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What is a Deal Room? A Beginner's Guide

Learn what a deal room is and its key benefits for digital sales success.

Rory Sadler
November 23, 2023
February 24, 2024
Learn what a deal room is and its key benefits for digital sales success.
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Virtual Deal Room. Digital Sales Room. Sales Microsites. If you've heard of these terms, they all refer to the same thing – the next stage in digital B2B marketing and sales.

B2B sales have undergone a revolution in recent years. Gone are the days when sales representatives would travel from company to company, striking face-to-face deals.

Over 60% of B2B sales interactions now occur online, according to McKinsey. That's unlikely to change – buyers and sellers both prefer remote human engagement to face-to-face meetings.

The problem for sellers is it has removed the human element. B2B buyers travel through the majority of the buyer's journey before ever contacting a sales rep.

Virtual deal rooms solve this challenge, creating a space for collaboration, information-sharing, and communication.

In this guide:

  • What is a Deal Room?
  • When Would You Use a Virtual Deal Room?
  • Key Benefits of a Deal Room
  • Top Deal Room Features

What is a Deal Room?

Deal rooms, also known as digital sales rooms or sales microsites, are online spaces where buyers can learn about a particular brand. B2B sellers use the virtual room to funnel the buyer toward the close.

With the growing absence of human interaction in the modern digital buyer journey, digital sales rooms (DSRs) bridge this divide. Through live chat and video conferencing features, buyers and sellers can discuss the obstacles to the final deal, working together to solve any problems.

For sales teams, deal rooms help control the entire sales funnel. Automation and hyper-personalisation allow teams to showcase relevant content, from blog articles to videos to competitor analyses.

This content can be tailored to a buyer's pain points, questions, or stages in the buyer's journey.

Moreover, because the virtual space is 100% trackable, sales teams receive real-time notifications of buyer actions.

That means they can deliver the right content or message at the right time in the journey. Little wonder deals rooms are closely tied to the concept of buyer enablement.

When Would You Use a Virtual Deal Room?

Virtual deal rooms aren't purpose-built tools with a single function. Because these spaces are completely flexible – you can change the content, structure, or layout – they’re one of the most versatile tools in a marketing team’s arsenal.

You can employ a digital sales room for:

Lead Generation

They are effective in capturing and nurturing leads. By providing valuable content and interactive experiences, deal rooms engage potential customers early in the sales funnel.

Sales Conversion

During the decision-making phase, deal rooms can significantly boost sales conversion rates. They offer a personalised space for buyers to interact with the product or service, facilitating a deeper understanding and connection.

Customer Success

After a sale, deal rooms can be repurposed to support customer success. They provide a platform for ongoing support, training, and engagement, helping to foster long-term customer relationships.

Complex Sales Processes

Ideal for complex B2B sales involving multiple stakeholders and decision-makers. DSRs centralise the conversation, creating a single location where all parties can collaborate, regardless of geographic or time-zone constraints.

Key Benefits of a Deal Room

Deal rooms are versatile, trackable, and collaborative. In a B2B sales landscape that's done away with much of the buyer-seller relationship, DSRs should be front and centre.

No longer is the B2B buyer atomised, left to sift through mountains of data and content alone. Instead, you act as their guide and helper.

That's not an accident. Digital sales rooms are designed to promote collaboration and answer the current complaints of B2B buyers.

For example, according to Salesforce, 78% of B2B buyers want salespeople to act as trusted advisors, and 82% want the same personalised experience as when buying for themselves.

Lo and behold, our deal rooms are 100% customisable, using customer information to personalise every aspect of the space. B2B buyers are free to read what they want when they want – you simply curate the content relative to their needs.

That's just the beginning of the benefits. You can also expect:

Enhanced Collaboration

Facilitates better communication and collaboration among stakeholders, regardless of their location.

Improved Efficiency

Streamlines the sales flow through a centralised space for all relevant information and resources. At trumpet, clients using deal rooms see a 40% reduction in the sales cycle time from outreach to close.

