trumpet can transform your sales cycle too

Have a look at some of our trumpeters below and how they use trumpet digital sales rooms from outreach and deal close, to onboarding.

How we blow our trumpet?
We have created multiple templates with marketing to cover all the different verticals we sell into.
We can then create personalised digital sales rooms, not only to who we are selling too but also use cases and logos in their vertical.
We have done all of our outreach via trumpet Pods instead of the PDFs and videos we used to send out.
We also chat back and forth with the buyer when they show interest; to get the demo booked and answer any questions they have.
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“I love trumpet as a prospecting tool for cold and warm leads. The personalisation is brilliant and tracking the activity is very useful.”
Ellie Salsbury
Regional AdSmart Sales Executive
Outreach Open Rate
Value Opened Pods
Pods created
Krys Szota, head of sales
How we blow our trumpet?
We have 7 stages to our sales funnel which meant a load of emails and threads so we wanted to streamline this flow of information.
We also use Pods to gather all the feedback required for our accreditation process meaning all the information is centrally located per customer.
Sales team use the digital sales rooms for their outreach initially and then closing the deal. We also pass completed deal Pods over to account management team to help with retention and upsell.
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“We use trumpet for so much; improving our outreach, deal cycle, onboarding and account management.”
Krys Stoza
Head of Sales
Time from demo to close
Average Pod open rate
After just 2 months we achieved highest month ever for new sales
Richard Muggeridge , Sales lead europe
How we blow our trumpet?
We wanted to speed up our sales cycle and make it easier for our buyers to consume the info we send to close deals.
After a DISCO call, our AEs send over a Pod with; intro to Horizons, demo video, product video, pricing, documents and a timeline/next steps.
Our BDRs send out shorter, generic info about Horizons which is way more engaging than the decks we used to send.
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“We are speeding up our sales cycles & delighting our buyers. It's a no-brainer for BDRs and AEs.”
Richard Muggeridge
Sales Lead Europe
Our sales cycles are demonstrably reducing in time
For the first time ever, our clients are giving positive feedback on our sales process
Another stat
alexis paredes, sales manager
How we blow our trumpet?
Deal cycles were getting longer, especially with global deals, as well as wanting to increase our conversion rate.
We use across our AE team to prospect, nudge buyers with extra content and then close deals with mutual action plans and centralise all the info needed to get the deals done.
Using Pods post demo has been a game-changer as we centralise all information for mutli-threading and larger complicated deals.
Moving prospects through the sales cycle, all within a digital sales room creates a much easier buying experience for them, which equals, more deals done, quicker.
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"It's not just about prospecting. It's about providing the right content at the right time with everything centralised. Our team love trumpet."
Alexis Paredes
Sales Manager
Conversion rate
Sales cycle time
Another stat

"We have seen a dramatic redution in our sales cycle times."

Krys, Sales Director

"How can trumpet get better?! The whole team love it so much already."

Chris, Pilot Manager

"Helping buyers digest our content in trumpet is a no-brainer."

Alex, Account Exec

"Our progress across our org since trumpet is staggering."

Finlay, VP Commercial

"Without doubt the best deal room I've ever come across."

Ollie, Head of Growth

"Quite simply the best sales tool!"

Jeremy, Sales Manager

"My fav tool for buyer journeys & CS plan collaboration."

Sarah, CS Manager

"We have noticed a clear reduction in our sale cycle time"

Richard, Sales Lead Europe