Cold Outreach & One Pagers

Stand out from the crowd

Chances are your prospects are getting dozens of sales emails a week. All of them the same with a boring PDF attached. Maybe an embedded video in the email if they're lucky. Imagine a prospect opening a fully personalised, engaging and interactive microsite just for them. (They'll love it).

Email Intrigue

One of the hardest parts of cold outreach is cutting through the noise and convincing your prospects to even open your email or presentation. With trumpet you can provide a snippet of your Pod in an email or direct message plus personalisation, which has proven hugely successful for our users.

What does good look like?

Use trumpet's analytics to implement best practice across your sales teams. What content works? What widgets are the most engaging? Which is the best performing template? Which Pods convert to demo booking? Constantly improve and iterate on your outreach with data at the forefront.

Demos & Proposals

Get the meeting booked

We have integrations with Calendly, Chili Piper, Hubspot and Outreach so whatever scheduling tool you use, you can drop it into your Pod and make booking those demos and follow-up meetings, super easy for your prospect.

Everything in one place

The chances are that your prospect will need to get sign off internally so rather than lots of emails, attachments and Google Drive links, you can put everything you need in the Pod, which they can then share and collaborate together on.

Interactive proposals

The days of sending lengthy sales decks with your full proposal in are (should be) gone. A trumpet proposal can have personalised video content, engaging product demos, dynamic pricing proposals, FAQs, an onboarding plan plus lots, lots more. THIS is the way to ask for someone's business.

Deal Closing

Centralised buying decisions

With a signed off proposal, your Pod becomes the source of truth for you and your new customer. Everything discussed, everything agreed all in the once centralised Pod that you all have access to, ongoing.

Document hub

Upload any documentation, presentations, agreements to the Pod, that the buyer will need to make their purchasing decision and they or their team can download what they want. No more email chains or separate google drive links needed.

Get it signed

The deal is good to go. Your buyer has had the best buying journey ever (if you used trumpet) so now just drop your contract to be signed into the Pod and get that deal done.


Keep one journey for your buyer

You've taken your buyer from cold outreach to deal signed all with the one same link. Perfect. Why then switch to email chains to get them onboarded to your product. Continue with the brilliant buying journey.

Create engaging mutual action plans

Use the flexibility of trumpet Pods to create a centralised plan including links to your training videos, a project timeline, to-do lists, project KPIs and key contacts. All contaiined on one link for you and your buyer.

Why let it end here?

You can then even use your Pod to manage your accounts on going. You can drop in spreadsheets, embed Google Workspace docs, analysis, images and upselling your buyer with product tours and personalised videos.