Digital Sales Rooms in Action: Real-World Examples

See how Digital Sales Rooms are transforming sales in real-world scenarios with trumpet's insightful examples.

Rory Sadler
January 18, 2024
March 14, 2024
See how Digital Sales Rooms are transforming sales in real-world scenarios with trumpet's insightful examples.
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Thousands of companies rely on trumpet for everything from customer onboarding to cold outreach. Learn from these key digital sales room examples.

Built for companies big and small to help bridge the communication divide in digital sales. Through features such as mutual action plans, customisable content hubs, and personalised branding, businesses not only engage their potential customer but build a solid buyer-seller relationship.

So far, over 8,000 users trust in trumpet for their sales, marketing, and customer success, including top brands like Sky Media, Chili Piper, and PayFit.

Below, we're going through some of our proudest success stories and digital sales room examples. From customer onboarding to outreach, we cover how companies blow their trumpets. 

Success Stories

Sky Media

Sky Media, one of Europe's biggest media giants, soared past what even we thought digital sales rooms (DSRs) were capable of. After signing up for trumpet, just three months later, they'd already surpassed £2.5 million in sales. Better still, their outreach open rate shot up by 150%.

"I've been using trumpet for several months and have found it an extremely useful prospecting tool for both cold and warm leads," explained Ellie Salsbury, Regional AdSmart Sales Executive.

"The ability to personalise the Pods to individual businesses is especially useful, as is the ability to create Pod templates to reuse for future prospects. I really like the Podboard, which tracks activity on my Pods and is a useful reporting tool."

Sleek, concise, and results-driven, it's not hard to see why Sky's AdSmart DSR worked. Within just a few seconds in the Pod, you receive a clear explanation about the service, how it works, and how to get in touch. It's a master class digital sales room case study. 


We promise quick results. But Otta surprised even us – closing two mid-sized deals within 4 weeks of joining us. 

Otta is a tech-focused recruitment service helping companies find the right candidates and job hunters for the right role. Relying on their DSR for customer success operations, they used the platform to smooth the handover from sales to CS. 

As Stephanie Guerin, Sales Lead, revealed: "We hope that handovers from Sales to CS will live within trumpet, giving our customers a consistent source of truth for all things Otta, regardless of who their day-to-day contact is."

It worked! They achieved a substantial open rate of between 64% and 84% and received a large number of unique views. Moreover, trumpet helped them send hyper-personalised outreach while relying on the marketing team for help. 

Diverse Industry Applications

Customer success. Sales. Marketing. There's a seemingly endless potential for trumpet – and our customers keep on finding more. Looking through our digital sales room case studies, you'll find companies from almost every industry or stage in the buyer's journey.

Take Volunteero, for example. They work to streamline the volunteer management process, helping to manage volunteers' tasks, schedules, and progress for organisations.

When they joined us, their fundamental goal was reducing email chains and supporting client onboarding. No more confusing communications or cumbersome PDF attachments.

That's what we delivered! The results were astounding – their sales cycle time was reduced by a third, from 6 months to 4 months.

But that wasn't all – with a 77.5% average open rate and an average client implementation time of just 3 weeks (down from 5 weeks), they achieved their targets.

Small wonder they now use trumpet at almost every stage of the buyer's journey, whether that be improving the sales process, providing ongoing support and training to clients, or gaining the interest of investors. 

"trumpet has proved to be such a versatile product which keeps finding new and exciting use cases in our business. The product has helped streamline our sales follow-ups and track engagement. In our customer success team, it helps keep all implementation resources in one place and is a vast improvement on the unwieldy email chains."

Ashley Staines, CEO of Volunteero

Lunio, meanwhile, is all about prospecting. They wanted to supercharge their sales process, hooking a prospect's interest early on and using the DSR to funnel them towards a sale. Since using trumpet, Lunio has achieved all that and more. Here's how they used the platform:

  • Implementing a streamlined process for prospecting and following up.
  • Enhancing the qualification of new prospects using Pod insights.
  • Consolidating sales resources into a single hub for improved management.
  • Incorporating mutual action plans to ensure alignment between buyers and sellers.
  • Leveraging buyer signals for advanced lead qualification and engagement tracking.

Discover a Post Demo Follow Up Pod in Action

As account executive Sophie Ellis put it,

"trumpet has honestly changed the way I prospect and follow up from outbound to close. It makes me feel confident in my follow-up and enhances my presenting skills." Take notes – this is another digital sales room case study to learn more about. 

Lessons Learned

When clients first use trumpet, there's a little bit of a learning curve. We made the platform as simple as possible so teams can get up and running quickly. However, after years of being reliant on in-person meetings, emails, and PDFs, the sheer possibilities of digital sales rooms take time to adjust. You've got to think outside the box!

One such company was eola.

As a booking and management platform for experienced providers, eola knew the importance of the wow factor. They help businesses take bookings and manage resources, all the while boosting their overall revenue.

So, how did they use trumpet? And what lessons did they learn? Well, they created a stunning design to communicate their key products and features succinctly to potential clients. Complete with videos, graphics, and key statistics, it's not hard to see why they were so successful – check out their digital sales room example.

In fact, they managed to cut their onboarding time by 78% from 2 weeks to 3 days, won 4 clients (including two major wins) within 8 weeks of using trumpet, and closed £40K ARR.

The genius of eola's approach was using trumpet to achieve greater visibility among multiple stakeholders. Rather than relying on a single point of contact – who may or may not drive a deal forward – with their DSR in hand, they could grab the attention of multiple key decision-makers.

We call this multithreading, and it's something we've recommended to every client since. 

Innovation in Sales Strategies

The buyer's journey is undergoing a revolution. In-person sales meetings are now rarer than ever before as everything moves online. Indeed, according to Gartner, by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions will occur in digital channels. The problem? Without the right guidance and expertise, buyers are left to navigate their problems and source solutions alone. That's led to a steep rise in the length of the buyer's journey.

Thankfully, Haystack, a data insights and careers marketplace, is lighting the way forward with trumpet's DSRs. Their original goals were to simplify the buyer's journey, personalise their sales content without bothering the marketing and design teams, and capture greater data insights into each buyer (without being intrusive).

Here are their results: a 40% reduction in closing times for enterprise deals. In fact, they closed larger deals in quicker times by creating customised proposals based on the data and statistics they collected.

Our deal sizes have grown, the time to close them has shortened, and the ability to create bespoke proposals with lots of data and stats underpinning is simple (meaning internally, we've become more agile). Make your own, and prospects', lives easier, and everyone wins".

David Roddy, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development

Take a look through this digital sales room case study. See how much information they pack into the DSR, increasing the specificity of the info as you go down the DSR. It's a key tactic in funnelling clients towards the sale.

Impact on Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is what drives a deal towards the close. Relying on emails and PDFs to inform customers and send proposals often leads to poor response rates and conversion rates. PepTalk was one client that saw the difference digital sales rooms can make.

They achieved monumental results by employing DSRs for sales, marketing, and customer success. Here's a snapshot:

  • Average Open Rate: 75%
  • Total Pods Value: €2.7M
  • Minutes viewing Pod in May: 131,719

"trumpet is a great tool for sales, marketing, content, and CS that requires little to no training to get up and running. It's helped our company build sustainable processes across 4 teams as we scale into the US," explained Haelee Reis, Content Marketing Manager.

Indeed, it's one thing for a DSR to get opened. However, PepTalk's success relied on that third metric – minutes viewed. That indicates that customers just kept coming back at every stage in the buyer's journey. Now that's value!