Explore the benefits of customer collaboration software

Explore top customer collaboration platforms and software to enhance engagement and results.

Rory Sadler
March 12, 2024
March 14, 2024
Explore top customer collaboration platforms and software to enhance engagement and results.
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Customer engagement doesn't happen by accident. 

Traditional sales and marketing campaigns leave customers cold. While they might open an email or browse a few pieces of content, your efforts are just one among many. 

Collaboration platforms like trumpet, include numerous features to spark engagement and foster an ongoing dialogue.

  • Centralised Communication: A digital sales room offers a centralised communication spot, streamlining collaboration and allowing sales teams to work with buyers in real-time. In-app chat provides instantaneous support, reducing response times, while engagement through multiple channels increases interaction and personalisation.
  • Efficient Deal Progression: Streamline the sales cycle, maintain momentum with mutual action plans, speed up contract signing, and minimise friction in the document review process. 
  • Alignment and Accountability with Mutual Action Plans: Mutual Action Plans (MAPs) in digital sales rooms improve engagement and transparency by assigning tasks with due dates, providing a clear deal overview, and reducing email clutter by allowing files to be uploaded directly within MAPs.
  • Enhancing Stakeholder Engagement: Digital sales room's collaboration features boost interactions with stakeholders, enhancing engagement, onboarding, and accountability. This leads to increased satisfaction, loyalty, and focus.

Benefits of Customer Collaboration Software

Collaborate with buyers in Mutual action plans 

Share interactive next steps from post demo to onboarding in collaborative mutual action plans Developed to speed up the sales cycle, sales Mutual Action Plans provide a roadmap for closing deals. Step-by-step, they act as a guide on what both buyers and sellers need to do to sign on the dotted line. Good plans detail the timelines, responsibilities, due dates and future actions required to proceed.

Mutual action plan features:

  • Set due dates: Set an end date for tasks to drive deal momentum
  • Attach files: Link contracts, assets, and other items to tasks for review
  • Assign buyers to tasks: Assign individuals in the buying team to specific next steps
  • Get notified: Receive instant updates when a task is checked as complete

Answer questions and send quick messages

Sales engagement in digital sales rooms, offers a unified platform for smooth collaboration and communication between you and your buyers. No more silos or blind spots - now, sales reps can join forces with buying teams, centralising discussions in one shared space. This allows prospects to engage with sales materials, complete actions, ask questions (and get quick answers), tag their teammates, and provide feedback directly on the platform.

These interactive features are crucial in improving the sales journey, making the customer collaboration aspects a key factor in speeding up the sales process.

Key features:

  • Live Chat: Deliver faster support and a better customer experience
  • Comments & annotations: Pin chats to specific points on pages, and tag teammates.
  • Last seen status: View who is active at the same time as you and their last active status.

Get deals signed in collaborative spaces

Let buyers sign on the dotted line inside collaborative digital sales rooms. The ability to drag and drop the e-signature tools into a trumpet Pod and share documents in real-time keeps every stakeholder in the loop. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone involved can manage, send, and sign contracts without ever leaving their digital sales room.

E-Signature Features:

  • Safe and secure: A secure environment to get important documents signed.
  • Legally binding: Audit trails offer a record of document access, review, and signing.
  • Faster than email: Send sign and manage documents in one spot, in a few clicks.
  • Bulk send: Assign signing fields to different recipients and share with multiple contacts.
  • Instant notifications: Get notified the moment someone signs your document.
  • Create signature: Buyers can choose to draw their signature or use a text-based signature generator.

Share at discuss proposals in real-time

Digital proposals let sales teams whip up, send off, and keep an eye on your proposals as they make their way to the buyer. With tools like trumpet, stakeholders can have real-time chats about proposals and quotes in these live spaces. This means negotiations move along faster, and everyone ends up on the same page without missing a beat.

Proposals and Quotes features:

  • Product Library: Upload all products and pricing to autofill the proposal with just a few clicks.
  • CRM sync: Auto-populate the proposal with customer and company data from your CRM
  • Intuitive experience: Build from scratch or pull together with preloaded data, products, and pricing.
  • Autofill addresses: Auto-upload all of your addresses to add company details quickly.
  • Custom branding: Tailor your document to each buyer with logos, colours, and branding.
  • Add discounts: Apply custom discounts and taxes, calculated for you.

How top executives are collaborating in digital sales rooms

Customer success. Buyer collaboration. Long-term relationships. These aren't just empty promises. Customers relying on trumpet customer collaboration tools see remarkable results in just a short span of time.

Take eola, for example. Their digital sales rooms weren't restricted to just closing deals but also providing customer success. Filling up its DSRs with educational materials and how-to videos, they won over 4 new clients after just 8 weeks of using Trumpet – including two major wins.

Moreover, their onboarding time declined precipitously from 2 weeks to 3 days, a colossal 78% reduction. 

"Trumpet allows us to get our message out effectively and concisely, working perfectly with everything from automated outreach to account-based sales and customer onboarding."

‍– Will Koning, Chief Commercial Officer

Payfit is Europe's leading cloud-based payroll solution. After integrating trumpet's digital sales rooms into its outreach efforts, its conversion rate doubled from 21% to 40%. That's not all – greater engagement came from an open rate of up to 69%. 

"We're confident that trumpet has been a massive indicator of this increase in conversions - I know how much the team loves it!"

Alexis Prades, Head of Sales

Thanks to our customer collaboration tools, they could nudge deals forward, keeping their DSR up to date with relevant content. That's the power of customer success and sales collaboration.