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What is buyer enablement?

Buyer enablement refers to the sales strategy providing prospects with the information, tools, and support needed to make an informed purchasing decision. It's a modern concept developed to tackle the challenges of the digital sales cycle.

Previously, sellers met potential customers through face-to-face interactions. The seller's charisma, technique, and knowledge worked to help close the deal. Selling was a skill you could learn. The better at it you were the higher your conversion rate.

However, accelerated by the pandemic, the sales cycle has shifted online, reducing these in-person touchpoints. Today, the average business buying group involves six to ten stakeholders reading blog posts, eBooks, and guides to get a handle on the situation. When they eventually contact a sales rep – after climbing through mountains of information – it's late in the sales cycle. 

Little wonder then that 74% of sellers say their role has become less transactional and more consultative. B2B buyers want helpful advisors, not hard sellers. 

So, what is customer enablement? It's a sales strategy tailored to the modern business buyer and the digital sales cycle. It gives buyers the freedom to research and read the content provided by the seller, to ask questions when necessary, and to take their time to reach a decision internally. 

Buyer enablement is about making it easier for buyers to buy, which includes:

  • Detailed product information, comparisons, and specifications.
  • Self-service tools such as configurators, pricing calculators, and FAQs.
  • Educational content that helps solve problems or address needs specific to the buyer's context.
  • Easy access to support and sales teams for personalised assistance.

While sales enablement equips sales teams to sell more effectively, buyer enablement focuses on making the buying process as easy and informed as possible for the customer.

Tools for effective buyer enablement

Effective buyer enablement depends on providing prospective buyers with the resources needed to navigate the decision-making process confidently and efficiently. With the right tools and templates, companies can facilitate a smoother buying journey, reducing friction and helping customers make informed decisions.

The secret to speeding up sales cycles and boosting your conversion rate is a toolkit that educates customers, facilitates communications, and helps forge a strong relationship early in the buyer's journey. We recommend the following customer enablement tools:

  • trumpet: A digital sales room platform that lets users create personalised spaces or "Pods" for customer engagement, featuring auto-personalised content from CRM data, trackable interactions, customisable spaces, extensive integrations, and mutual action plans. 
  • HubSpot Sales Hub: A comprehensive CRM service offering lead management, automated workflows, email tracking, meeting scheduling, and customisable sales pipelines to tailor engagement and support buyer conversion.
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud: A leading CRM tool for tracking leads and offering personalised interactions powered by AI for predictive insights, process automation, and customisable reports for efficient sales cycles. 
  • Scrive: Provides electronic signature and ID verification services for simple, secure contract signing and onboarding, featuring e-signing, document automation, and real-time negotiation to streamline the buyer experience. 
  • Gong.io: Analyses customer conversations with AI to offer insights for empowering the buyer journey, featuring conversation intelligence, deal intelligence, success patterns, revenue intelligence, and coaching for sales reps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is buyer enablement important?
Buyer enablement is crucial because it places the power in the hands of the buyers, enabling them to navigate the complex purchasing process with confidence and fostering trust between buyers and sellers.
How does buyer enablement differ from sales enablement?
Buyer enablement focuses on understanding and addressing the needs and challenges of the buyers at every stage of their journey, while sales enablement primarily supports and equips the sales team with tools and resources to drive the sales process.
What are the key elements of buyer enablement?
The key elements of buyer enablement include creating and delivering relevant and personalized content, providing intuitive tools and resources, and offering guidance and support tailored to the specific needs and concerns of the buyers.
How can I implement buyer enablement?
Businesses can implement buyer enablement by aligning their marketing, sales, and customer success efforts, leveraging technology to deliver personalised experiences, and creating a culture that prioritises understanding and meeting the needs of the buyers.
What are the benefits of buyer enablement for businesses?
The benefits of buyer enablement for businesses include driving increased sales by meeting the buyers' needs effectively, enhancing customer satisfaction by providing a seamless buying experience, and fostering brand loyalty through meaningful and valuable interactions with buyers.
How does buyer enablement impact the sales process?
Buyer enablement streamlines the sales process by equipping buyers with the information and resources they need, leading to more informed purchasing decisions and shorter sales cycles.

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