Why you need to stop using email in B2B Sales

Is Email killing your win rate? This is why email might not be the best tool to collaborate with buyers, plus some alternative ways to get you closing deals faster.

Rory Sadler
March 13, 2024
May 14, 2024
Is Email killing your win rate? This is why email might not be the best tool to collaborate with buyers, plus some alternative ways to get you closing deals faster.
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As the B2B landscape evolves, a staggering 75% of buyers now favour rep-free sales experiences. Millennials and Gen Z are prominent in B2B buying committees and lead the push toward a digital buyer journey. With the B2B sales cycle lengthening and buyers preferring self-guided research, businesses should reconsider traditional sales touchpoints like email. 

Companies need innovative communication strategies that foster quick, personal connections and better integration with digital sales tools. Through Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) like trumpet, sales personnel can transform the sales process with real-time communication. 

3 limitations of email in B2B sales

Email, once the cornerstone of B2B communication, faces significant challenges that impede sales. With a longer sales process, keeping customers engaged is challenging. With DSRs, sales teams can tackle three distinct email limitations:

  • One-Way Communication: Email is one-way, discourages dialogue, and lacks immediate interactions. Email hinders resolutions, elongating the sales process. 
  • Don’t facilitate self-research: Email doesn't facilitate self-research for B2B buyers because it lacks personalised resources. No customisations lead to dwindling engagement or loss of communication.
  • Less interactive customer engagement: Email presents a disorganised display of sales content with scattered links and attachments, leading to a dull experience.

Alternative communication strategies in B2B sales

While email can be convenient, more effective methods exist to foster meaningful connections and close deals. Roughly, people skim 23.5% of all emails, meaning they receive 2-8 seconds of engagement. Meanwhile 15% of messages receive less than 2 seconds. 

With stats like these, businesses can't afford to sleep on alternative communication strategies.

  • Personalised video messages: Use personalised videos to impress potential clients. B2B sales teams can create customised video messages using trumpet, Vidyard, or Loom. Then, track engagement to improve their approach.
  • Social media messaging: Use LinkedIn to build relationships. B2B sales teams can share valuable content, engage in industry discussions, and nurture leads with personalised messaging.
  • Virtual meetings and webinars: Sales teams can host online events using Zoom or GoToWebinar to showcase products and services and conduct demos, webinars, and Q&As. They can integrate post-event follow-ups through marketing automation tools.

Today's competitive B2B landscape requires an adaptive B2B sales process. Sales teams increasingly use sales enablement tools to forge stronger and more personal connections. These tools streamline sales and empower professionals to engage with clients more effectively.

3 Reasons to use digital sales rooms instead of email

Trumpet has a range of features that align with the benefits of buyer enablement tools. Here are some B2B sales tips for leveraging DSRs to modernise their sales approach.

Data-driven insights

Trumpet provides valuable insights into customer behaviour through buyer signals, stakeholder data, intent insights, and notifications. Trumpet's user analytics zero in on better opportunities by highlighting buyer intent and focusing on the warmest leads.

Streamlined communication and integrated onboarding

Our platform enables seamless communication between all sales roles and buyers through live chat, annotations, and last-seen status, promoting efficient and personalised interactions.

Integrated features help maintain consistent communication through Pod templates, chat functionality, and CRM integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce and Pipedrive, to name a few. Trumpet's integration capabilities enhance customer onboarding by facilitating the delivery of training resources and interactive guides in one interactive space.

We've perfected our comprehensive approach so your customers feel supported in partnership. Take George Wade, co-founder at Zevero, who highlighted trumpet's role in transforming and optimising the sales process. By leveraging trumpet's capabilities, Zevero automated a hyper-personalized buyer's journey from start to finish.

Voice notes, mutual action plans, and integrations live inside our easily constructible digital sales rooms or Pods, facilitating this transformation. Zevero utilised Pods to create branded content-sharing spaces throughout the buyer's journey. Using voice notes and Loom allowed Zevero to add a personal touch to their engagements. 

Additionally, the mutual action plans facilitated collaborative planning and execution. Furthermore, the integration with HubSpot streamlined the proposal process by syncing data and insights between platforms. Zevero delivered tailored proposals and quotes with enhanced efficiency and accuracy. 

Using trumpet resulted in a highly personalised and streamlined buyer's journey.

Modernising the sales approach

Wow prospects with a more exciting way to reach out... Using digital sales rooms.

With trumpet, B2B sales teams can adopt a more customer-centric approach to selling. Our account-based selling features empower B2B sales professionals to pivot from traditional transactions to a consultative, relationship-focused approach. B2B sales teams implement our sales enablement tools to establish profound customer connections during each interaction. 

An excellent example of trumpet in action is when Crossbeam leveraged trumpet to fast-track its enterprise deals by discovering hidden stakeholders and effectively managing buying committees. The platform facilitated a seamless journey from the first call to securing an enterprise opportunity, quickly bringing every stakeholder up to speed. Crossbeam prepared Pods to present on calls immediately, increasing prospects' interest. 

This approach enhanced the buying experience and immediately captured the attention of stakeholders. Crossbeam successfully navigated the process during a complex procurement with the mutual action plan widget. This strategic widget optimised the proposal stage, ensuring successful alignment and stakeholder collaboration. 

What's the verdict?

Reflecting on email's limitations on sales in B2B scenarios, new communication strategies are crucial for modern sales professionals. Alternative mediums like digital sales rooms address email's one-way nature and relationship-building challenges. These innovations enable immediate, collaborative, and content-rich interactions, showcasing the rapidly changing landscape of client communication.

Trumpet urges the evolution of B2B sales, promising even better experiences. Explore how our DSRs transform today's sales narrative.

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