Personalised Sales Pods

Drag & Drop Minisites

We turn salespeople into designers. With our sales templates and drag & drop widgets, you can create beautiful sales minisites (Pods) in minutes. Wow your prospects and stand out from the crowd.

Instant Personalisation

Personalisation is key for cold outreach. In trumpet you can simply enter your prospects URL and we automatically populate logos, colours and brand imagery in seconds. Every Pod looks different and is hyper-personalised to your sales prospect.

Loads of Integrations

We integrate with your current sales stack. Drop in personalised Looms or Vidyards, get demo bookings with Calendly, collect pre-demo prospect data with Typeform, get Pod notifications in Slack or Teams and sync your CRM with Hubspot, Pipedrive or Salesforce.

Prospect Communication & Tracking

In-Pod Chat

Instead of 100s of emails, chat back and forth within your Pod. Allow your prospect to invite their team to the Pod too and chat with everyone. No communication is lost and get questions answered, quickly.

Pod Tracking

See when your Pod has been opened, commented on or shared internally. This gives you total clarity on how interested a prospect is and if it's moving from cold to warm to close. Total visibility on your whole pipeline, like never before.

Email, Slack & Teams Notifications

Get instantly notified across your own sales stack if/when a sales prospect engages with your Pod. Be in control of your pipeline and know when to chase, follow-up or move on, with real-time data.

In-depth Analytics

Live Overview Of Your Sales

See yours and your team's live pipeline in one dashboard. Which Pods are getting engagement and how much deal value is that? Which Pods are going cold and need chasing? Sync the progress of Pods with your CRM too.

What Content Is Working?

Understand what content and style of Pod or template is gaining most engagement on different stages of your sales cycle. Share the best performing Pods and content with the team to ensure best practice across the whole company.

In-Pod Analytics

Dive-deeper into each individual Pod and track opens, views, time in Pod and if the sales prospect has shared a Pod internally. Get an instant idea of what Pods are getting interest and which need chasing.

Content Library

Centralise Sales Collateral

Whether it's your marketing, design or founding team that create all the latest company sales collateral, they can upload it all into your trumpet content library for your sales team to easily drag and drop into their Pods.

Add The Latest Content into Pods

We all know that sales decks can contain very old content! Everyone's guilty of it. In trumpet every salesperson will be able to see the company's latest content uploaded so all new Pods leaving trumpet will have super up to date sales content.

Update All Live Pods

As Pods are live, digital microsites, once you've sent them out you can easily update them. So if that amazing testimonial comes in or a show-stopping new ROI stat, you can simply update any live Pod so your sales prospects will be getting the most compelling and up to date info to get that deal closed.