Marketing to Gen Z: How to do it the right way

Gen Z may be the toughest audience to crack, but with the right approach, your marketing can speak their language and win their hearts.

Rory Sadler
March 16, 2023
February 24, 2024
Gen Z may be the toughest audience to crack, but with the right approach, your marketing can speak their language and win their hearts.
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For several years, marketers have been asking how they can market to millennials. But but question on everyones lips in 2023 is... How do we market and sell to Gen Z?

Generation Z, or the Zoomers, have taken the internet by storm, and marketers and sales folk must leverage this market to get ahead.

While millennials are still the biggest buyers and decision makers, in the next 5-10 years this will change, don't forget, this generation also makes up about 40% of the current global population!

Gen Z commands huge spending power, and that's going to increase a lot in the coming years.

Besides the fact that Gen Z has significant purchasing power and a willingness to spend, they also hold a considerable sway over their millenial and boomer predecessors.

Once Gen Z likes something, they'll persuade their peers and the entire family to buy it. They are the innovators to the laggards of previous generations.

There is no denying that this generation are dominating the market already. Your business cannot afford to overlook this generation if it plans to relevant in years to come.

So, how do you tailor your Gen Z marketing strategy? This guide has everything you need to know!

What is Generation Z and how are they different?

Generation Z consists of people born between 1997 and 2012.

The youngest of this generation is almost getting to their teenage years, while the eldest is a young adult in their mid 20s. From the age range, you probably have an idea of how vibrant this group is.

This generation has not known a world without the internet. They were literally born with a smartphone in their hands and a laptop at their disposal.

They're digital natives, and have been raised with technology and instant access to information.

Thanks to internet access and ready information, traditional marketing methods don’t work for the Gen Z customer.

Gen Z primarily consumes social media (Over 60% of TikTok users are in Gen Z), video content, and influencer marketing. They much prefer personalised marketing that speaks to them directly.

So, are your current marketing and selling tactics able to connect with Gen Z? If not, then here are some tips that will help you market to these digital natives.

Short and clear content

Gen Z's average attention span is around 8 seconds. They never stick to one platform and tend to consume content from different sources all at once.

Don't put them to sleep with longer content. This group love Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram because of the short and clear videos.

Video marketing

This generation watches a lot of videos rather than reading text. They grew up with YouTube, and now TikTok.

They spend most of their time on TikTok and Instagram. If you're not in any of these, then its time to get involved. Create content that's witty and playful to deliver your marketing message.

Get creative with your brand on social media with visuals and effects when making videos because they love highly visual content.


Gen Z has a hawk eye for information and tends to do a lot of research, spending a lot of time looking into a product or service before making that final purchasing decision.

You need to be authentic and credible with your social media posts. This should show in your tone, personality, and voice.

By doing this, you'll build a loyal following that will stick with you. Remember, many folks in this group are only just aging into the workplace, and are probably not brand loyal to any product or service.

User generated content (UGC)

The quest for truth drives this generation to prefer user-generated content. You have to use real people and genuine consumers in your marketing.

Don’t opt for Photoshopped or stock images. Generation Z is 82% more likely to buy from brands that use video content of real people in their ads and types of UGC campaigns that provides social proof.


When you're marketing to generation 'zoomer' you need to make sure the message feels like it's meant for them. Unlike their baby boomer elders, generic marketing campaign won't work on them.

82% of Gen Z trust brands that use real people in their advertising, preferring a more personal touch from their brands. They see how other brands personalise their ads and messages and will easily relate to the same kind of content.

Influencer marketing

You can never go wrong with Gen Z if you work with content creators and influencers they trust. This generation usually turns to their influencers to learn about new products on the market and what to buy.

Consider setting aside a portion of your marketing budget for influencers if you want them to bring this generation to your business.

Mobile-first approach

Gen Z is born with phones in their hands and access to everything with their smartphones. They want to access information on the go. They have no time for computers.

Make sure you optimise your content for mobile to reach this generation. Mobile-optimised content is visually appealing and short. Make them easy to understand and fun.

Diversity and inclusivity

Gen Z is born into a borderless world and is highly diverse. They’re pushing boundaries and are attentive to the messages that brands send. They’re not afraid to call out brands that don’t align with their values.

If you want to catch the eye of Gen Z, you need to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to diversity and social responsibility. Use inclusive language and show that you aren't about excluding any group from your product or service.

Purpose-driven brands

What's the mission and vision of your brand? What societal problems is are you looking to solve?

Approximately 65%, are willing to pay 48% more for products from businesses that have a clear purpose and values.

This group want you to answer these questions. Answer them clearly in your marketing campaign. Ensure you clearly define your brand’s values when communicating to Gen Z.


Over half of this target audience agree that sustainability trumps brand name. This generation care deeply about climate change. The audience will buy more from brands that ensure eco-friendliness in their products.

You should remember that sustainability is not just about supporting ‘green brands’ for this generation.

They want to see you involved in activities, such as donations and sponsoring green causes. Don’t forget to be highly transparent about all ethical practices within your brand.

Social responsibility

To the Gen Z audience, socially responsible brands have a place in their hearts. Basically, they wan't see if your company is doing anything to make the world a better place. If you wan't resonate with this generation, you must show that you're committed to social responsibility.

Participate in community events, volunteering for causes, and making donations. If your brand works to have a stronger corporate social responsibility standing, you stand a higher chance of attracting this generation.


Marketing for Gen Z consumers is not hard, but it takes some effort to reach them. You need to know how they view the world, where to find them, and how to reach them.

The good news is that there’s a lot of data about Gen Z. They're not the new ones in town for nothing!

You can find out everything about their spending behaviours and what they expect from brands.

With all the information you find online, you'll manage to capture the attention of this generation with your marketing.

And thanks to their loyalty, you'll not have to spend a lot on marketing. So, get the word out there and reach Gen Z through social media marketing, video content creation, and influencer marketing.

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