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How Zevero automated hyper-personalised buyer journeys with trumpet

Find out how Zevero shared more personalised sales content from outreach through to close in trumpet digital sales rooms.

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February 20, 2024
March 19, 2024
Find out how Zevero shared more personalised sales content from outreach through to close in trumpet digital sales rooms.
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Why trumpet?

  • To share company information with more customisation and personality.
  • To create one document from outreach to closing.
  • An easier way to manage the full sales cycle.
  • Streamline the process of sending proposals

Who is using trumpet?

The Co-Founder and COO uses trumpet to engage with buyers throughout the full sales cycle.

Favourite Widgets & Integrations

  • Voice Notes
  • Mutual Action Plans
  • Loom Integration
  • HubSpot Integration

Zevero help companies measure, monitor, and reduce their carbon footprint using software. We had a chat with their Co-Founder and COO, George Wade, about how trumpet has helped Zevero share more personalised sales content from outreach through to close.

George explains, “Before trumpet I had no easy way to send across all the great things about Zevero and found that a static proposal PDF was not what we’re about. I wanted to create customisation and personality.”

“Trumpet has been an integral tool in helping me improve the way we communicate what we do at Zevero and has streamlined the process of sending proposals. It’s an integral part of our software stack!”

Trumpet helps sellers create hyper-personalised digital sales rooms, tailored to the individual prospect’s needs. With ready-made templates, sellers can whip up Pods in minutes, something Zevero has found very beneficial.

With trumpet, sellers can create personalised digital sales rooms that perfectly fit each prospect's needs.

Thanks to our ready-made templates and HubSpot integration, Zevaro are whipping up Pods populated with buyers contact information and auto branded using just the prospects URL. “We have different Pod templates for each stage but being able to create one document from outreach to closing is great.”

“As a founder in small startup one of the most important things is closing sales.”

Helping sellers stand out from the crowd is where trumpet shines, “We often get told how great the sales room is, and they enjoy the ‘website’ aesthetic to view everything all in one place. From an internal perspective, it’s a dream. It’s easy to use, I know it will come across well and managing the sales cycle is so much easier.”

With easy to use drag and drop Widgets, sales folks can build unique digital sales rooms that speak directly to their prospects.

Whip up Pods with 70+ Drag and Drop Widgets

Zevero's been using our crowd-pleasing features to add a personal touch to their Pods, George mentions, “I love using the Voice Notes to make the Pod feel more personal, Mutual Action Plan to share next steps post demo and the Loom integration to bring Pods to life. It makes it super easy to personalise, plus the Hubspot integration is a dream!”

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