How to use voice notes to win more B2B sales

Dive into how sending Linkedin and Digital Sales Room voice notes can help you connect with prospects faster.

Rory Sadler
April 1, 2024
March 27, 2024
Dive into how sending Linkedin and Digital Sales Room voice notes can help you connect with prospects faster.
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In the fast-paced world of B2B sales, connecting with prospects in a meaningful and personal way makes businesses stand out. Leveraging voice notes is a powerful B2B sales strategy focusing on adding value and connecting with prospects before and after closing a deal. Like those using Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs), relationship-oriented sellers prioritise building a strong customer connection. 

Trust and transparency are crucial as sellers strive to humanise their processes amidst the rise of AI. While AI is useful for minor sales, an attentive B2B sales team is necessary for higher-value sales. A McKinsey study found that the need for human interaction increases with more complex sales. 35% of buyers will spend $500,000 or more in a single digital transaction. With DSRs, B2B sales teams can harness voice notes to drive conversions.

Personalisation is key

When reaching out to prospects, the tone of voice and personal touch lays the foundation for successful sales relationships. Salesforce reports that 84% of customers value personal treatment during sales interactions. Trumpet's features, like auto branding when building "Pods," mutual action plans, and screen recording, enable sales reps to create a personalised experience in minutes. 

Benefits of voice notes

Voice notes are trending thanks to their convenience and versatility. Many people have sent a voice note at least once, but 30% use voice notes for weekly, daily, or multiple daily communications. Hearing tone and inflexion adds a dimension that text alone can't express. Voice notes can deliver warmth, enthusiasm, or sincerity. 

But, your voice must be vibrant and articulate to capture a customer's attention. Voice notes offer three key benefits in the B2B sales process.

  • Provide a human touch: Allow sales reps to convey emotion and sincerity.
  • They save time: Enable reps to deliver their message in a concise yet engaging manner.
  • Voice creates connections: Prospects are more likely to listen to a voice note than an email. While emails indeed work, voice notes build stronger connections.

Using Voice notes to drive B2B sales

Sales reps should follow several best practices when employing voice notes to increase B2B sales. First, get permission before sending it, respecting the prospect's preferences. Keep the message short and engaging.

Ask for feedback and treat prospects like people rather than leads to improve outreach success. If you're contacting someone before inviting them to a pod, try this:

  1. Comprehensive research: Before sending a voice message, understand your prospect's background and tailor your message accordingly.
  2. Personal connection: During conversations, reference recent milestones to show you're keeping up with them.
  3. Value proposition: Clearly state your message's purpose and what you can offer to generate interest.
  4. Call-to-action: Give specific instructions to the prospect to follow, like sharing contact details. 

Voice note success with trumpet

Trumpet builds on the success of voice notes with the Voice Note tool and powerful video and screen recording features. These features allow them to:

  • Put a personal spin on their outreach
  • Spice up post-demo recaps
  • Bring their onboarding process to life
  • Users can record a quick introduction to get buyers acquainted

B2B sales teams can use trumpet with voice notes to accelerate their sales cycle by sending quick voice notes for pre- and post-call follow-ups. They can also share answers to queries with meaningful async videos. The platform streamlines the creation of digestible training videos for customer onboarding.

Using trumpet, you can even track who has listened to your voice notes or video recordings using buyer signals. Get instant notifications to your email, Slack, Teams or CRM each time a viewer hits play. These signals will help you dial into buyer intent and deliver more detailed follow-ups. Trumpet's comprehensive features empower B2B sales teams to boost sales performance while personalising the buyer journey.

Check out how voice notes work in trumpet

Final thoughts

Voice notes are a valuable tool, and when combined with trumpet's capabilities, they have undeniable value in deal rooms. Instead of scraping an email list together and using a "spray and pray" approach, personalising interactions with voice notes makes the sales process 40% more agile. As co-founder Nick Telson said, "A personalised voice note at the beginning of the pod can increase engagement by 15%."

Users should integrate trumpet instead of traditional channels to improve their digital sales. Sky Media ran a campaign that increased outreach open rates by 150%. It was so successful that the value of opened pods reached £2.5 million in three months.

Transform your sales approach with trumpet and achieve explosive growth.