How to transform digital buyer journeys with trumpet

Take your digital buyer journey up a notch with centralised interactive spaces where you and your buyer can work collaboratively.

Rory Sadler
April 1, 2024
April 8, 2024
Take your digital buyer journey up a notch with centralised interactive spaces where you and your buyer can work collaboratively.
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Navigating the digital buyer journey has become more crucial than ever. It encompasses the entire process, from recognising a need to acquiring a product or service. This journey, marked by awareness, consideration, purchase, retention, and advocacy, requires brands to excel at every touchpoint to enhance customer experience

At this point, denying that the way businesses buy software has changed is no longer an option. Companies must adapt and leverage innovative solutions like digital sales rooms to stay competitive in the digital age. Trumpet is a robust tool for optimising the digital customer journey, offering unique features and seamless integrations that tailor the buyer’s experience and align B2B sales. 

Trumpet's unique features

Potential buyers are now researching online before visiting a provider's website. Buyer self-service improvements to the sales process mean that sales teams can’t observe at least 50% of the purchasing process. In response, B2B buyers must harness trumpet's suite of unique features to enhance the digital customer journey.  

Here's a closer look at some of its standout capabilities:

  • Centralised sales material: DSRs offer a centralised, trackable space for all sales interactions, ensuring materials are personalised and easily accessible.
  • Enhanced personalisation: Features like Auto Branding and Custom Variables allow sellers to create digital sales rooms that reflect unique branding for each buyer, enhancing personalisation at scale.
  • Efficient collaboration and engagement: Mutual action plans and Live Chat foster real-time collaboration between sales teams and buyers. Screen Recording supports engagement and optimises sales, while Buyer Signals bring valuable data to refine strategies.

Customisation options

Trumpet offers customisable options for B2B customer journey optimisation for different roles and strategies. Here are the essential elements:

  • Auto branding and custom variables: Define personalisation at scale with just a URL. Automatically align sales materials with your buyer’s brand's look and feel, ensuring consistency across all customer touchpoints.
  • Ready-made templates and drag-and-drop editor: Wow prospects with engaging sales room templates. Customise and adapt them to specific campaign needs with minimal effort.
  • Targeted roles and strategies: Trumpet suits diverse roles, including SDRs, Account Executives, Customer Success Managers, and Chief Revenue Officers, ensuring every team member can leverage DSRs to their full potential.

Key benefits of customisation

  • Centralises and streamlines the sales cycle, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.
  • Empowers real-time engagement tracking and stakeholder management, offering insights into customer interactions.
  • DSRs can use asynchronous sales tools, revenue intelligence, and partnership management for comprehensive customer relationship management.

Integration capabilities

Discover trumpet's 45+ integrations

Trumpet's robust integration capabilities are a cornerstone of workflow refinement that enriches the digital customer journey. Since sellers should adapt their mindset to helping buyers, they must use every tool to support the buyer’s journey. Here are a few examples of trumpet connecting with popular selling tools and designing a buyer-centric experience: 

  • CRM Integration (e.g., HubSpot, Salesforce): By syncing deal and contact information with digital sales rooms, sales teams can access buyer insights within their CRM, encouraging them to personalise and track customer engagement.
  • Collaboration Tools (e.g., Slack, Miro): Collaboration tools simplify communication and boost collaboration in digital sales rooms, leading to better engagement with prospects and a more personalised experience.
  • Video Integration (e.g., Dubb, Vimeo, YouTube): Embedding personalised video messages, product demos, and explainer videos within DSRs enhances buyer engagement and creates an immersive journey.
  • Content Management Integration (e.g., Canva, Notion): By centralising marketing collateral, content creation, and presentations within Pods, sales teams offer buyers accessibility to relevant information, enhancing the awareness and consideration stages.

Success stories and testimonials

These genuine and reliable sources of social validation can convince potential customers, investors, and partners that your product or service deserves their attention and trust. Trumpet's customer stories vividly showcase its impact on the digital customer journey.

Efficiency and engagement improvements

Win rates and conversion enhancements

Ongoing support and updates

We express our commitment to exceptional customer support through various channels and resources designed to assist users in maximising the benefits of digital customer journey solutions. Our industry experts continue building a content library on Trumpet HQ and through detailed Guides. Trumpet HQ has a central hub of product updates, new feature releases, and announcements about partnerships and integrations. 

The blog hosts valuable insights, tips, and best practices related to sales, customer engagement, and digital sales rooms. Our resources also impart practical advice by leveraging real-world examples. Furthermore, the Guides provide valuable, in-depth information on various B2B topics for users looking to expand their knowledge.

Final thoughts

Exploring trumpet's capabilities reveals that optimising the digital customer journey is essential for gaining a strategic edge. Blending unique features with customisation options allows sellers to tailor strategies for different customer journey stages, fostering trust and stronger connections. Trumpet integrates with other sales platforms and collaboration tools to simplify workflows and enhance the customer experience. 

Numerous success stories and testimonials highlight trumpet as a transformative tool that increases conversions across various industries. Digital sales rooms merge tech-driven efficiency with the human touch, enhancing the buyer experience. Get a demo to see our digital sales rooms in action and join the future of sales success.