding how customers use and feel about your offerings can guide your product development roadmap.
  • Customer Satisfaction Insights: Post-purchase surveys enable you to gauge customer satisfaction, giving you the feedback necessary to improve their overall experience. This ongoing feedback loop is essential for maintaining high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

‍Trumpet Form Builder Features

  • Custom branding: Make your form stand out with unique fonts and colours.
  • Intuitive builder: Using our no-code form builder, create dynamic forms without any hassle.
  • Instant notifications: Get notified the moment someone completes your form.
  • 10 field types: Create interactive forms with 10 question types that generate engaging responses.
  • Export data: Download all your data as a spreadsheet for further analysis.
  • Multi-page forms: Simplified forms that let buyers fill out one question at a time.

Collaborate on Mutual Action Plans in a Digital Sales Room

A mutual action plan is another key feature of a digital sales room. It is a collaborative tool that allows sales teams and clients to plan and track the progress of a deal. With a trumpet mutual action plan, parties can define goals, assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor the status of tasks.

This collaborative approach ensures a smooth, organised deal process, fostering transparency and trust and accountability on both sides.. It creates a clear roadmap of the deal, helping everyone stay aligned and focused, moving towards the deal closure.

Main Benefits of a Mutual Action Plan Tool

  • Enhanced Collaboration and Clear Accountability: Streamlining the path to deal signed through mutual action plans and maintaining a single, constantly updated source of truth help reduce miscommunication and ensure all stakeholders involved are on the same page.
  • Accelerating Deal Closure: MAP tools accelerate deal closure by creating a sense of urgency and accountability among stakeholders, and providing a centralised location for what’s happened and what’s coming next. This improves efficiency by clearly outlining expectations and providing immediate access to the latest updates. 
  • Empowering Your Sales Champion: Leveraging mutual action plans in digital sales rooms provides a clear overview of the deal's progression. It streamlines communication, minimises 'email ping-pong', and guides buyers by prioritising and clarifying the deal's progress.
  • Real-time Data for Better Forecasting: Mutual action plans can verify buyer intent early on by measuring interactions and achieved milestones. This aids in accurate pipeline forecasting and helps you understand when deals are likely to close.
  • Administrative Efficiency: A mutual action plan reduces administrative tasks and follow-ups. It fosters modern collaboration by engaging both buyers and sellers in one online space.

Trumpet Mutual Action Plan Features

  • Set due dates: Set an end date for tasks to drive deal momentum.
  • Attach files: Link contracts, assets, and other items to tasks for review.
  • Assign buyers to tasks: Assign individuals in the buying team to specific next steps.
  • Get notified: Receive instant updates when a task is checked as complete

Check out a Mutual Action Plan Pod in action

Share Proposals and Quotes in a Digital Sales Room

Proposals and quotes are critical components of the sales process. In a digital sales room these tools are digitally managed, making them more efficient and effective.

Digital proposals allow sales teams to create, send, and track proposals in real time. They can customize proposals to suit the buyers' needs, add interactive elements to enhance engagement and use analytics to track buyer interaction with the proposal.

Main Benefits of a Proposal and Quote Tool

  • Seamless Integration: By connecting with popular CRMs, such as HubSpot and Salesforce, a Proposal & Quote builder like trumpet can pull in prospect data automatically, ensuring accuracy and personalisation that resonates with buyers.
  • Time Efficiency: Traditional methods of proposal creation are often time-consuming, involving manual data entry and formatting. A dedicated tool within a digital sales room, however, dramatically reduces the time spent on these tasks, enabling sales teams to focus on what they do best—selling.
  • Delight Buyers with Tailored Experiences: The modern consumer expects tailored experiences. With the ability to customise proposals and quotes with the prospect’s branding, the tool creates a sense of partnership and attention to detail that can significantly influence the buyer’s decision.
  • Make Closing Frictionless: Create auto-personalised proposals and quotes quickly, and use real-time chat for quick resolution of important questions, improving sales efficiency.

Trumpet Proposals and Quotes Features

  • Product Library: Upload all products and pricing to autofill the proposal with just a few clicks.
  • CRM sync: Auto-populate the proposal with customer and company data from your CRM.
  • Intuitive experience: Build from scratch or pull together with preloaded data, products, and pricing.
  • Autofill addresses: Auto-upload all of your addresses to add company details quickly.
  • Custom branding: Tailor your document to each buyer with logos, colours, and branding.
  • Add discounts: Apply custom discounts and taxes, calculated for you.

Check out a Proposals Pod in action

Insights and Analytics in a Digital Sales Room‍

Understanding buyer behaviour is crucial for successful sales. With insights and analytics, a digital sales room provides a deep understanding of buyer behaviour, helping sales teams tailor their strategies accordingly.

