7 Best Sales Enablement Tools to Boost Your 2024 Performance

Explore the best sales enablement tools for 2024 to enhance your team's performance.

Rory Sadler
November 16, 2023
February 24, 2024
Explore the best sales enablement tools for 2024 to enhance your team's performance.
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To boost sales and significantly increase profits in 2024, the performance of your sales team is crucial.

Sales enablement is key to this success, involving the provision of essential tools and resources to your team. This could include additional training, constructive feedback, or cutting-edge sales enablement software.

There's a wide variety of tools available for sales enablement, ranging from customer relationship management systems (CRMs) to coaching platforms. The selection of these tools should be tailored to address the specific needs and areas for improvement within your sales team.

In this article, we'll explore some of the leading sales enablement software options to consider integrating into your technology arsenal.

What is Sales Enablement?

There are two schools of thought to boosting sales:

  1. Sales enablement relies on coaching and technology to help sales teams to sell more effectively. Train and equip better sellers, and you'll see more deals closed.
  2. Buyer enablement, on the other hand, provides the buyer with the right tools and information, helping streamline the buyer's journey. It believes that by helping the buyer, you guarantee more sales.

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The best sales teams rely on a mixture of both. However, if you're struggling to connect with clients or you've got a novice team, sales enablement can be a priority.

To boost your team's sales performance and productivity, you'll need to provide up-to-date sales materials, high-quality tools, and the best training available.

How to Choose the Best Sales Enablement Tool

Choosing the best sales enablement software is a complex, multifactorial decision.

It all depends on your team's previous experience, industry, quantity of leads, and more. Consider these key factors as you evaluate your options:

  • Integration Capabilities. When building a sales tech stack, ensure your tools share data seamlessly between platforms. That's especially true for CRM systems.
  • User-Friendly Interface. New team members should be able to pick up tools relatively quickly. Intuitive, easy-to-navigate interfaces reduce training times and boost adoption rates.
  • Analytics and Reporting. Choose tools that provide detailed analytics and reporting features. The more information you have on leads, the easier it is to close the deal or change your tactics.
  • Pricing: Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the tool. Consider the initial price and the long-term value, including any subscription fees, maintenance costs, and potential ROI. Ensure that the pricing aligns with your budget and the expected benefits.
  • Scalability. Opt for a tool that can grow as your sales team grows. That means it can handle a greater volume of leads and data and can support your team's growth without compromising performance. Through a subscription model, most sales enablement tools allow businesses to expand their services for an additional fee.

8 Best Sales Enablement Tools

  1. trumpet
  2. HubSpot
  3. Brainshark
  4. Salesforce
  5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  6. Enthu.AI
  7. Visme

1. Trumpet

Bridging the divide between buyer and sales enablement, Trumpet's digital sales rooms (or "pods") work as a collaborative space where buyers and sellers can come together.

Inside the pod, sales teams can deliver personalised, targeted content and information to help streamline the buyer journey.

However, sales teams also receive key insights from buyer behaviour. Indeed, the pods track everything a buyer does, sending notifications to sales teams via Slack, Teams, or email.

The platform then aggregates this information into revenue intelligence signals so teams can target the buyers most likely to convert.

Other top features include the centralised content library, auto-personalisation, and mutual action plans. Buyer and sales enablement isn't either-or. Only by collaborating can the two parties build a lasting partnership.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot's Sales Hub is a comprehensive sales enablement tool that integrates with the platform's CRM. Its features cover email tracking and creation, meeting scheduling, sales automation, and a robust set of reporting tools.

The genius of HubSpot is that it delivers everything a sales team could need in a single platform. Plus, its latest AI tools help teams craft compelling CTAs and high-conversion prospecting emails.

Additionally, HubSpot's Sales Hub enhances collaboration and productivity across teams, offering customisability to adapt to various sales processes.

It also provides insightful analytics to monitor sales performance and customer engagement, aiding in strategy refinement.

Best of all, the information collected by HubSpot's sales enablement tools integrates perfectly with Trumpet. That means you can instantly auto-populate a digital sales room, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency.

3. Brainshark

Brainshark empowers your sales team with coaching and practice, machine analysis, and readiness scorecards. Clients will judge your company based on your sales rep's performance.

Uncertainty or nervousness impacts your company's reputation.

Through Brainshark, you can test, train, and coach your team to deliver an incredible client-facing performance. Nor is this solely about onboarding your new hires.

Thanks to the platform's insightful feedback, even highly experienced sales professionals can continue to hone their skills and improve.

For example, its scorecards measure key sales performance metrics to analyse who on your sales team has the skills to succeed.

Monitoring results over time reveals who's putting in the effort to upskill and who's resting on their laurels. Meanwhile, its coaching toolkit covers everything from video scoring to AI-powered insights.

4. Salesforce

Salesforce is a premium CRM highly regarded for its comprehensive features. First and foremost, as sales enablement software, the platform provides teams with a centralised repository of customer data and insights.

The integration of advanced AI tools elevates its capabilities, enabling predictive analytics and facilitating personalised customer engagement strategies.

This feature is particularly beneficial for tailoring interactions based on customer behaviour and preferences.

The platform's customisation flexibility is a key advantage, allowing businesses to adapt it to their unique requirements.

This adaptability extends not just to user interfaces but also to operational workflows, enhancing both efficiency and user satisfaction.

Salesforce's ability to integrate with a wide range of applications and tools further streamlines sales processes, ensuring that different departments can work together seamlessly.

Another significant aspect of Salesforce is its mobile accessibility. This feature ensures that sales teams can remain productive and responsive even when they are on the move, a necessity in today's fast-paced business environment.

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn's Sales Navigator leverages the social media platform's immense user base of professionals and businesses to supply sales teams with key lead information.

Subscribers can enjoy team network introductions, a relationship manager, advanced lead and company search capabilities, and much more.

Little wonder that companies using Sales Navigator see a 17% higher win rate and sign 42% larger deals. Indeed, the platforms allow sales teams to cut out the middleman, identifying and targeting key decision-makers within an organisation.

6. Enthu.AI

Enthu is an AI-powered quality automation platform. It provides quality assurance in day-to-day client calls through features such as dialogue views, detailed call reviews, agent-wise analysis, and exhaustive call filtering.

Capturing 100% of a conversation with its voice-to-text functionality, it analyses the text to unearth key insights to enhance your sales strategy further.

That's critical for all customer communications, including cold outreach or customer success calls.

Plus, through its dashboards, you'll receive actionable insights to unlock new revenue opportunities. In fact, according to Enthu, users see a 35% increase in revenue growth and 7% faster agent onboarding.

7. Visme

The classic presentation isn't dead! Solid, well-designed marketing tools still drive sales and earn customer trust.

Visme is an all-in-one marketing and design platform used to create presentations, documents, videos, infographics, forms & surveys, and much more.

Winner of multiple G2 awards, the platform enables sales teams to craft visually engaging, brand-consistent imagery and graphics. That could be a high-conversion presentation for your next client meeting or a project proposal.

In addition, Visme's intuitive interface and extensive library of templates, icons, and design elements simplify the process of creating sophisticated marketing materials, even for those with limited design experience.