What is the digital sales process? B2B digital sales and buying

Discover how digital sales rooms are allowing sales teams to provide a beautiful digital buyer experience for B2B sales.

Rory Sadler
March 29, 2024
March 27, 2024
Discover how digital sales rooms are allowing sales teams to provide a beautiful digital buyer experience for B2B sales.
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The digital sales landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation. The surge of online businesses and remote selling has redefined the way companies acquire products and services from each other. The e-commerce channel has become a major purchasing gateway for corporate buyers, with 65% of B2B companies exclusively selling online in 2022.

B2B sales thrives on promoting specialised products or services, necessitating distinct SaaS sales techniques to engage business leaders. Integrating digital technology for a better customer experience demands a robust digital support system. Key elements include a digital platform, analytics overview, and sales productivity tools for a comprehensive view of the customer's digital journey

The technological scenario of digital sales has catalysed a paradigm shift, giving rise to digital sales rooms where companies conduct business transactions online. Businesses that fail to adopt customer-centric B2B sales strategies will find it increasingly challenging to maintain their competitive edge. Moreover, buyer intent and predictive analytics enable companies to glean valuable insights and personalise their marketing to specific segments. 

Keep reading to understand how trumpet’s digital sales rooms reshape the digital B2B sales process.

How digital sales rooms improve the B2B digital sales process

B2B sellers enhance customer loyalty and achieve greater business success by actively resolving customer challenges, generating value in each interaction, and navigating buyers' unpredictable paths to purchasing decisions. The number of steps involved may vary depending on the scale of the business. However, a standard group responsible for purchasing a complex B2B solution usually involves six to ten decision-makers.

Digital sales rooms improve the B2B digital sales process with personalisation

If a SaaS company wants to simplify a complex B2B sales process, it must apply B2C personalisation techniques and better user experiences. Businesses can experience a 40% faster revenue growth through personalisation. This growth potential should motivate B2B vendors to embrace adaptable digital sales rooms. 

But how can trumpet’s digital sales rooms improve the B2B digital sales process specifically? Companies incorporate account-based marketing tactics by focusing on high-value ICPs and customising their services to meet their needs.

How to apply digital sales rooms to the B2B digital sales process

The digital B2B sales process contains repeatable steps that guide a sales team in converting potential leads into customers. It involves several stages: prospecting, connecting and qualifying, researching, presenting, handling objections, and closing. SaaS companies can improve their B2B digital sales process by leveraging virtual sales environments for conducting sales meetings, presentations, and negotiations.

Trumpet's digital sales rooms are accessible through a single, persistent link, allowing B2B sales teams to assist with each stage of the B2B sales cycle.

  1. Prospecting: Companies can use digital sales rooms to leverage creative sales prospecting strategies by adopting a multi-channel approach, warming up leads with video and voice notes, and offering personalised how-to’s and guides to attract and engage leads.
  2. Connecting and qualifying: Sales representatives can turn product-qualified leads into customers based on their engagement and interactions within the virtual environment. Check out this case study where Haystack shortened their closing time by 40% using trumpet’s buyer activity notifications for highly-focused follow-ups.
  3. Researching: Improve buyer enablement by providing a platform for sharing relevant content, case studies, and product information, allowing prospects to conduct in-depth research about the SaaS company's offerings.
  4. Presenting: Sales representatives can deliver compelling sales presentations, product demos, and value propositions within the digital sales room. With trumpet, B2B sales teams can easily pull branding and build a personalised pod to impress buyers. Explain the entire value proposition of your service with trumpet's digital sales room templates.
  5. Handling objections: Interactive features within digital sales rooms, such as live chat, Q&A sessions, and collaborative whiteboarding, enable sales teams to address objections and concerns in real-time. With customer collaboration, fostering impactful conversations with prospects is effortless.
  6. Closing: Digital sales rooms can facilitate the final stages of the sales cycle. Sales teams can manage contracts allowing for negotiations, e-signatures through trumpetSign, and a seamless transition to the onboarding process.

To further improve the B2B sales process, trumpet offers intuitive collaboration features for B2B sellers working with their buyers, something which James Ridge, Founding Account Executive at self-compliance tool Privasee has been able to leverage in order to close deals quicker, he explains;

When a prospect has clicked on my proposal, I get the notification and jump straight into the Pod with them. I've closed deals through the Live Chat feature alone!"

Final thoughts

In an era where digital transformation continues to reshape the B2B landscape, it’s evident that online sales are no longer just an option. With the projected substantial global B2B e-commerce market growth of another 20% by 2030, embracing digital sales strategies is imperative to stay competitive. To succeed in the dynamic B2B marketplace, sellers need to understand the evolving needs of buyers and utilise digital sales rooms for personalised experiences.

The future of B2B sales is undeniably digital, and innovative businesses stand to reap the rewards.