Analytics tools in a digital sales room can track various aspects of buyer behaviour, such as the time spent on documents, the pages viewed, the documents downloaded, and the interactions with proposals and quotes.

These insights allow sales teams to identify the client's interests and concerns, and adjust their approach to address these factors.

‍‍Main Benefits of Insights and Signals in Digital Sales Rooms

  • Informed Decision-Making and Trend Identification: Sales professionals can access genuine buyer intent data to gauge buyer engagement more accurately, adjusting their strategies to align with the buyer's interests.
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement: Insights from the digital sales room inform salespeople about when and how stakeholders interact with sales content. This allows sales reps to tailor their approach to each individual involved in the deal.
  • Elimination of Guesswork: With clear insights into what a buyer is interested in, sales reps can identify opportunities and red flags early, guiding their focus to the most promising leads.
  • Optimised Follow-up Strategies: Leveraging buyer activity data ensures that follow-ups are targeted and relevant, which not only speeds up the conversation but also moves the deal forward more quickly by focusing on what truly interests the buyer.
  • Improved Onboarding and Churn Reduction: Tracking engagement during onboarding provides insights into the reception of the material and helps ensure a smooth transition from sales to customer success, to reduce churn during this critical phase.

Trumpet Insights and Signals Features

  • Analytics overview: Access a top-line overview of all your Pods.
  • Enriched stakeholder data: Access enriched data on new Pod viewers (name, job role, LinkedIn URL).
  • Widget insight: Get notified when a buyer or customer interacts with your sales content in real-time.
  • Buyer Signals: Receive instant updates when a buyer interacts with your Pods, pages and Widgets, shared directly with your CRM.

Customer Collaboration in a Digital Sales Room

Digital sales rooms are revolutionising the way sales teams engage with prospects by providing a platform for seamless collaboration and communication.

No more silos or blind spots - Sellers can work together with buying teams and consolidate communication in a single centralised space which lets prospects interact with content, check off completed tasks, ask questions, tag teammates and add comments to pages.

The customer collaboration features within these virtual rooms play a pivotal role in enhancing the sales process.

‍‍Main Benefits of Customer Collaboration in Digital Sales Rooms

  • Centralised Communication: A digital sales room offers a centralised communication spot, streamlining collaboration and allowing sales teams to work with buyers in real-time. In-app chat provides instantaneous support, reducing response times, while engagement through multiple channels increases interaction and personalisation.
  • Efficient Deal Progression: Streamline the sales cycle, maintain momentum with mutual action plans, speed up contract signing, and minimise friction in the document review process. 
  • Alignment and Accountability with Mutual Action Plans: Mutual Action Plans (MAPs) in digital sales rooms improve engagement and transparency by assigning tasks with due dates, providing a clear deal overview, and reducing email clutter by allowing files to be uploaded directly within MAPs.
  • Enhancing Stakeholder Engagement: Digital sales room's collaboration features boost interactions with stakeholders, enhancing engagement, onboarding, and accountability. This leads to increased satisfaction, loyalty, and focus.

Trumpet Customer Collaboration Features

  • Mutual action plans: Share interactive next steps from post demo to onboarding.
  • Live Chat: Deliver faster support and a better customer experience.
  • Comments & annotations: Pin chats to specific points on pages, and tag teammates.
  • E-signature: Let buyers sign on the dotted line inside Pods.
  • Document sharing: Share Proposals and Quotes, and then get them signed.

Sales Tech Stack Integrations with a Digital Sales Room

Integrations in digital sales rooms are key to business growth by enhancing productivity, customer service, and providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions.

They streamline sales team workflows by centralising the tech stack and its content in one digital space, aiding in informed decision-making.

Main Benefits of Integrations in Digital Sales Rooms

  • Seamless Workflows: Tech stack unification in digital sales rooms eliminates the need to toggle between different platforms. It speeds up workflows by storing all information and data in a central location, eliminating the need for manual entry.
  • Customer Delight: Sending multiple links and attachments to buyers in an email can cause confusion and slow down the sales process. Embedding all content, from training materials to mutual action plans, e-signatures, and proposals, within a single live link can provide clarity and a clear structure to the buyer's journey.
  • Power Analytics: Decision-making depends on accurate and current analytics and reporting. Sales tech integrations facilitate instant data transfers, aiding sellers in aggregating data more effectively. This leads to real-time analytics within their digital sales room.
  • Agile Advantage: In a digital sales room, sellers can adapt to buyers' needs by using integrations that guide them through the buyer journey. This can be achieved through interactive demos, video content, or decks, allowing for flexibility as the sales tech stack grows.

