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trumpet + Gong: Automate buyer signals and embed demos

Connect your trumpet and Gong accounts to enjoy async analytics and embed demos.

Will Angel
January 17, 2024
July 16, 2024
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Connect your trumpet and Gong accounts to enjoy async analytics and embed demos.

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Gong is an AI-powered revenue intelligence platform that enhances deal forecasting and provides sellers with a better understanding of customer conversations.

With trumpet's Gong integration, you can add your Gong Recordings to your Pods to centralise the buyer journey, making it easy for your champion to share your solution with the wider stakeholders.

Buyer signals from Pods such as Views, Document Downloads, Comments or Completion of Mutual Action Plan Steps are sent straight to your Deals in Gong, helping you to forecast more accurately.

This is deep integration is two fold:

  • Embed Gong demo recordings with our native ‘Gong Widget’ without leaving the Pod
  • Send buyer signals from trumpet to your Gong account

Centralise Gong recordings in collaborative workspaces

Gong users can enjoy the simplicity of uploading their Gong recordings to Trumpet Pods, without leaving Trumpet.

Drag and drop the Gong Widget into the Pod, and browse through new or old recordings uploaded in real time. Then pick the video you want to embed and it's uploaded to the Pod.

Make sharing everything, from discovery to product demos, even more seamless. Bring all stakeholders up to speed while centralising the buyer journey through a truly integrated tech stack.

Increase forecasting accuracy with async analytics

Hubspot or Salesforce users can now view buyer signals from trumpet in Gong via their CRM, simplifying deal forecasting, improving decision-making, and integrating buyer intent data from trumpet into Gong insights.

What trumpet buyer signals are shared with Gong?

  • Pod views
  • Documents signed
  • Video views
  • Attachments downloaded
  • Mutual Action Plan updates

How trumpet + Gong works

Easy peasy! Just log into your Gong account through the trumpet integrations tab. Make sure your CRM (Hubspot or Salesforce) is hooked up too. And bam, you can now send your buyer signals straight to your Gong account and upload demo recordings in no time.

To get going with our Gong integration you'll need to be on our Scale Plan.

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