Greater Engagement

Offers buyers an interactive and engaging experience, enhancing their understanding and interest in the product or service. Unlike traditional PDFs attached to emails, DSRs average a 76% higher open rate.

Personalised Experience

Allows for the customisation of content and presentations to meet the specific needs and interests of each buyer. That's why we see an average NPS score of 86 from Trumpet's users' buyers and prospects.

Real-Time Analytics

Provides valuable insights into buyer behaviour and engagement, enabling sales teams to tailor their approach effectively.

Secure Information Sharing

Ensures secure sharing of sensitive documents and information, with controlled access for different users.

Top Deal Room Features

Still not sure how you can benefit from a digital sales room? There are numerous unique features that separate deal rooms from other sales platforms. These include:

Auto-Personalise Content to the Buyer

Auto-Personalise Content

No two buyers are the same. They work in different industries, have different questions, and struggle with different pain points.

They're probably even at different stages of the buyer's journey. If they're so different, why are most marketing efforts the same?

Tailor your digital sales room to the buyer by pulling information from your customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Welcome the B2B buyer with their name; use their branding, colours, and imagery; and display content relevant to the buyer's journey stage and questions.

Customers expect personalisation80% of consumers prefer companies that deliver personalised experiences. No one wants cookie-cutter content.

For example, if a prospect wants to grow their online presence, you could highlight content about generating organic traffic. Think search engine optimisation guides or an intro to pay-per-click advertising.

Then, as they learn more, the content in the deal room changes – now you present comparisons of different platforms, showcasing the benefits of your services. Gradually, inch by inch, you funnel the customer toward the sale.

And with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, you can construct such a DSR in a matter of minutes. Letting the automation features handle the rest of the personalisation.

Collaborate Through Live Chat and Mutual Action Plans

Collaborate Through Live Chat and Mutual Action Plans in trumpet

Deal rooms balance digital communications with the human element. B2B buyers want to browse at their leisure. But they also want to speak to a seller for guidance. Indeed, a 2022 salesforce survey found that 74% of sellers believed their role was more consultative and less transactional. (We call this "buyer enablement.”)

Through live chat features and mutual action plans, buyers and sellers work together toward a common goal. Mutual action plans, in particular, create a structured roadmap for both parties. They outline the key steps and milestones needed to reach a successful deal, fostering transparency and alignment in the process.

Combined, these tools build the buyer-seller relationships currently missing from B2B sales and, in doing so, streamline the conversion process.

Trackable Space with Notifications

Trackable Space with Notifications in trumpet

Trumpet's "pods" (aka digital sales rooms) are 100% trackable. Sellers receive a notification via Slack, Teams, or email detailing what a buyer is up to in real time. You're notified if they open a document, watch a video, or add to the mutual action plan.

Aggregating this date, we also deliver sales intelligence signals – for example, total visits, total downloads, or email open rate. These sales metrics help optimise the buyer's journey, providing key insights into the sales process.

Speed Up the Close with eSignatures

Speed Up the Close with eSignatures with trumpet

Closing a deal sounds like the easy part, right? That depends if you've got dozens of signatures to gather from parties dotted all over the world. Even if you already use a digital signature platform, you suddenly jump from the deal room back to the lacklustre world of email.

Not so with trumpet. Our DSRs seamlessly integrate digital signature tools like DocuSign and PandaDoc into the platform along with our own native trumpetSign Widget, letting both parties sign on the dotted line. When we promise a one-click buyer journey from outreach to the close – we mean it!

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Integrate with Your Other Sales Tools

Building your sales and marketing tech stack means choosing tools that work together. There's nothing more annoying than manually transferring data between platforms. It limits your scalability and prevents personalisation.

Luckily, most deal room platforms integrate with major tech sales tools. That’s why we integrate with numerous services, including HubSpot, Salesmate, Zoho CRM, Scrive, and many more.

Learn more about how integrating your tech stack can skyrocket your productivity

Unlock the Power of Deal Rooms with trumpet

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