Trumpet Integrations

  • Deep CRM connections: Integrations with the best in class CRM’s including deep two-way integrations with Hubspot and Salesforce, pushing buyer signals to deals and pulling deal data into trumpet to populate Pods.
  • Get notified in real-time: Once a prospect performs a certain action, like opening a Pod, a buyer signal is triggered and sent to Slack, Teams or Email. Monitor every integration, helping to guide prospects toward a sale.
  • Embed all types of content: In the Trumpet digital sales room, sellers can incorporate interactive demos using Storylane, Arcade, and Walnut. They can also use video content from Loom and Vidyard, or creative assets from Figma, Miro, and Canva. Additionally, there are 40+ more powerful integrations to present sales collateral.
  • Get documents signed: When it's time to sign on the dotted line, trumpet integrates with DocuSign and PandaDoc to allow customers to sign documents without ever leaving the Pod.
  • Unify revenue intelligence: The integration with Gong shares information from Pods on their platform, including when a Pod was opened, whether the Mutual Action Plan was updated, or if an attachment was downloaded.

That's merely a glimpse of our ingenious integrations. We've put trumpet at the heart of over 35+ sales tools. From interactive demos to CRMs to revenue intelligence, all your data and insights are readily available.

What else should sellers look out for in digital sales rooms?


Trumpet's templates are a real help for sellers who want to quickly create custom content with auto-personalised Pods. They're designed to match the specific needs of different buyers. This isn't just about saving time; it's a strategic way to make the buying experience truly personal.

  • Spin up a digital sales room fast with 30+ ready-made customisable templates.
  • Templates for every use case - from post-discovery to onboarding to renewal.
  • Marketing teams can keep your sales content on brand with locked template designs.
  • Fill the Pod with the buyers' own branding using just the company URL.
  • Pull CRM data from Hubspot and Salesforce into templates to address buyers with a personal touch.
  • Add buyer, company, team names and more with custom variables.

Voice Notes

Voice notes are an often-overlooked feature of a digital sales room. However, they can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of communication.

With voice notes in trumpet, sellers can add a personal touch to their sales content. Record and share personal messages with buyers speaking to them directly, providing a quick and convenient method of communication.

Also, voice notes allow sales teams to convey tone and emotion, creating a more unique and engaging interaction with each prospect.

Content Library

Sellers can store all their sales content, including videos, images, case studies, and document decks, in one centralized hub. They can assign permissions to different teams, organise content with stackable folders, and access it through the Pod editor or dashboard.

The Content Library in trumpet does more than just allow uploading of owned media. Sellers can use the logo search feature to quickly find any brand's current logos and branding. These can then be incorporated into Pods, along with access to the Unsplash library.

Whip up beautiful trumpet digital sales rooms or “Pods” that exist as an extension of the brands' own website for a truly personalized experience.


Staying on top of communication with buyers is important to drive deal momentum. With real-time notifications in trumpet, sellers stay in the loop each time a buyer takes an action inside a Pod, or a new team member accesses the Pod.

Notifications for buyer signals are sent to the seller's preferred platform, be it Slack, Teams, Email, Hubspot deals, or Gong.

Sharing Pods

Trumpet Pods can be shared with buyers through several methods:

  • Embedding in an email with a Pod preview
  • Embedding in a LinkedIn direct message with a Pod preview
  • Sharing directly through Trumpet with a custom message
  • Sharing as a URL link that can be embedded anywhere

Sellers also have access to various security features:

  • Adding an email or password gate to the Pod
  • Enabling or disabling comments in the Pod
  • Inviting buyers to view the Pod or restricting access
  • Changing the link's title to something more memorable


Trumpet is SOC2 compliant. As a digital sales room, this is a significant milestone. But what does this mean for the customers and users of trumpet?

  • Enhanced Security: SOC2 is all about protecting user data. With this certification, Trumpet adheres to the highest security standards.
  • Unwavering Trust: Customers can be assured that their sensitive information is secure. Strict policies and procedures are in place to protect it.
  • Consistent Reliability: Our systems and services are as reliable and secure as possible, ensuring customers have the best experience without compromise.
  • Transparent Integrity: We value honest and transparent business practices. Our SOC2 compliance is a testament to this commitment.

Unlocking the Full Potential of a Digital Sales Room

A digital sales room like trumpet is a powerful tool that can transform your sales process.

With features like eSignature, video/screen recording, mutual action plans, CRM integrations, and voice notes, a digital sales room can make your sales process faster, smoother, and more successful.

However, to truly unlock the power of your digital sales room, you need to understand and utilise these features effectively.

By embracing the digital sales room, you can enhance your sales performance, improve your client relationships, and achieve your business goals. So, step into the future and unlock the potential of your digital sales room.

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